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  1. The tire size is 225 on 9" rims. Tom M Sweetwater Racing #528
  2. Frist time on RS4's in our Miata at Indy. Where should I start with cold tire pressure's? Tom M Sweetwater Racing #528
  3. Enough about gas supply and prices. I want to know if milk will be supplied at the winner circle and can we “kiss” the bricks? Tom M 523 Sweetwater Racing
  4. Thanks for the info, Going with the 9's. Look out Indy!!!
  5. Thanks, I was looking at the Koenig and Jongblode's . What offset do you run? We have been running 205-50 on 5X7 with +38 offset and 1/4 spacers.
  6. What’s eveone running for 15 x 8 or 9” rims for NA Miata . And what offerset works best? I am running 225x45 RS4s Tom M 528 Sweetwater Racing.
  7. Any body run the 225 45 15 Ventus R S4s on 15 x 7 rims?
  8. So here is my dilemma. I have 12 15 x 7 rims and ran the Dunlop ZII StarSpec - 205/50-15 last year and I liked them. From what I am reading the Hankook R S4 are the tires to have or this their a better tire than I can run with 15x7 rims? Tom M Sweetwater Racing 91 Miata WGI 46 and 36 Thompson 5th
  9. What rim width size are you guys running with the Hankook 245 40 15 R S4’s
  10. Helmet blower $50.00 and free shipping Tom M Sweetwater Racing Miata #523
  11. Harness $50.00 and free shipping Tom M Sweetwater Racing Miata #523
  12. Live Shell.2 Bought last year and only used a few times. In original box and assorted cables. $100.00 or B.O.
  13. Guys using the OMP HTE-R 400 in a Miata. Do have dropped floor plan and are you able to use sliders? HTE-R 400HA/780E
  14. Spec Miata driver looking for a seat at Sebring in December. Have run three Lemons races recently and now hooked. Ran clean no penaltys no contact in B and C class cars. Skip Barber racing school grad and hold current SCCA comp license. Email me if you have any interest. Tom.
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