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  1. I found Gingerman on RF2 and NCM and Pitt on AC. You'll have to search the internet for them, but at least you know which games use them. Here's another thread i just found. It has links for Gman and Pittrace.
  2. I have a few different simulators: iRacing, AC, RF2, but I can't always find the tracks I want to practice at. It would be really nice if there was a list of all the ChampCar tracks along with a link to where to download the track, or where to buy for iRacing. Does anybody know if this list exists?
  3. I had no idea you were there! i would have come by to say hi. I was on the Blake's Garage team, and we noticed that our pace was faster than both yours and the e36 ahead of you when we had about 30 minutes left. We were watching the action for the tower, and every lap was exciting for us. Thanks for the clean racing! The car's owner was in the seat during this action. This was the team's and car's second race and i think all of our driver's first rain race! We were pretty happy with the Dunlop ZIII tires in the rain, and decided after a test day at Grattan that RS4s were not the ideal rain ti
  4. Looking forward to running this track with Rusty Rotors! Been practicing on iRacing, but i have a feeling it doesn't do the track justice! See everyone Friday.
  5. wow, crazy. The car had a good run! We could never compete with our subaru in terms of speed & endurance.
  6. we blew another head gasket in our (freshly rebuilt) e30 at 4:56 on Saturday. @Hi_Im_Will & team offered us a great deal on their spare motor, but my team decided to go a different route. You guys are a class act!
  7. I borrowed a one man brake bleeder from a team, but I don't know which one. I couldn't find you today. Please let me know if you're on here so I can return it to you
  8. Back to the drawing board will be arriving around noon on friday! this is our first race in 3 years. hopefully we got the engine issues sorted out.
  9. i believe this is the tire used on the RX8 i was driving at Road Atlanta 14hr. Held up well and i was surprised at the amount of grip it had.
  10. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/nokia-3310-mwc-2017-re-launch-buy-amazon-price-leaks-details-revealed-a7578941.html
  11. I've driven their PT cruiser before. i echo Jamie's comments. Great guys too!
  12. Our Lyft driver told us there is a chicken farm in the area
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