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  1. Three of us are looking at possibly renting seats for COTA. We are tentatively signed up for the race but after getting hit pretty hard at two different races last year, our car is in bad shape. We are contemplating renting rather than towing from Chicago. The problem is that one of our drivers (me) is a pretty large fella and doesn't fit well in a lot of cars. I am 6'5" and 290 pounds. The other two guys are much smaller and could fit in just about anything. We would be a package deal. All three drivers have a lot of racing experience, two of them in Champcar, and the third in multiple
  2. We are Clueless Racing and racing an Acura Integra. We are pretty well covered with crew but feel free to hang out and ask any questions you want. If you catch my dad, assume all the answers are lies, if you catch me (the only guy on our team under 50) I will give you the straight story. We have very different philosophies on information exchange. Also, we tend to have a lot of water, monster, and for some odd reason diet dr. pepper cherry. So if you get thirsty, there's always that.
  3. Thanks for the info! I must have missed the torque converter detail. I still think a dsg gti would be a great car for an intro to racing type situation if the trans could be kept alive.
  4. I have seen posts about it but don't remember seeing a solid answer. Has there ever been clarification on whether a dual clutch gearbox gets the 75 point deduction? A GTI with a dsg would be an interesting way to get less experienced drivers (not confident with a stick) into the series. Also, younger people might not have any exposure to a stick shift car these days. Lando Norris couldn't get a stick shift car going at Autobahn last summer and gave up on trying. It was some sort of vintage open wheel car.
  5. I think a lot of teams are going to have this issue. We run 245/40R15 RS4's and I cannot find them for sale anywhere. Not sure what we are going to pivot to, but we need to find something.
  6. I got in. It's just a bit frustrating that I don't receive emails for some reason until after I have signed up for races (so I know they have my email and it works). I don't use facebook, and I operate multiple businesses so I don't spend much time watching youtube. Those are the methods of "publicizing" the registration opening. To be clear, I am not mad at all, just a bit confused about how I should proceed going forward to stay up on things. Either way, I registered for both of those races and am very excited! We are planning to run 4 races this year instead of our usual
  7. I just registered for Indy and COTA. I am glad I randomly clicked on the entrant lists and noticed it was open. I almost missed Indy because of this last year. How the heck are we supposed to find out when registration opens if we don't check the forum every day? I don't get any emails. I don't have the ability to scan the forum daily in case something gets announced in a thread. What about the people who don't look at the forum at all? Do I need to request to be added to an email list? I have been a member for several years and participated in quite a few races.
  8. Also, what constitutes a "new" tire. 3 laps of scrubbing and it's used because no sticker?
  9. Sounds like maybe I am the ding dong here (not the first time). I thought 8+7 meant it was parc ferme overnight and technically one race. If it's two races and I misunderstood then I am very pleased with the schedule.
  10. We have run the chicane configuration for at least the 4 years I have been racing in champcar. I personally prefer it this way and don't see it changing. I think it actually adds a fun skill section and passing opportunities.
  11. I just looked over the 2020 schedule. It seems like everything is an 8+7. Is this the preferred format for most? Our team much prefers the two races per weekend setup. It allows a bad day to not ruin the whole weekend. This also has a significant affect on planning your schedule to run for the championship. Maybe I am reading into this more than I should and it's just a place holder until the formats are chosen?
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