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  1. Saturday April 20th at road America ec cars finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th. i don’t have an opinion on this matter. The ec cars don’t bother me, just happened to remember the results when reading the thread.
  2. I meant to post a shout out as soon as we got home but totally forgot! These guys were a life saver to have at the track. We missed a bin while packing and didn't have any fluids with us. These guys not only had what we needed at the track, but had plenty of stock so we could load up. The far more impressive thing is that the prices weren't heavily inflated. The price of a quart of oil was about the same as autozone for what we buy and they even gave me a case discount! Thanks for being at the track guys. I hope it paid off for you and we will make sure to support you in the future. I highly encourage all teams to support the people who support us the most and are at the track with the things we really need in a pinch.
  3. My dad was driving the 515 at that point. He didn't even report that incident. I will see if I can dig up our in car on that. I am appropriately clueless on how to upload video, so that won't help much. I would love to make a love tap compilation from this race. I guess we can add that to our list and up our impact count to 5 in the first 3 hours of the race. I just found the in car. It looks very much like a non incident from inside the car. My dad didn't even turn the wheel and there wasn't any contact. It was a weird move, but chalk it up to inexperience.
  4. Awesome! Thanks for all of the hard work you guys do. I know most of it goes unseen and under appreciated.
  5. We got hit four times in the first 3 hours on Saturday. Two of them hard. One hard enough that we are contemplating retiring the chassis. The big hit was a car that probably wouldn't have stayed on the pavement in turn one he had braked so late. One was a big enough hit on the right rear to toe the car out about a half inch and bend all the suspension pickup points. One was a cr that I had braked all the way up next to and then they turned in anyway, resulting in side to side contact. The fourth was a red miata that was avoiding a car that was catching them on their left and apparently didn't know I was on their right. They suddenly just jumped over into the side of our car. The big hit took us out of the race because it started some sort of electrical problem that we still haven't tracked down after hours of searching. We are out of ideas. It was more contact than I've ever seen in a champcar race or the races I've done with other series. Aside from all that, it was awesome to race at indy, champcar does a great job organizing and running the events, and if we get the car sorted, we will be at GingerMan. My biggest feedback would be to please figure out a way to let us get trucks or something closer to our pit stalls. The 20 minute round trip walk/bicycle was pretty brutal in the heat. We were also in the second to farthest pit stall right behind Tuttle.
  6. It's not going very quickly. Glad we could get it done today!
  7. Lucky us being one spot behind them. I’m building a trailer for my fat bike tomorrow. Should help some.
  8. Same. Ours stopped working at Autobahn two years ago and I think I lost about 15 pounds, which after doing the math is a frighteningly small percentage of my body weight. Gym membership here I come.....
  9. I know there was fuel in town. We used that for all but one pit stop. The point I was making was that if you HAD to buy track fuel in a pinch it would suck to get in trouble because the octane was high.
  10. The only downside I see of setting it to 95 is that some tracks don't have anything lower than 98. The lowest octane at RA was 98 onsite. We goofed up once and had to use that for a whole fuel up. At $9.85 a gallon or whatever it was it was a painful mistake already. I would hate to be dq'd from a race because we needed track fuel in a pinch.
  11. We thought ours were just fine last year in the rain/sleet/snow/wind and otherwise pleasant October weekend at Road America. It seems like car setup must play a major roll for these tires in the wet. Some teams said they were junk and some teams said they liked them. We were running lap times in the top 5 while it was actually snowing. Running an Integra with the stock B18C in it. Staggered setup 245 on the front 225 on the rear. At RA this year in the nicer weather, we did about 7.5 hours on the first day and the front tires looked like they could do the second day no problem. The rears went the whole weekend and could still do more if we hadn't flat spotted the crap out of them with bad brake bias. At Autobahn in 2016/17 or whatever year that was, it was over 100 degrees outside and we had some chunking, otherwise they worked well.
  12. Look at the bright side. You could have two drivers with what seems like food poisoning after Thursday night dinner. We rejoiced after stints for making it through without vomiting or messing ourselves. It's been a real joy of a day.
  13. Rs4’s for us. Drove them in the snow and rain last year. Worked just fine if you drove the right line.
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