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  1. Look at the bright side. You could have two drivers with what seems like food poisoning after Thursday night dinner. We rejoiced after stints for making it through without vomiting or messing ourselves. It's been a real joy of a day.
  2. Rs4’s for us. Drove them in the snow and rain last year. Worked just fine if you drove the right line.
  3. Am I reading this right? Did I just find out that I can put the final drive ratio from any similar car into our car for zero points? The type R integra and the GSR use the same case, just different ratios and final drives. If I am understanding what I just read, I can swap the final drive, as long as I don't change individual gear ratios, and I am ok? Asking for a friend....
  4. I figured Mother Nature would give us a reprieve after the last two road America races. We must have really upset her to deserve this routine again.
  5. What is the required patch cable? Based on the glowing reviews here I ordered a Stilo this morning.
  6. Second person to say that. I now hate all of you because I really want a new helmet.
  7. Has anyone used one of the Stilo helmets with integrated radio? We all currently use the ear bud system. I was considering switching over just for ease of use and comfort, but I am worried that the sound quality will suffer. Has anyone used both that can give a quick review?
  8. I completely agree. The kink isn't necessary for what we are doing and I actually believe that the chicane adds a different challenge to that portion of the track. I have raced it both ways and the kink is a classic for national level sprint racing. It's also totally unneeded in endurance racing.
  9. How will we be informed if we have made the official list from the wait list? I rarely get the emails that come from champcar and am worried that I could miss it. My team will kill me if I get informed that we could be in and then miss some sort of deadline.
  10. I ordered an extra pair of the wrong size tires. If anybody needs a set of hankook rs4 in 245/40/15, come find clueless racing. White integra 515. Paddock spot 17.
  11. Just signed up. Clueless Racing is in. It's my first time racing Road America. Very excited.
  12. Made it through tech. The inspector even commented on the nicely crafted piece. Perhaps they will make us replace it with metal in the future.
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