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  1. I may be interested if you’re still looking. I was going to campaign my car by teammates had to drop. Let me know!
  2. Does anyone know what time gates close on Friday? We will be getting in late evening and want to make sure we don't end up stuck outside since we plan to camp. Thanks!
  3. We were fortunate to take the spot. We are a VERY slim team of two drivers and my girlfriend / pit crew. We could definitely use some help with pit stops if you want to join. We are also missing such niceties as a an EZ UP.. We really are embracing this budget racing thing...
  4. DO IT! I'll happily take one of those 5 spots. Ready to pay and race!
  5. On the waitlist.. and eagerly hoping someone wants to sell a spot who may not be able to attend. We're eager to get our second Chump event in this season, the first at RA was a blast.
  6. Emailing to get on the wait list now. Really hoping to sort it out before the race weekend though.
  7. Is there anyone who is signed up that can't make it? We were going to sign up tonight but now looks full...
  8. Appreciate the post! Some great pics of our first race in the street legal Jetta. Thanks! Awesome first endurance race as well. Travel schedules will keep us from Autobahn, but we plan to be back out at Gingerman and Road America later this season. See everyone there.
  9. They just sent an Email out about doing half day sessions, so was wondering how that works - still show up early? We ended up just extending the hotel and wil ldrive up Thursday night. The hope was to not have a 5am wake up on Friday and start the weekend tired. And yes, just asking about the Friday event - we will definitely be going through all drivers meetings with Chump. My question was specifically the meeting on Friday. In the past most of my track day drivers meetings have not been particularly informative, event drivers meeting, different story. TL;DR boo
  10. Quick note to anyone who will be at the track Friday, per Road America the mandatory drivers meeting is at 8:30am, in the Chump Car flyer it says gates at 9. For folks who have done this in years past, how mandatory is said drivers meeting? We're debating driving up a bit later if at all possible. Thanks
  11. Our inaugural race will be this weekend at Road America, if all goes well we will be at Autobahn in the overweight Jetta.
  12. Do we need to bring out own numbers or will Chump provide at the race? Thanks, J
  13. Just for an Email back from Phil that we're legal with our configuration. There is a comment in the rules that the two continuous bars may meet at the same point on the A-pillar. I asked some questions about that spacing in a previous thread but ended up having them land at the same point per that rule. per the rules; The spacing between the fore and aft terminal ends of all door bars (including X-design) must include a separation of no less than six inches of open space when measured at the centerline of each bar. Triangulated bars that meet or join at the front hoop
  14. Bill, when is the gusset rule effective, immediately? Does a sill bar plus one continuous X bar meet the requirement, or if you have ANY type of X bar design you have to have gussets? Are taco gussets required, are plates acceptable I hope? I assume no stipulation for on top & bottom vs sides since it isn't stipulated? We are less than 2 weeks from our first race and want to make sure we pass tech. At this point we have to beg for welding time and are days away from losing our build space. Thanks
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