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  1. Need a radio plug for helmet for our new driver. Is there a vendor at Indy? Would someone let us borrow your spare?
  2. Enjoy being a part of a series in which (currently) regular people with regular paying jobs can compete - a low cost series! I hope it stays that way. Rich people have plenty of other series they can join. Let's help them 'get in where they fit in.' I love this series (so far, anyway). We have a Miata and are competitive with the other Miatas - without investing a lot of money or cheating. We were not competitive with the PartsBadger Miata, however. That thing blows my doors off down the straightaway. Congrats to them for finding mind-blowing speed from a Miata engine. #amazed.
  3. These folks live in a fantasy world where race teams never cheat.....
  4. Tail lights should be required in the rain. I don’t like cars disappearing in front of me at speed.
  5. Tail lights should be mandatory in the rain. Many times the cars in front of me would disappear.
  6. I've created a group in the Capital One Bracket Challenge if you would like to compete. https://bracketchallenge.ncaa.com/picks/group/825197?iid=bcg_share_web_other_group_copy Pick your teams in the NCAA March Madness tournament and let's see if you can pick winners as well as you drive. The group name is ChampCar. Deadline is Thursday at noon eastern. Just like ChampCar, there are no cash prizes. See y'all at Watkins Glen. Chris
  7. West Tenn Racing is in our 3rd year, always with a white 1996 Mazda Miata. We live close to Jackson, Tennessee. Our team includes my dad Donnie, my brother Zak, and Ben Brasfield. We usually finish, thank goodness. The first two seasons we were #995 HUBCITYSPEED but our leader left the team. We use Nitrous regularly, but have never been caught.
  8. Found one. Bought it. Thanks for the insight. I would not have made it without you.
  9. I'm for the one who wants to keep the racing costs down. Costs should be very ChumpCaresque. Very ChumpCar-like. There are many many series for those with plenty of disposable income, and that is great. Please race in those series, and we will race in this one. I am a huge fan of this series, and hope it stays low-cost.
  10. We don't bat .1000 on having non-sharer's stints between us HANS sharers. We try, but things happen to the order sometimes. My dad and I share one, because for some reason HANS and similar are so expensive (this is where the safety buffs defend plastic and padding being $500). But, at a recent race, Dad struggled to, in a rush, get the Sport II tethers off quickly. He finally got disgusted and we exchanged behind the wall. That was enough for me.
  11. Seems like we are on the same page. Why pay more than $200 if there are new ones for $299 out there. Anyway, off to look for some new ones it seems. Yeah, man. Don't know what I would do without it.
  12. Was trying to be funny about Miatas and such on the speed thing. Will go back to being dull.
  13. I raced mid day Saturday, and didn't see anything stupid. So, I'm hoping all the strong comments posted are because of some snapshot of time, like early on in the day. Reading these posts, it's like I was at some other event. Everyone I was around for two hours did great. Yes, I was at the Sunday driver meeting. I thought Sunday went well, too.
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