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  1. The pleasure was mine Sir. Best set of luck in the future!
  2. Another learning experience with an Outstanding team. I now can say to my offspring “ I drove at Indianapolis Motor Speedway “!! The Cougar was involved in an accident and was wounded. Instead of risking permanent damage The Captain called it a day. It was impeccably prepared as usual and bad fast. Thank you Drunkin Squirrels!!!!!! You are the best. If you will give me the opportunity to wheel your new TBird build I would consider it a privilege Gentlemen!!!!! Thank you Champ Car!!! An old dirt track Dog Face was given the opportunity to drive a track I believed unattainable. A.J., Dan, Mario were my childhood heroes. And I walked The hallowed grounds of these drivers.
  3. The Sin Bin has gotten a serious workout this weekend.
  4. Everyone’s sentimental favorites. A second today in D class and well driven. Great bunch of guys and enjoy sharing a garage. They will get after it tomorrow. Bet that!
  5. A 2nd today with an outstanding drive by the entire team. They will have something to say Sunday for overall and C class. Best of luck Gentlemen.
  6. Amen to that. Indy kicked my tail today. I do not think I hit a proper apex my entire stint. Fortunately my team mates pick us up. Struggled With the heat and that track is unforgiving. I staggered out of the car. I ain’t as young as I once was.
  7. I believe this team won D class today. Well built car with some outstanding shoes.
  8. Because we are running EC until the D class TBird is completed we are not the most popular team in the garage area. If you are ok with it come by. Would enjoy meeting you.
  9. Hallowed ground. Our Mecca. Have not sleep for 36 ours. You will get more tomorrow. After we pulverize the pavement with the big Cat.
  10. This unit is adding class and dignity to what would otherwise be a Vulgar brawl. Waiting for a few other blue blooded cars to arrive. Indianapolis Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I am sure we could find one of us to sit in for your 2 hour “break” while you take the infinity for a shake down out on the track. Strictly for research purposes only. 😎😎😉
  12. 1. Road America. Without doubt the best combination to test a car and drivers abilities of braking, turning and speed. Elevation changes, Heritage and mild weather. 2. COTA. The same attributes as R.A. A blast furnace in the Summer. ( If we go there again do it in Dec. Jan. Or Feb. Take advantage of the mild Texas winters.) 3. Daytona. A few say it is not technical enough. It is if you have enough motor. Honorable mentions: 1. Lime Rock. There is beauty in its simplicity. 2. V.I.R. Long course. It’s Virginia. Does not get much better. 3. Barber. Well maintained and smooth as a well groomed lady. And almost as dangerous. Indy may surpass one of these tracks. It is Indianapolis. Enough said. I will let you know in July.
  13. We put a Lincoln MkVIII motor (DOHC 4.6) in a 95 TBird and ran a road warrior class in Florida. It was so good it was band the next season. That motor has a wonderful power curve. Change the oil pump and gaskets and drop it in your Fox. It will be a Monster. ( put it in a TBird-Cougar. More fuel and ALL Fox Mustang parts bolt on.) no need to twist it to 7500 rpm. Shift a 6k and it will last forever. Be prepared for the Forum Mafia if you do that.
  14. Road America is as good as expected and better. From the friendly course Employees and Champcar staff to the track itself. What a weekend. I wish a few of you could have had the opportunity to drive the 88 Cougar. Without question the best handling and best braking car I have driven in this series. All the talk of it’s straight line speed was not the reason it was fast. It could stop and turn with anything in the race. ( the cayman and MR2 excluded of course) To conserve fuel and brakes we had a Gentlemen’s agreement to short shift and brake early So the pads would last 8 hour days. Initial turn in, apex transition and center off we could carry speed with such ease. And the furnace was a Swiss Watch. The car is so easy to drive fast even with giving up over a thousand lbs to some fellow competitors. I had to work harder at staying focused than driving fast. More than one driver tried to brake with us and ended up in the gravel. The Brakes are all Ford units with Wilwood Masters and pedals. It was like a carrier arresting hook at the end of the straits. The teams preparation is outstanding along with pit stops and team work. It was my honor to drive with them. The Drunkin Squirrels are the best TEAM I have had the pleasure to drive with in this series. I learn every time I race with them. Every pit stop was flawless. End of the each day we rotated tires, check fluids and went to dinner. Did not put a wrench to the car all weekend except to weld a broken hood mount. It makes a race so much more enjoyable to participate in when your biggest issue is figuring out where we are going to dinner after the race. The MR2 is a fantastic build and well driven. (Ludicrous Speed.) If we would have tried to run with them we would have run out of brakes. L.S. Is top shelf. Well Done Gentlemen. As well as Nate and their E30 is well drivin and consistent. I will also drive with D.S. at Indy and hope to see you all again. 😂😂
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