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  1. Cam Benty

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    With all due respects the Camaro is a faster car than the 300. It will not stop with the 300 but it will turn and accelerate better. You do not have to agree. But just because it is a car with fuel capacity issues does not mean it is not a good car. And that team (GBU) has some pretty good shoes. Do not hate. Appreciate.
  2. Cam Benty

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    We installed our cage also. I have built many race cars. This post is to just throw ideas around. To try to look at all angles. I am also sure if the series choses to open an option of purchasing fuel for points they will set a limit and adjust points accordingly. To give a camaro or other domestic V8 a LOT of points AND fuel the V8 would run away from the field. They will not let that happen. It is ok to admit there are some platforms that need more fuel in this series.
  3. Cam Benty

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    Again Sir Respectfully disagree. So now you are telling me why I bought my car? Man this guy is good! I picked my car when it had to be 500 dollars or less. I picked my car when the amount of 2x parts were brakes only. I picked my car because that is the car I was most Familiar with and has the least expensive and most abondant parts. My car is faster than the other cars but needed help with its handling. There was at that time some latitude in what you could do to help the car handle better. 225 hp at that time was plenty of power to compete and make 100 minutes with 17 gallons. This is not gospel. Just debating.
  4. Cam Benty

    Petition proposition- Flywheels?

    7k would be fun. But I am a bit greedy. My motor would field dress it's internals all over the racing surface for everyone to enjoy. That would expose my filed, shotpeened, super cheaty forged crank and rods, mega cam and all the other goodies Big Strokers slipped into my block. Would not want that to happen. Then I would have to mention my prior felonies. Not good. Jer would call me bad names and everything! 😲
  5. Cam Benty

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    Disagree Sir. A 7 hour race gives a fuel starved car the OPPORTUNITY to compete. Not an advantage. Lack of fuel is the issue. Yellow and red flags cannot be foreseen. That issue is irrelevant.
  6. Cam Benty

    Petition proposition- Flywheels?

    Coming from oval track background I still have a habit of building to a safety standard that is viewed differently in this series. ANYTHING in the drive train should be SFI. Bell housing, clutch assembly, drive shaft, drive shaft loop, harmonic balancer, fuel cells, A.N. Fittings and braided steel lines, etc. SFI standard also is engineered for the abuse of racing. Win win situation. First time a clutch explodes and scatters pieces through the cockpit you will have issues. Now before a few of you lose your minds remember this. You do not have to use SFI parts. Just do not get bent out of shape if a team wants to go that route. It is OK to practice common sense.
  7. Exhaust. Our drive train is proven. Our first race was comical. Black flagged twice for hanging exhaust. It will not happen again. Seriously reinforced. And a rear brake bolt came loose. Lock tight and attention to details on remaining bolts. Rocker arm broke after a down shift into first instead of 3rd. As far as driver issues we were not fast enough to really make a call.
  8. Cam Benty

    2019 Official Road America Spring Double 8-Hour Enduros

    Trade a May date at COTA for the April date at R.A. See you guys at R.A. Look for a big blue Cat. With a luggage rack on the boot. Proper attire is in effect for such a iconic track. As A6 Navy pilots once said of the last of the gun fighter jets " ugly but well hung". 😎
  9. Cam Benty

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Did the Camaro finish? If so how many stops in 8 hours?
  10. Cam Benty

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Point taken. And there is not anyone on the forum I respect more than you. Hear me out. Agree or not it is your call. We know the Domestics have had the raw end at times. No arguments there. That is another debate. Besides 80 percent of the participants just dislike domestics out of pure ignorance. Using the weight or whatever to adjust performance makes sense. The S2 is not Dominating anywhere. What reason is it to hit it with more points? As in the E30? Yes they have favorable fuel and power to weight but they are not Dominating any tracks. They have some outstanding drivers but as a whole they do not do well at HP tracks. Absolutism is our issue here. I understand the argument we need to be fair to all makes. But It is sound? It is it practicle? Why alienate some well established teams and the bulk of our cars? Points are not the issue as much as fuel capacity and perception of this advantage. If the S2 had 15 gallons no one would give a hoot. This is most likely the reason the TBird got hit. As well as V8 domestic fear and the bad taste if their beloved mark was defeated by a gauche " take my grand mother to church" domestic. Remember what we are dealing with. Like the fuel cell debate and the individuals who claimed it was not as safe as an O.E fuel tank? Mental heavyweights need not aply. That my story and I am sticking to it.
  11. Cam Benty

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Wise words Sir. But still give the teams credit that have a go at the S2. We spend so much time on the political end trying to squash teams for no other reason than “I don’t like it and I think it is unfair”. This is still an amateur series. Let us enjoy this. We can be competitive and still have fun. I have been on the receiving end of knee jerk reactions and infantile hate. Let us not repeat this mistake. Untill the S2 is laying waste to the field let them run. But.......keep your fire extinguishers lock and loaded. Our Mustang wiring was a birds nest that had tried to eat a tactical nuke. We removed ALL of it and started over. You can buy an entire replacement engine wire harness for a Mustang at a reasonable amount of money. And we have replaced our plumbing for safety reasons and common sense. I would not want to think about a wiring harness for any Stuttgart mark let alone pay for it. Just the safety aspect is needed to make this unit race worthy is certifiable. But if that is what a team wants to do have a go. I have been on the receiving end of these witch hunts. If this Mark is laying waste to the field well yes then make a move. Understood. But to just jump up and down because it is a Porsche? It’s a heep. Do not hate the badge. Appreciate the talented individuals who tackled this heep and make it work. Just like the Alfa that is run. I salute them. I am not a fan of some of the moves the series have made. But this is not one of them. I do have an issue with hitting a car with points BEFORE IT EVER HITS THE TRACK! I hope we don’t make this mistake again. At least let a team prove a certain mark is dominant before it is hit. And this Porsche is not one of them. Hell a broken swing hand clock is correct twice a day.
  12. Cam Benty

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    With all Do respects why does this car bring such a crazy reaction? I remember these car car when they were new. I will share a secret with you. They we horrid new. And expensive. If someone wants to spend the money let them. Yes they have a big fuel tank but the reliability is comical. Just because it is From Stuttgart it still has no special connotation. It is a dung bucket. They burn like a Lamborghini, break like a British sports car, the electricals are almost as bad as British cars and they are not proticularly light. It did not do well racing when new with Porsche Techicians working on it. There is a reason they stopped making them. They are not very good and never were. If a team wants to have a go at it more power to them. Think of it as an Alfa or Lancia and enjoy the results. If a team can make it work admire the talent. It has one redeeming features for those that care. It has a Porsche badge. Besides.....How many races have they won?
  13. Cam Benty

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    How about someone make a tutorial and post here after Road Atlanta on what is acceptable with the fender rule. This rule is a bit vague on what will be aloud on track. A lot of conflicting chatter.
  14. 550 4.6 Mustangs, 5.7 Challengers, 99 to 04 N/A cobras and Mach 1's. Gen 3 Corvete with an LT4 and a 6060. 89 to 96 TBird with a Lincoln MKVIII motor and a 3560. We cannot forget the swap possibilities. Not nearly as boring as........those other cars. The possibilities are quite numerous. Think outside the box.