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  1. Cam Benty

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    All a 205 tire width limit rule will do is limit the heavier cars. 205 for your car. 295 18 40 for a our car Thank you. And it fits under our fenders with slight messaging. The important thing is no points for the massage.
  2. Cam Benty

    Fire Suppression, what ya got

    Well done Gentlemen. Hopefully mandatory fuel cells are next.
  3. Cam Benty

    Crankcase evac system

    This evac system is very useful in reducing the Crank case vacuum. You will need a plate over your valve train to keep the oil splatter from the valve train under control and not sucked out into your header collector. If you see puffs of blue smoke out the exhaust it is a sign of oil splatter getting through your system. Adding splatter plates is easy enough to control ingestion in to the exhaust. Drag racer used it for decades and have no issues. I would still clear it with TAC.
  4. If your thoughts are still about the hood and not the drink of water in front of it there is no hope.😎
  5. With the well maintained body work of the hood ornament I think we all would volunteer for the test days!!! Count me in.
  6. 2 days of Testing at Sebring? Is that what you call that?!! For 2 days. My goodness. If you need a pinch hitter I would be more than willing to help out a pal. So what did you do with the cobra while you were "testing"?
  7. I am concerned your furnace might inhale so much air from the Sebring track there will not be enough O2 for the remainder of the competition. 😎
  8. Indeed. Love the buzz bomb ricers. Just cannot keep them together. In other words? Size does matter!!!!!!
  9. 5.6 Titan!!!!!!!😎 and the 26 gallon fuel tank from the truck.😅🤤 And Clarence for take off from Sebring tower.
  10. Whoa. Come down Sir. Just responding to your comments. An entitlement to all correct? Your the one bringing out issues. I do not recall calling anything a pile..... And if you did not my apologies. Just my opinion. If you do not like it I cannot do anything about that. Your are correct about one thing. Fixation. Works both ways. See you on the track soon.
  11. Never once said whoa is me. But you are entitled to your opinion. It is very easy to make claims when it is not to one's liking. And you know well enough the TBird platform is not a body on frame GM. There was a Cougar that showed taillights to many of our fellow racers. As does the mustang. You already know the issues with the Mustang. I know what we spend on our Mustang. It does not break. We literally put in fuel and go. Change pads and tires. We get 30 plus hours from our tires. As did the Cougar. No Sir that just is not true. But you are entitled to you opinion. Again this is not about your old platform. This is about favoritism.
  12. I do not care what you have or have not done to your car. This is about saying one thing and crawfish on the actions. The blatant favoritism with the rules. If you have moved you mounting points and are not charged points have at it. That is not what I was told. Just run the rules and let us get on with our build. And give us a few years to work with what we have. Can we home engineer or not. Hitting garage engineering with points IS NOT an option now with our build with points hit. Just looking for clarification. Can I fab a 3 link rear or not? If I use the parts at hand is it points or not? If it is points fare enough. Just do not say home fabrication is acceptable then hit it with points for some and not others. With our build we will use our points on the motor. Use the strength of our platform. Unfortunately that is not an option any more. You can out brake or out turn your opponent. They now will not allow you to out accelerate them. Now we have 4 makes that will be on the podium at the end of the race. If you are not one of them your out of luck. Fair enough. Just make that point clear and we will move on.
  13. I was also told the headers is a point hit REGUARDLESS of motor swap. And a few other things that different teams are aloud to run with no points. No Sir. I have a bad taste from the tea being served. And again Sir it is not your issue is it?
  14. Glad to hear the love. You have made it quite clear you do not like domestic builds. We got it We understand your dislike. Just trying to work on OUR issues. If we do start to " relocate" mounting points would you or your fellow racers start to protest? We hear all these suggestions and ideas but non of these Gentlemen drive our platform or have to deal with the point hits. I have addressed ALL of these issues with moving mounting points on the suspension. I asked about converting the rear suspension to a 3 link. Fabricating a watts link. Etc. I was told is was not within the spirit of the series and I would be EC IF they would let me run at all. I know there is new management in the series. But the last 2 months the message is no more home fabrication or home improvements. So......witch is it? We cannot agree on the hood issues that give no advantage performance wise what so ever. And now you are telling me to move my mounting points on my suspension? Excuse me for wanting to sit this one out. The Forum mafia will lose their minds. You will then tell me to move them back to factory settings or wack the platform with a 100 points. No thank you. Just let me know what I have to work with and I will handle my build from that point on.
  15. I have a house in Florida. If I am there and your in State steaks on me. My steaks are so good you go from Catholic to a Baptist. Maybe some good strategizing for Daytona over 30 year old Scotch. Maybe trade some build ideas. Who knows we may come up with a plan. In thrust we trust!!!!!