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  1. Cam Benty

    GT86 in chump?

    Not a surprising outcome. The 86 rear or gear box is not engineered for that kind of TQ. There are a few 86's that run in the Australian improved production series that are bad fast. They run a turbo 6 motor I am not familiar with. That particular model can run with the V8's At the tighter tracks. It would be fun to see someone build that unit and see how it does in our series.
  2. Cam Benty

    GT86 in chump?

    Not with our tire specs. Add 10 seconds at least and your in the ball park.
  3. Cam Benty

    Fender flares

    There is a young man in Australia that drives a Civic very similar to this model. Jorden Cox. He has almost cult status down under. Any influence?
  4. Any chance you could post the Video?
  5. Cam Benty

    Fender flares

    Well done Sir. We use a jig (home made) and clamps to keep the metal from warping on some of our fender flaring. Also the thicker gage of the metal is easier to weld. The thin metal you work with is not easy and takes an experienced touch. Outstanding work. And your heat recommendations are spot on. It is a lost art.
  6. I hope the younger drivers can go to Indy with an open mind. Understand this track is still one of the most revered tracks and races in the world. Now we get to race there!!!! Working in Europe and living there for a few years I find it heart breaking to read some of the remarks on this post. Indy is still as big as any race in the world. ESPECIALLY in Europe. Forget the haters in our country. My father took me to Indy as a child. I saw A.J. Win his 4th race in 77. I saw Gurney, the Unsers, Mears, Rutherford, Andretti’s, Johncock and the new drivers such as Montoya, Stewart, Castroneves, Dixon, Newgarden, Power, Carpenter etc. I hope some of our fellow drivers and teams give this race a try someday. You will not regret it if you keep an open mind. Indy is an incredible track. No matter its configuration. Experience it.
  7. The Mustang has twelve 17x9’s. The Thunderbird will be running 285/45/18. I cannot run 17 inch wheels with the 14 inch brakes I will be running. If the current administration would let me run the Brembo’s with 13 inch disks I would purchase a few of them.
  8. Cam Benty

    F/S Clean Straight E30 in Florida

    “I’ll buy it, gut it until the plasma cutter burns up and hunt you all down with a 210hp/auto trans from a rice grinder.” (I took a few liberties with your quote) I would like to see that build. I would enjoy arguing over who had the line going into turn one at Sebring as I “accidentally “ bump into to your right rear quarter panel. Oops, my bad!!! 🤔 😎
  9. Cam Benty

    BMW Endurance series

    CH3NO2 Or a 3.0 crank. Simple.
  10. You’re all good men. Mr. Bremsen when I read this the apple got large in my throat. Having a child losing a battle is unimaginable. Trust me when I say this the guilt is as bad as the loss. Could i I have done more? Was I a good man? God’s speed to the little fellow. If this does not put the silly bickering on here in perspective nothing will.
  11. Cam Benty

    Ballooned Fuel Tanks

    I can feel your pain. Understand where the remainder of the racers are coming from. Just bring proof that you have the proper fuel tank and run it through tech. Once given the green light truck what everyone one else thinks. Just be aware your fuel stops will be watched closely. I watch a Honda dump three 5 gallon jugs into a 11 gallon fuel tank. When I question the team about it they told me I was full of it and that is not what I saw. What would you do in this situation?
  12. You obviously have not read a few of the post’s from some of our brethren that truly believe a factory fuel tank is safer than a purpose built fuel cell. They were quite indignant about the whole idea of a fuel cell. Let us hope that we argue over to much fuel safety instead of being cavalier about sitting on a fuel bomb.
  13. Same sh-t, different day?
  14. What is the issue with this filler neck and fuel cell. The quality is first rate and put into the best position for safety. Help a brother out with the issues with this?
  15. Cam Benty

    What Tire Size Does Your Team Run?

    93 Cobra: 275/45 17 88 Thunderbird: 295/40/18