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  1. A new build and first time on the track I will bet there were issues. Fuel pick up, trans issues whatever. I owned an 03 Mach 1. 400 hp, TKO 600 and A LOT of suspensions work. A Civic with a 2.4 Mugen walked me from a highway roll past 100 mph. Save you B.S. for someone else.
  2. The best flowing cylinder heads from a factory we can run in this series. And an engineer behind the build. I detect a Chicago crawfish at work!!!!
  3. The E30 will be all over 2:45 when the bugs are worked out. And it has 2 hours of fuel. It will be formidable, no worries.
  4. Your last trip to this side of the border there were no survivors after the watering hole meeting. American lightweights cannot hang with the Canucks when it comes to consumption. And yes it is a conspiracy. You guys need to vote the Socialist out of office. Shame Mopar does not have a car worthy of our series.
  5. If Mopar 4 life gang is at Siebkens have a designated driver. And A LOT of aspirin.
  6. No worries if your braking system is set up for the heat that is generated by racing. Especially the brake fluid. The first time one is coming in hot to a turn in traffic and the pedal goes to the floor it will tighten up the gastrointestinal area. The Ricky Rudd car was 3500lbs and 12 inch brakes. Your tow truck most likely has bigger brakes. This is the reason Mr. Rudd was tapping the brake To make sure someone was home. He was also one of the better road race drivers at that time.
  7. With ABS their is not much of a learning curve. Just get to your braking point and mash the brakes. Without ABS my experience is the more pad that is on the disks and disk size make modulation easier if the Master cylinder, booster and bias is set up properly. Just throwing big brakes at a car without MS, Booster and bias to accompany the big brakes is a waste and can be problematic. I have driven 2 piston PBR’s with race pads in a 2500lbs car that are fantastic. The 1969 Aluminum Kelsey Hayes Lincoln Calipers on 14 inch Boss disks on a 3375lbs Coyote Cougar at Ro
  8. Sandbagging or Crawfishing will add one 2 laps. Unwritten racers law.
  9. The biggest issue is when rules are changed Without series communication. I have had Many issues I did not handle well. I should have asked fellow platform builders when I needed clarification. Crowd control, Enginerd, Ron and a few others have helped me with points and rules in the past year or so. Perhaps instead selling the build I was doing I should have spoken With these individuals in depth. It would have cleared up many issues. It is difficult to cover all car makes and platforms. I don’t have all the answers. Nobody does. Maybe a designated person to ask from each commo
  10. My Stock Late Model. Purchased it from Ford Performance. Factory built and sealed. This prevents the motor from being tampered with. You know. To keep from cheating!!! Besides the 347 has the same bore as a 302. The 305 has the same stroke as the 350. It’s the same.....only different. Personally when I run a slightly altered motor I will run something absurdly vulgar to take attention away from the cheaty part I am hiding. Unfortunately Jay has told me that type of felony can be detrimental to my health and well being. I asked Ron to drive with my team
  11. How does the G body respond to a track bar and Torque arm? We use them on the dirt and it transformed the handling. Would it work on a Road course for that car?
  12. My Goodness it just does not stop. Can someone explain why going from 4 to 5 lugs on an axle is the same points as an entire rear diff aftermarket assembly? I have asked about a few other items for my car and have been denied or ignored while other cars haves had no points assessed for the same items. I have had Points assessed to a car I was building that never made the track. When I question the legitimacy of the rulings I get a belligerent or surly reply. The favoritism is comical at times. We can address exhaust headers, rear differentials, weight favoritis
  13. I asked to replace 4 lug axles that was Identical in every dimension to the 5 lug axles that I wanted to use. 25 points. Same bearings. Same retainers. Same C clip. 25 points. The addition of one lug stud is 25 points. Now teams can replace and entire rear end for the same points Going from 4 to 5 lugs on an axle. Is this OSGiken or the other unit being spoken of a Torsen style Differential? If so can someone show the VPI car it came from? Or have I missed a new ruling in the last few months?
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