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  1. Any teams north of Nashville will be given 2 laps so the teams south of Nashville have time to climatize. Premium Dudes gets 3 laps. Anyone who gets a slight sunburn in 30 degree weather, shows no sign of uncomfort needs to be BOP’ed for principal alone.
  2. Thought crossed my mind from the moment I got out of the truck both days. Then you see the ladies in the pits with us ALL DAY and do not seem to be bothered by the cold. And.....the look The team would give me for being such a wuss keep me in the pits. They would question my manhood!!! Driving with an all star team made the cold worth while. It has its perks. Bandit better have some good Scotch. Strictly for medicinal purposes and to keep warm.
  3. This was before the new rule change in 16. That car was literally pulled from a field in Pa. field. No PHR. Tq. Arm or good shocks and a Fox platform. It was not fun to drive, at first. A quality team and a car from another Era. I miss that car.
  4. I raced there in 19 spring race. I have not spent any time in the northern latitudes for more than twenty years with a lot of time in Equatorial Africa. I had nothing for Cheeser land, a excuse me Wisconsin. I watched Nat’s team working and racing in the cold like it was a summer day. I was paralyzed by the cold. Teeth chattering, numb face, feet and fingers aching. It was brutal. I had nothing for the cold. My wife packed a few coats and an old fatigue heavy Jacket. None of it was warm enough. Best of luck and be prepared.
  5. I have seen the Looney Tunes car. I did not see a big set back at that time. (2019 at R.A. ) This build is not a Mustang.
  6. My biggest fear is the after fact retribution. This is not uncommon in this series. The 2 cars I have built, one I have raced, have been hit with increased points. Trying to figure out how to improve the breed without getting a point hit again. What sauce is needed to get a stable rules period for, Let’s say........2 years? Hopefully the new administration will give this a fair shake. Titan 5.6?!!!!! If so I will rent a seat and pay for your next races entry fee!!!!! Hah!! I gave this a serious thought. Pro Stock rules let us move the motor back t
  7. I have read through the rule and cannot find anything stating a motor cannot be moved towards the firewall to improve the car’s balance. The drive shaft will be shortened. The Motor mounts have been altered along with elongated holes on the trans mount. This is not a difficult task. Everything else will be factory spec. I have about 3 dollars worth of material in this endeavor I will claim. The rules seem to have some tribal knowledge not written. Looking for clarity. Any help will be appreciated.
  8. 8 forged units on eBay for 75 dollars each. Used but good condition. Just be Johnny on the spot. You will find something reasonable and in your budget.
  9. 200 to 225 for the Fox Mustang. 250 to 300 for the 93 Cobra. 95 cobra 300 to 325. 10 wins for the Miata, 6 for the E30 and 4 for the Cobra’s. Go figure why there was an increase. Indeed. Read below. I think I found some of the 5 laps. If our new socialist governments ever release us from involuntary lock down we will get your race in. I am in conversation with Tech trying to get a clear reason for the increases as we speak. I will fill you in soon. Hopefully this new administration will not practice the same favoritism as the previous crew.
  10. Have a jumper box of my main with a 20 ft cord I can plug into a generator at my Florida home. Did not think I would need it in Texas. Especially during winter time. I am having a jumper box made now for my home here in Houston. Should have been prepared for this. I will not get caught unprepared again. Living in Florida you will need your set up. It is not if but when. Well done Sir.
  11. One has to admire New England ingenuity. I was born in Pa. I miss the weather change but not the cold. Stay warm!!!
  12. I cannot claim the credit for everything. My wife went to the Elderly Couples and, with her heart and convincing manor, talked them into coming to our home. As for the children that was not difficult. Oregon can be significantly colder than Texas or Florida. 5 days will test your metal. Glad everything worked out for you. One of the appealing attributes of Texas is the friendly people and love of country. I wish the rest of the country could have a bit of this quality.
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