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  1. We put a Lincoln MkVIII motor (DOHC 4.6) in a 95 TBird and ran a road warrior class in Florida. It was so good it was band the next season. That motor has a wonderful power curve. Change the oil pump and gaskets and drop it in your Fox. It will be a Monster. ( put it in a TBird-Cougar. More fuel and ALL Fox Mustang parts bolt on.) no need to twist it to 7500 rpm. Shift a 6k and it will last forever. Be prepared for the Forum Mafia if you do that.
  2. Road America is as good as expected and better. From the friendly course Employees and Champcar staff to the track itself. What a weekend. I wish a few of you could have had the opportunity to drive the 88 Cougar. Without question the best handling and best braking car I have driven in this series. All the talk of it’s straight line speed was not the reason it was fast. It could stop and turn with anything in the race. ( the cayman and MR2 excluded of course) To conserve fuel and brakes we had a Gentlemen’s agreement to short shift and brake early So the pads would last 8 hour days. Initial turn in, apex transition and center off we could carry speed with such ease. And the furnace was a Swiss Watch. The car is so easy to drive fast even with giving up over a thousand lbs to some fellow competitors. I had to work harder at staying focused than driving fast. More than one driver tried to brake with us and ended up in the gravel. The Brakes are all Ford units with Wilwood Masters and pedals. It was like a carrier arresting hook at the end of the straits. The teams preparation is outstanding along with pit stops and team work. It was my honor to drive with them. The Drunkin Squirrels are the best TEAM I have had the pleasure to drive with in this series. I learn every time I race with them. Every pit stop was flawless. End of the each day we rotated tires, check fluids and went to dinner. Did not put a wrench to the car all weekend except to weld a broken hood mount. It makes a race so much more enjoyable to participate in when your biggest issue is figuring out where we are going to dinner after the race. The MR2 is a fantastic build and well driven. (Ludicrous Speed.) If we would have tried to run with them we would have run out of brakes. L.S. Is top shelf. Well Done Gentlemen. As well as Nate and their E30 is well drivin and consistent. I will also drive with D.S. at Indy and hope to see you all again. 😂😂
  3. Ah.....No. We did not know where Siebkins was located. ( first time for all of us at R.A.) We look it up on line and it stated it was closed for the Season. So we did not pursue it.
  4. “If you have to ask” are wise words. The best way to approach a race car is understand it will be a write off. The fastest way to end a friendship is start a race team. You will not get your investment out of it. Ever. If all understand that have a go.
  5. I walked by the team And got half a buzz. I would do another tour in Afganistan before throwing down with those Hoonigans.
  6. No worries. Our team has much experience in consumption from Alcohol Poisoning to bad hangovers. Water, a stout breakfast, or for our Canadian Brethren hair of the dog and all involved will be bright and shining ready for racing. If any team decides to throw down with the Canadian Professionals please be proactive. Take a few aspirin and hydrate with A LOT of water. No retreat, no surrender with the Canucks.
  7. Does this mean I cannot wear my Haggar the Horrible helmet in my Nissan Titan pickup any more? Man I just cannot ever seem to get this P.C. Stuff straight. 🙄😏
  8. There is a New Sheriff in town. Bend the rules or wonder into the grey area at you own Peril!!!! 🧐
  9. Who do I contact for a garage?
  10. That unit might have issues with door gaps and body twist if you boot it. It looks like a well thought out build so I am sure the builder took the twist forces into consideration. Reminds me of using a 5 pound hammer to break and Almond shell. Effective but just a smidge of overkill. This buggy will induce unwanted bowl movements.
  11. Indeed Gentlemen. Nate if you could show an old dogface the line around Road America I would be in your debt. I have a few contraband Maduros as payment for your knowledge. Be easy on the old man!!!! I will be having a go in the Cougar. Road America is on my Bucket list. Only 2 more tracks to drive at. My life will have been complete. Thank you Champcar for the privilege of racing on such an iconic track.
  12. You don’t have to use a cooler. Really.
  13. Never said “ban” anything. No points for coolers. Or anything that keeps a car on the track. Simple. You don’t have to use a cooler. Really. You don’t. You have a choice. FREE THE COOLERS!!!!!!😎
  14. Point taken. But it still helps engine life no matter how one views it. This is not debatable. And my stance is well known. ANYTHING that helps a car stay on the track should be no points. A motor can be run 10/10ths without a cooler. It will not last as long. If a team wants to improve their driving skills your backside needs to be in the seat. Not wrenching in the pits. Agree or disagree the point is self evident. The driver is still the most important part of the race team. One Cannot improve in the pits. Increase the performace parts points. NOT reliability parts. The entire issue of cost savings is B.S. if coolers cost points. A cooler is essential for reliability and longevity of a motor, trans or whatever. No car in this series was engineered to do what we do for as long as we do it. If costs are a concern go to harder tires. Harder brake pads. Etc. That is how to slow cars down. Expendables are most of our costs besides entry fees. Everyone wants to go fast but don’t want it to cost more. If brakes, tires and disks last 4 to 5 races that is a big savings. Or do what we did. We purchased an oil cooler for an air compressor. Adapted the in and out lines. We have less than 70 dollars in the cooler. Bought a used oil filter adapter at a swap meet for 20 dollars. Cleaned it up and put new seals on it. With braided steel lines we have less than 110.00 dollars in the unit. Texas summers are 100F almost daily. I was going to use the factory Explorer unit but I feared the repercussions from the Forum Mafia. The home made unit pulled 30 degrees out of the oil. One does not need a Misimoto 700 dollar unit.
  15. If I may ask Sir how does an oil cooler increase the cost of racing? Fuel, tires, entry fees, brakes etc (consumables) is costs involved in racing. An oil cooler will make a motor last longer. This will save motor rebuild costs with an investment up front. If you do not want to run an oil cooler do not run one. Therefore no cost to you. If someone wants to run a motor for 6 races a year for 3 or 4 years an oil cooler more than pays for it's self. If you run 1 or 2 races a year and do not mind rebuilding your motor don't use one. Simple. Why hamstring everyone because you do not like them? Anything that keeps a car on the track and reduces costs should be no points. If you do not like these cost savings don't run them. The forum talks out both sides of their mouths. They want costs reduced but want more points for items that reduce costs. (Think initial investment) Agree or not it is your prerogative. It is a fact fluid coolers reduce wear and costs. Again you do not have to use them.
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