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  1. Well said Gentleman. 7 hour races is a way to throw the fuel starved cars a bone. We will take anything we can get. Would like to see more. We still cannot make 3 stops in 7 hours.
  2. An actual well thought out solution. Keep the knee jerk reaction out of the equation.
  3. What does the X2 designation stand for on the official results page?
  4. Track has not changed much. A lot of Memories at that track. You mugs are having wwaaaayyyyy to much fun. You just got 5 laps each at Sebring for pegging the fun factor. painttraders!!!! 😎
  5. Fuel Capacity. 5 cars I know of went to race with AER because of fuel and a power to wt. that is done with race wt. Champ Car is still the best series. If Champ could come up with fuel rules for parity most that I know of would return.
  6. You may want to seek permission to run that unit. That may get the forum mob feathers ruffled. And.....brakes. R.A. is a brake track more so than HP. You may want to seek permission to run that unit. That may get the forum mob feathers ruffled. And.....brakes. R.A. is a brake track more so than HP.
  7. Ah........not trucking hardly. I was running EC at R.A. in the Spring. The Forum Antifa’s lost their freaking minds and ran off some very good teams. It is what it is. I will NOT give my money towards a series that is hostile towards cars deemed unworthy. The Mongols won. I want to put 3 other good drivers in my Mustang and see how far back we finish from the fuel worthy teams. It is still a fantastic track and a lot of fun. Besides I get to see Nate, Jer and a few others drivers and see ‘Sconsin country side. And acquire a fat head from consumption of local brews.
  8. No need for that rule change or exception. My Mustang will only do 90 minutes max an 5500 rpm. If you can’t do a 2:55 lap and do 2 hours a tank you will not be in the top ten. Find me 3 drivers and I will take my car to Wisconsin. It is still a hoot to drive that track.
  9. That freaking hurt!!! I backed a sprint car into the turn 4 wall at full song and came to a dead stop like this. I could not breath for what seemed like 5 minutes. I submitted and was expecting to pass out. My breath finally came back. The whites of my eyes hemorrhaged blood red. I looked like a raccoon. My daughter was an infant at the time and I scared her to tears. She still reminds me of that to this day after 32 years.
  10. This track fits a V8 car. Unfortunately only the Z28 has enough fuel to be competitive. Still a fun track. My favorite track. I so want to take my Mustang to Elkhart Lake. Unfortunately I need drivers. I would be tempted to put a few blue paint stripes on Premium Dudes door!!!! I think they would wreck me if I did. Then Jer would call us into the sin bin for a come to Jesus meeting. 🙄
  11. Interpretation is not a points hit. Irrelevant.
  12. What an absolute Croc. Name one car that has built to the limit the last 3 years that has won and been hit by points? Name one??? Go ahead I am waiting?? Name one I will wait.
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