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  1. I know we are way out from this event; wondering if there's going to be a practice day Friday or not for travel/planning purposes
  2. https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecId=12055&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=RQP705005&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5rbsBRCFARIsAGEYRwelPBcLVbC0z8HlTU_8XqGj6DpgETXZ2W6De_beYidoa_CFp0fOz70aAtBgEALw_wcB Just get one of these and be done with it..its $27 + shipping and wont be questioned at tech.
  3. This might be helpful.. https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecId=12055&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=RQP705005&gclid=Cj0KCQjw5rbsBRCFARIsAGEYRwelPBcLVbC0z8HlTU_8XqGj6DpgETXZ2W6De_beYidoa_CFp0fOz70aAtBgEALw_wcB
  4. Most bearing failures actually occur due to cap stretch (several causes, one is over-rev) or poor install as opposed to oiling issues as referenced in posts above. Had a sneaking suspicion when you posted up here that something out of the ordinary happened as opposed to bad oil/breakdown. Conitinuing to run after the damaging event looks to have lunched the rest of the engine. Bummer...
  5. That time we did all 3 configurations in one weekend was fun!
  6. @vtjballeng Not on you to let the membership know what Champcar is doing, that's on Champcar. You know, even just a blurb in a post saying "Champcar is working on improving safety & pit marshalling via cheap/affordable onboard device." would have done a lot of good. Not hard and would, IMHO, eliminate this pitchfork brigade. I for one think it's pretty damn cool we will be test bed/early adopter for something that can be so helpful for a variety of racers/officials in all kinds of amateur series..
  7. Communication like this, up front, would help quell the pitchforks....
  8. Could do a lot by not adding costs of entry at every turn. Between the amount of "free" stuff and now adding mandatory 'driver aids' that cost real $$ per event is not gonna make it any easier........
  9. We run one of these on a 2.2 toyota 4 cyl and it was tough to hear on track at Gingerman with the exhaust exiting just past passenger door... https://www.amazon.com/MagnaFlow-Exhaust-Products-10416-Muffler/dp/B000COTCI0
  10. Local weathermen are saying this weekend is going to be prime, mid to upper 70s with a few clouds and minimal humidity. Perfect for some racing! I see one smoker has been claimed by rodents, do I need to bring mine over?
  11. Adding my 2 cents since we were pitted with the Tirerack guys and asked for their professional opinions a couple times during the race. We go back many years with a couple of the members and they were gracious enough to offer their input, being tire experts and all. Also to note: this was our first time on the RS4. All of our drivers reported the Hankooks felt slippery, moreso than we felt with Falkens and more than we expected. Also notable was the feel of the tire; very difficult to tell when you were overdriving and almost impossible to detect brake lock,; easy to make them go greasy slick with a couple laps of aggressive cornering/sliding too. Asked our neighbors, at least one agreed that the feel on the Hankook is suboptimal compared to other offerings (Falken and RE71R were mentioned) and that one can easily overdrive the tire and not realize it. He did mention the tire is recoverable in that they will come back to you during a stint if you let them cool off. I found our best time of the weekend by a lot on Sunday morning first stint with the same set we finished Saturday with. Also did so on a lap I figured was way off pace as I was attempting to cool the tires back down after remembering the discussion from Saturday when things got greasy. I know the adage slow down to go fast and have lived it many times, but this time seemed to be way more than that this time. Wonder if the margin for overdriving is just so razor thin that you can heat cycle the tire out just over the course of a day's racing? Would be surprising but if it does indeed overheat and stop working and then come back to you over the course of a stint, might each instance cycle them sooner? If one cannot feel when the tire is unhappy, could drivers trash the compound without knowing and without any visible sign on the tire itself?
  12. I'm game to run my gas smoker over from Kzoo Thursday night. Would be nice to put it to good use since I gave up ruining pork last year. I'm certain 4+ shoulders would fit based on how empty it looks with one on a rack..
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