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  1. ^^This! Specifically when discussing doing/making rules other clubs do because they are successful!
  2. Why not allow for 3M impact film on the glass for the E30/others that have to carry glass for an SCCA/NASA class. Seems like not too much to ask and they might have already done it.
  3. One conclusion to draw: the *vast* majority (sounds like ~1950 ppl at minimum) don't see a major issue with any of the rules and don't prefer any changes? Another: 50+ petitions turns a lot of people off to the whole thing?
  4. Good on the BOD for recognizing that <50 member inputs (many from this forum) and 2-3 loud voices does not reflect the opinion of entirety of the membership. Thank you!
  5. A lot has to do with how it is programmed. Also make sure all wiring connections are tight, we notice the clearances on the cheap chinese parts sometimes aren't the tightest fit and work loose while racing.. We use the UV-5R and rugged radios helmet/car wiring and have great reception with a 10" radio antenna on a stick above our canopy in the pits and a shark fin in the center of the roof of the car. I set up a bunch of channels in the GMRS/FRS range (UHF) with DCS codes to keep things private and not step on anyone, pretty simple once you know what you're doing. It's worth noting - to transmit on GMRS/FRS frequencies at >2Watts no matter what radio you use the FCC wants you licensed. UV-5R is 4?watts on high setting, the TYT high setting appears to be 5W. The updated UV-5R (BF-F8HP) is up to 8W. License is 70 bucks and required no test, and is good for 10 years. I decided at $3.5 a race (we run twice a year) it was well worth the investment.
  6. I think this is the crux of the issue. And indeed, a stellar example of why using volume instead of weight to measure fuel capacity is best for this series.
  7. Exactly. Ambient temp of fuel at the track will not change during the capacity check. Virtually impossible.
  8. Changing temp of the fuel is the only way to effect the claim you have made that your tank will hold different volumes on different days. Literally the only way. Unless you've figured something out here that will change the understanding of all physics no one else has yet.
  9. Whoa...just realized you're on the TAC. YIKES.
  10. Lol phase changes....are not the same man. You quite literally are arguing that when *you* go to Wisconsin Champcar is gonna full your tank with gas that's like 115* in order to DQ you. That's literally the only way you could have a cell ruled over capacity. Unless they are melting frozen gasoline into liquid, then all bets are off..
  11. ...the mass doesn't matter. All of this is predicated on the fuel changing temp *during* the fill & pump out.. If i have 15 gallons sitting next to the car, fill the car, pump the car out into those cans, it'll measure 15 gallons. Can be 0 or 100 degrees out. It will be this way until the end of time. Try not to loose sleep over this, literally no one who understands basic physics will and it's a competitive disadvantage.
  12. I was wondering, but boy he's committed. I gotta go, my coffee is getting cold and overflowing the cup.
  13. Never said you were. But you are woefully incorrect. The temperature in your chart only applies if there is a change in temp. There is no meaningful change in temp between when they fill your car at impound and when they empty it. We are talking 10 mins or so, and I would have to assume the cars are significantly cooled down compared to racing temps before they start pumping gas all over. I am curious: what is the theory on how 65* gas should be heated enough to over fill your cell set at 95*
  14. The claim is that at a race in which ambient temp is 65*. Champcar International is gonna heat up the 65* gas they use to check your tank to a temp *greater* than 95* in order to DQ you? WTF are we doing putting gas in ovens?!?
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