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  1. I'm game to run my gas smoker over from Kzoo Thursday night. Would be nice to put it to good use since I gave up ruining pork last year. I'm certain 4+ shoulders would fit based on how empty it looks with one on a rack..
  2. Can confirm we felt much more comfortable on track having practiced laps on iracing. Did not help the fact that many had not and so were divebombing in the corners with late apexes. I assume this is what led to the seemingly high number of passenger doors beaten in...
  3. @FlorahDorah That was my mom with the towel. We figured you had to be dying without shade considering how bad it was even with our canopy. Nice to put a face to a forum name finally, and thanks for your input in the afternoon Saturday!
  4. So you're saying we weren't the only ones who could've had a low pad fail on Sunday? Based on comments made above, especially @MoparBoyy and @Snorman you'd think we're the first to ever do such a thing and are morons for doing so. I'll not hold my breath for them to ridicule everyone else on pit lane for doing the same thing we did. Hats off for piling on to those two though 👏👏👏👏👏. I for one hope you had a fantastic weekend with WRL.
  5. The car continued for 20 minutes with no issues between fluid top up and the crash, and upon inspection all other pads still had meat on them, likely enough to finish.. But yes, I'd be upset too. Also, we were attempting to find the team at the track with no luck, and at the time of the forum post had already made contact with the driver of the car personally on Monday. But yeah, you know the whole story. Hope you never have a mechanical failure and wreck/collect anyone! Can confirm it sucks!
  6. Absolutely it's on us. I think my fairly open and honest post serves well enough, but I'll spell it out: Full responsibility taken here publicly. Already been taken care of personally between drivers, though I would still like to find the team/owners too. I hope we can all learn from what happened, especially our own team. The point about avoidable contact in both doors 3 different times still stands.
  7. I guess we disagree on what is avoidable contact due to poorly timed dive bombs and unavoidable contact from parts failures. I speak for my team when I say we'd gladly take a black flag for the incident we caused if it meant better policing overall.
  8. I assume the part about the failed front brake at the braking zone was missed..
  9. We would like to see your vantage point if you have it since there were parts missing and a polished piston face...
  10. OEM #144 had a long, hot weekend that we will never forget! HUGE thanks to all of the Champcar Staff and volunteers for making this event go as smoothly as it did!! I'll start by echoing the sentiments shared previously re: flagging, PUY, and contact. We managed to get hit 3 times and never once saw or heard of it being called in/penalized. Did we just give up with the no contact black flagging after the backlog saturday? One hit Saturday was hard enough (by the TRM car/our pit neighbors, driver apologized profusely) to crumple the passenger door in a good 8-10 inches and move the door sill another couple inches towards the cage. Really had to keep on your toes with some drivers making some very interesting divebombs in T1, T4, T12. I found the white camaro who spun off (somehow without collecting anyone!?) multiple times in the first stint Sunday to be asking for trouble. Felt like a lot of folks would just send a prayer and hope you got out of their way or you collected them and they could continue a la Forza. We decided as a team to let everyone get a 40 min stint in Saturday, lest we have a mechanical or other problem at least we would all get a chance to race at INDY. I can say we were pleased with our mid pack running given the lack of strategy and over 200 points yet to play with and driver lineup improving. Despite several hits on both sides of the car we managed a relatively uneventful day; I was in the car for the checkers on Sunday and even though the car was an absolute oven I had chills all over. Even getting them just writing this report. Did we really just race 20 hours at INDY?! Sunday we decided to go for full stints and ended up with me back in the car to verify the flatspot on the rear tires (still working on dialing out rear brake) we found were indeed the only source of the vibration we developed Saturday afternoon late. After a couple of laps the vibration all but went away and I proceeded to have an incredible hour long cat and mouse race with whoever was driving the C class #261 red BMW. I was not in the pit when the driver came by, but man what an epic stint! He would pull me on the straights and I could catch right up to his back bumper in the infield, was able to get alongside a couple of times and eventually make a pass in traffic, but what an awesome stint of fair/clean/safe racing!! Second driver got in and out without incident. Third driver got in and returned about an hour later with a brake fluid light on. We added fluid and sent him back out for another 20 minutes or so until we saw he wasn't coming by our pit. From what we can tell, the right front brake pad on the piston side of caliper disintegrated and chucked the backing plate out for good measure sometime before our driver made it to T1 braking zone at about 1230 on Sunday. All other brake pads were still there, and still had meat on them to finish the race. This resulted in less than expected slowing, which the driver reacted to by inputting more brake pedal. This locked the rear tires and sent him into the back of the same #261 I had raced back and forth with earlier at about the 100 marker. Sent the BMW into which we would find out later ended their day. Tried to find you guys after the incident, but took time to find an official and get an answer about which car number was involved in the incident. Lesson learned: probably had lost the friction material when driver came in for fluid top up, didn't think anything of the fact that it needed fluid other than of course we need fluid the pads are wearing... Fairly good impact on our left front bumper was repairable, we lost 2 hours and were able to take the checkers for a second time in the weekend, the first time our team has ever managed that feat. Was also cool to be able to have my 2 month old daughter's first race be at Indy, she enjoyed the Sunday morning start. Hope to get some forward looking video downloaded in the days to come, until then here's rear view looking out of the #261. Glad everyone was ok! Oh yeah, @hotrod, I watched you get punted going into T12 in my mirror. Was leaving room for you down the inside and when I didn't see you alongside at corner exit I looked up in my mirrror to see one of the very aggresively driven miatas (white) at a pretty good perpendicular angle to your door and hear your tires screeching off into the grass. Would've been good to have had rear facing camera...damage looks almost identical to our first hit on the passenger door taken Saturday morning though ours wasn't nearly as heavy an impact.
  11. So you're saying you didn't need free points on a set of compenents to change hubs preventively??? It's almost like your team took upon itself to change parts before they become a safety issue, instead of getting a rule written to allow for a free upgrade. Even worse, your point here makes it obvious the rule was changed to make one or a handful of folks happy, since multiple Miata campaginers are right here telling us it's a non-safety related issue, and a relatively low cost consumable. @National Tech is telling us we need the rule because of the clear and present safety risk of wheels falling off cars left and right. Laughable.
  12. "Assigning points for hubs was discussed thoroughly over a four month period by Tech and Mike and as many drivers as I could talk to at race events" Let me just say that his pile of crap right here is supposedly what was eliminated when the "old" chumpcar powers that be were removed. No one thought an email should be sent out? Not once did anyone stop and ask "Didn't we commit to not changing the rules during the year"? No one? Not once? Seriously, I was told there would be no rule changes mid year and any would be clearly communicated. None of that occured here, just found out about this rule change perusing the forum. "The discussions started after multiple bearing failures and unfortunate early withdrawals by our members." HA what an absolute JOKE! considering lowering points because a few teams had their races ended early? Seriously, laughable. Like for real, the rest of your post is moot after this. STOP WRITING RULES FOR THE UNFORTUNATE FEW. "...ignore an obvious safety issue" LOL ok you have to be joking now. Have yet to see anyone policing wheel integrity, studs, torquing, lug engagement, etc even after wheels and studs have failed in the field. (how many cars have all their lug nuts at the end of a race? Did anyone bother to ask?) But you're gonna lower the point value to placate the guys who weren't claiming the points to begin with? You are literally punishing everyone who follows the rules to make a couple of teams comply with them. Did I mention what a complete JOKE this is!? It's unsafe for me to bolt a chinese turbo onto my engine and oil the course with holes in the block, gonna let me built a forged rotating assembly for free now? And change the rules to allow me to do so without telling anyone about it? Way to utterly bungle this one; and just over a year removed from the so-called "transparency" push that was made/elections held/"member board" no less? It would appear that the "transparency" has reverted to completely shady dealings, and with an accelerated rate of cost and speed creep than before. What a complete disappointment. I hope you all wise up quick and correct course after this debacle. How about placating the 100 other teams for once instead of the 5 bitching loud enough to be annoying? STOP WRITING RULES FOR THE UNFORTUNATE FEW
  13. Teeth tend to be the part that wears, we were shocked to find ours barely broken in! I had a VW with a getrag that had a bent shift fork/misaligned shifter that wore the slider down to a very thin wall on one side, probably biased our approach some.
  14. Good ideas. We figured building up weld would distort or create a harder wear surface than the slider rings and wear that out. Also a concern was not getting a good enough bond with brazing and having pieces come off inside the box. Hadn't considered the sheet steel, could probably TIG it to the fork and keep it relatively cool.. Assumption is this material is less harmful to the rest of the internals if it wears quickly/breaks. If it doesn't hold up we will try the welded wear pad route. If anyone has a need, Springboard Engineering may be able to help. http://www.springboardengineers.com/
  15. Most surprised at the requirement of sherriffs for load-in.. https://champcar.org/register/supplementalrules/376.pdf How do we get the weekend passes for guests? This is gonna be epic!!
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