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  1. Thanks for the great food. Had a great time meeting fellow Champer's. As Tiffiny said it was good to put some faces with names.
  2. Thanks Mike for all you have done for CC. Wish you the best in the future.
  3. How many total? We have one entry, trying to get the other ready. Thanks in advance Bill.
  4. To be used in a 99 Miata. From what I understand, correct me if I'm wrong, 95-05 crankshafts are interchangeable. I'll be at AMP and Barber to end the year. Located in Cullman, AL.
  5. Any information on how many team members are going to be allowed? Fixing to book some rooms and need to know how many.
  6. Great vid! Look forward to watching the build. Welcome to this mess!!
  7. When it comes to cold, yes! After the humid summers it makes 40 feel like 0!
  8. Finally got some lights installed getting ready for CMS.
  9. I'm in for sure! All about timing. Send me a pm of any races yall are doing and lets see what happens.
  10. I wish! Lower part is 24ft with a 8ft over bed portion. Any weekend we aint racin your welcome to use it though. With this virus crap looks like it may be the fall before we run again dangit!
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