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  1. We are planning on making the trip up from Cullman, AL. Other than Barber I think this is the closest track to us.
  2. Hunterflyy

    Official The Stars Fell on the Alabama Grand Prix 2018

    I'm just gonna bring a boat!
  3. Put plenty of rain x on the outside and anti-fog on the inside getting ready for the flood at Barber this weekend.
  4. Hugh Jass, I'm Hunters dad, we were both in the race. He is a much better iRacer than me. I don't know why he stopped racing that night, he has been having issues with his computer. Look me (Mike) up at Barber this weekend if your there, #138 Miata. I'll have plenty of cold beer and a warm camper to hang out in.
  5. Sunday morning, password is airevac
  6. Hunterflyy

    Love Racing #647

    Dad and son here too. We ran Barber last year and will be there again this go around. Son won't make it though due to his commitment to the USMC. Look forward to seeing you and a big no on snow!!
  7. Happy Thanksgiving from VNE Motorsports! Safe travels to everyone. Special thanks to our Service Members, Law enforcement and first responders working today.
  8. Hunterflyy

    Fire Suppression, what ya got

    The Lifeline system is what my team has. Good instructions and easy to install.
  9. Hunterflyy

    Barber December

    Didn't have practice last year. iRacing is your friend if you have it available.
  10. Any date will be fine with me, even in the winter we never get snow here in Bama.
  11. I have always wanted to go to a race at Indy. To think my first race there might be one I'm driving in! Man I hope it works out.
  12. I resemble those comments fellers! And Rawl Tide!
  13. Hunterflyy

    Benefits of Sim Racing

    Been sim racing for several years mostly oval's. Before running my first Champ Car Race at Barber last year, my son and myself spent countless hours practicing on iRacing. The other two guys that raced with us came over a couple of days before the race and practiced. Although we had a slow car, I feel the practice we had helped us keep it on the track for two days with a decent finish.