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  1. ad3adman

    Seat for Sebring

    We are full up for Sebring. thanks for looking.
  2. ad3adman

    Seat for Sebring

    i would expect 3 hours as long as weather does not drown us. we will have 4 main drivers with time divided equally as possible and a one hour courtesy stint going to a 4th. **i had to edit this b/c i can drive better than i can add..lol
  3. Looks like i might have a seat opening up for Sebring. we have a 1990 Miata the ran super reliable at Daytona, we could not have been happier with it. we took a heavy lap penalty due to some adjustable shocks but still finished reasonably well considering. the shock issue is resolved so i expect a much better finish at Sebring. looking at 800 a seat and 500 crash deposit that will be refunded at the end of the race.
  4. its definitely a game changer. although sometimes you just dont feel like putting the headset on. and at first you may have eye strain and some motion sickness, but once that all goes away, it really awesome.
  5. this is a dangerous path you go down... i started with a rig like this, then it went to a bigger monitor, then 3 of them, then a bigger graphics card, then i built my first tube frame from exhaust tubing and added a car seat, and then, and then and then........ the think i get bummed out about Iracing is that they are always making you but something to participate in a race. i think at the moment if i want o compete, i would either have to buy a car or a track. nothing to just pop into you will do a lot of solo racing unless you go to the HOSTED races that are OPEN and find something there that suits your fancy. i think yo host your own is only like 2 bucks a session, but you might get a few knobs in there with you. the TIME ATTACKS in the Beta UI are fun. there is one for Sebring going on now. you an race against the leaders ghost car. i think he's running a 2.29. i can get close to that. must be using a cheater car.. lol. have fun and let me know your user ID, ill race with you.
  6. i see the lift that you have. how do you like it? i had been considering getting one but mine would be in rather tight garage and a concern of mine was when i need to work on the under side of the car, how bad would it restrict my access. any thoughts?
  7. will it fit in my miata?
  8. I see. Ok great. Thanks for the tip!
  9. ad3adman

    I killed my new Lexan Windshield!!!!

    So..... Some 3000 grit sandpaper, Meguiars mirror glaze and a harbor freight variable speed buffer, and what i mean by variable speed is, you set the speed and the out come varies wildly... I was able to get an acceptable result. I will deff get a better piece of lexan at the end of the year but this works for now.
  10. So i understand, take the 2 center lights and point those outward instead of the 2 outside ones?
  11. I made a not-so-fancy light bar and removed the headlight buckets and replaced them with lexan.
  12. ad3adman

    I killed my new Lexan Windshield!!!!

    ill check out the margard. il wil work with this and get thru sebring and revisit it after.
  13. ad3adman

    I killed my new Lexan Windshield!!!!

    i bought a piece of drop form a larger sheet, something they do not usually sell but since a had made a good purchase the day prior the accommodated me, but the piece i got was about 60.
  14. ad3adman

    I killed my new Lexan Windshield!!!!

    invisaboard. - not familiar with the brand, got it from Farco Plastics.
  15. So somehow in my mess that is my garage that i use for many other projects other than my Champcar, i have gotten chemical burns on my brand new lexan windshield. anyone have suggestions on how to get this out? i have tried scratch remover paste, headlight polish(for foggy lights), wet sand with 2000 grit and polish, and also 2000 grit and hit it with a heat gun to flow the scratches out. althoug the heat gave the clearest results, its very sketchy... any help would be greatly appreciated and no, i dont know what i splashed on it. i dont remember using any carb/parts cleaner near it, that seems the most likely culprit. thanks in advance.