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  1. Never thought if that. Ill try it tonight.
  2. hey.. so, my minty fresh Miata has a boat load of tire rubber marks on it. I have found that WD-40 works pretty good for removing them but i wanted to know what everyone else uses. also, mine is a wrap, not paint, so i cannot use solvents that are too hot. let me know what you think. thanks!!
  3. ad3adman

    High RPM's - Good or Bad for engines?

    id like to know more about your turbo setup. i have some points to spend.
  4. ad3adman

    What Tire Size Does Your Team Run?

    205/50r15 - miata
  5. ad3adman

    High RPM's - Good or Bad for engines?

    iv'e been running a stock motor with 109,000 +/- on it when dropped it in 4 years ago and i'm banging off the rev limiter all the time with no issues. change the oil after every event. used mobile 1 for a while now i use valvoline 20w-50 for endurance. 1990 miata 1.6
  6. yes, i am interested. i still need one. just PM me a price and i cal paypal you. thanks and really glad you found it.
  7. Same one that got all cross in the carousel in front of me at sebring. In my vid earlier in this thread you can see i just chose to completely leave the tarmac while he sorted himself out.
  8. i dig your photo.... im not saying its aliens, but it was aliens.. hahahaha
  9. I know right I was all over him and he just didn't seem to notice
  10. awesome possum. will you post here or is there another place on the site where you have that?
  11. well, i have to say, this is one of the funnest stints i have had so far. yeah, he tightened up on me faster than i thought he would, but its all good.
  12. Orange Miata #667 thanks for checking!
  13. i checked with our guy and he does not have it. sorry, man.