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  1. Thanks for the help and good speaking with you today. look forward to being able to talk to the driver next race. LOL
  2. Went to order my kit and it says the "Champ15" code is invalid. has it been updated? thanks. look forward to trying them out.
  3. Sebring and Charlotte, maybe Daytona. running a Miata. We can definitely do an external antenna. Would i be happier with the more expensive system?And is so, why? SRC Racing Radios Digital Starter 5watt Package.
  4. how does it perform? we are really trying to keep our costs down, not looking for top of the line. just something simple and reliable. https://www.sampsonracing.com/The-Expert-5watt-Package-for-2way-driver-to-crew-p/the-expert.htm
  5. haha - id love to see that roll up into tech. have some mad max death race up in here.
  6. I have a brand new set of 99 top hats and bump stops, never been installed. paid 220 for both. Make a reasonable offer. you pay shipping and i would prefer paypal. I ended up going with custom hats and no bump stops, so i'd like to move them on to a good home. Thanks for looking. I can get a photo, they are just in the shed and i'm on the couch with a beer and that's just way too far to travel today
  7. Yes but what im looking for is someone with the new panels to measure the open area so i can maximize the space.
  8. Anyone know the size of the area where the number would go? I need to cut my new numbers tonight. Thanks!
  9. there is a group there on the 22nd. one of my drivers is taking his car up there. not sure the group name, but i can find out.
  10. so this is a BMW owner question. i have been to only 4 champ races and at each of those races i have seen 1 or more BMW's in the pit stall for most of the race with a few fellows under the hood. and when i mean under the hood, they are pulling pistons and stuff out. so, is this on par for BMW maintenance, or just really bad luck? heck, for all i know, its been the same car and the same guys working on the same motor..lol
  11. ahh. i was thinking it was a 350. ill have to go back and look at that. thanks.
  12. i just found this from the first of the year. seems like a few didnt think they were so good for power to weight. i drove this one a bit i have to say its quite a bit quicker than my 1.6 miata. the z3 i have has the 2.3.
  13. So, i just picked up a 1999 Z3, 2.3 stoopid cheap. like, this is a ligit $500 car. runs and drives great, just tons of cosmetic issues. perfect champcar candidate, right?? its a 350 car per the book, but i don't think i have ever seen one at an event. is there a reason why? they seem like a great car, rear wheel drive, 170HP, 2900 lbs-ish. like a spunkier Miata. id like to hear what you guys think, know, dont know about hese cars. ive been looking but not finding a whole lot. thanks!!
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