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  1. Soloontario

    Looking to purchase Race car

    Mudflap, yes thanks, We bought the Sentra pictured in the post on Oct 7. So far the car is pretty slow but reliable and can go a long time between pit stops. The cage is top notch. Ends up with reasonable results for rookies. Actually won Class A on Saturday at Mosport. (Not sure how many other Class A cars were running at the finish) Interestingly RVA graphics, the name of our team is Shouldahada V 8
  2. Soloontario

    Looking to purchase Race car

    So anyone getting out of Chumpcar after Calabogie? Interested in selling?
  3. Soloontario

    Looking to purchase Race car

    Thanks for the links guys. Unfortunately starting with a 500 car likely isn't a good idea for us. Obviously the quality of the cage is of top priority. No good buying a caged car then having to rip out the existing cage and go back to start.
  4. Have a group of Ice Racers and Time-Attack competitors looking to get in to Chumpcar. CASC sprints don't seem to fit the bill. Located in the GTA. What have you got for sale? Would rather not have a car that needs extensive repair.