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  1. Here is a unique view of some of this battle (note time stamp shows an hour early)
  2. First off, thanks to all for a great weekend on an awesome track. Good, clean racing with just the right amount of hard-nosed dicing. So freakin' fun. 901 Motorsport had a good (and bad) weekend. We started mid pack on Saturday with the #901 and #902 e30s. One of the highlights of the day was running the two cars nose to tail for first 2hrs, working through traffic together, up to 3rd and 4th. Lowlight for #902 was in the afternoon with a hard crash into the Armco on cold tires that put #902 in the trailer, maybe permanently. FYI-- if you are debating footwell intrusion bars , do it.
  3. 901 Motorsport brought #901 (red and white e30) and #903 (pink, white, black, green, rust e30) to AMP. The grand plan was to test all sorts of stuff on Friday, really dial things in at a track that suits our cars. Well, nope. We spent all of Friday trying to get the cars quiet enough to race, welding on all the mufflers that could be found in Dawsonville, GA. Subjectively our cars were quieter than most and we have never had sound issues, but maybe there was something about how the downturns reflected off the track? Felt like voodoo, but eventually we found a combo that got them quiet eno
  4. Something is goofy with Speedhive. The data is there. I got it to show all laps for a car and then it failed the next time. Seems hit or miss.
  5. Track told me they will close the gate at 7 Thursday night. So needed to be there prior.
  6. Another way to interpret this for LED is 4 light housings— I got a tech clarification since we have housings that have a divider between 2 groups of LEDs and they can look like 2 lights. What really matters is lumens. No more that 8000 and needs to have documentation.
  7. +1 on the Diode Dynamics. Best part is that you can actually aim them-- they shoot a rectangle of light instead of a circle. Less glare, more light where you want it. So much better than the lightbars that put 1/2 the light into the tops of the trees. 8000 lumens really isn't that much light on a race car IMHO so need the light to land in the right place.
  8. That is legal. Actually got a tech ruling in the knowledge base on the Diode Dynamic lights since we have gotten grief for the 12" bar, which has a separator and can look like two lights. They agreed that the 12" is one unit and all that really matters is lumens
  9. Yeah, I looked at the video which has a speed overlay-- showed 20 mph all the way down that crazy long pit lane. And the RPMs were also right for 20mph in 2nd gear. Must be tricky for the marshalls to call it when they don't have a speed gun-- two cars of different speed means one is either too fast or too slow.
  10. Bill, not sure I understand. I was going exactly 20mph (unless my AIM GPS was wrong). I passed the dude who was going less than 20. I was told I shouldn't have passed on pit lane. Maybe I misunderstood and they thought I was speeding since I went past the other guy. No biggie. Good to know on the rule.
  11. Not sure if this is the right forum but need clarity on pit lane rules. At Indy we completed our service, were going a calibrated 20mph in the left-most lane (20 was the limit), and rolled past a slow moving car that was poking along in the center lane. We were held for a little bit, told we couldn't pass in pit lane. I honestly cannot remember if it was green flag or yellow. If yellow I get the restriction to passing but not sure what to do with a car going 10mph below the limit. If green I think passing should be ok if speeds are ok. I cannot find anything in the rules either way.
  12. I though GBU drove very safely-- no divebombing, patient in corners. And they ran with their 10 zillion lux lights blazing (at least until they got crunched on day 1), which was really helpful. Could see them coming from a long way back. Think that is something that all the high-closing-speed cars should always run.
  13. 901 Motorsport brought car #903 in all her duct-taped e30 glory to play at Indy this year. She had finished 5th at the VIR 24 a month ago and we were excited to be at Indy to try to match or even better that result. Well, to lead with the punchline, we finished 5th. Both days. Consistency is good, I guess? First day we learned that the car was better on pace than we figured. Indy sure likes power but also rewards handling, and 903 has junkyard engine power but is a well sorted, well prepped, good handling car and able to run at the limit all day. On Saturday we ran as high as sec
  14. For those on the fence, and in case it matters to you, hotels are CHEAP! $79 for a Hampton Inn. I'm staying at the RV park by the track and paying more than that per night. Agreed that Indy really needs to open some of the gates to the pits (that was a bit much), but it is a really cool track that fostered fun racing, which is what this is all about. We brought two cars last year and neither had a clean run, but was worth every single dime. One car this year and super psyched to enjoy this great track.
  15. 901 Motorsport brought 2 e30s to VIR to play for 24 hrs (we hoped). #901 (red) and #903 (assorted shades of ugly). Started right near the back but as others have said, is a long race. The two cars were very even on speed, a little light on pure pace vs the Pinkies Out e30s, but able to run consistently hard so we settled in to try to run a mistake-free race. After the first stint we were running with 903 in 4th and 901 in 6th and would stay roughly in those positions +/- fuel stops for a long time. As darkness came we had our first hiccup. 903 suffered a fluky internal short in
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