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  1. Unfortunately the car was running hot when revved out... Had to short shift everywhere and was down a significant amount of poooowwwaaaa
  2. Some night time footage of the two TWOth cars chasing each other - both cars ran into mechanical/electrical issues throughout the day so we unfortunately were not battling for a podium but had a blast none the less! Great race all and congrats to the podium finishers!
  3. Had a blast, thanks to the organizers and all staff for putting on a great race! We (TWOth Autosport) also spent most of Friday trying to get our exhaust under 90dB...finally managed to squeak under. Saturday was a learning day for most of our drivers as we didn't get much driving in on Friday, finished 6th overall (excluding EC, 7th if you include) which we were fairly happy with. Sunday we had a better race, our drivers were up to pace faster having had stints on Saturday. Race came to us in the end with the rain, unfortunate crash by our friends at Van Winden bumped us up into 3rd overall! Pretty stocked about that finish! I had a few good battles throughout the weekend, here are a couple short clips of some favorite moments - chasing down Van Winden unsuccessfully and then a great little battle with #30 Miata in the rain - track was super slick, was a balancing act between taking a risk and ensuring we finished the race. Had a great time, worth the trip down from Ottawa, Canada! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=826cM4Xlnxo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWzZXsmVNq8
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