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  1. YUP we’ve got the same one and i was thinking the same damn thing!
  2. 2007 Ram 2500 Laramie Mega Cab 6.7l Cummins 6speed manual.152,XXX on the clock. Heated Leather, DVD player, Cap, Running boards ARP 625 head studs S463 Turbo, T4 Manifold, Intake Horn, Grid heater relocated, Intercooler Piping, Tuned EFI live with 5 position switch. South Bend dual disc clutch. Clutch done 10k ago, New Calipers/Rotors/Pads and Tires 2500 miles ago, New oil pan Last week Set up to tow heavy and does very well at it. Has typical wisconsin rust, and isnt cosmetically perfect but its a runner. 16,000 OBO Got a smokin deal on another truck and dont need two so this ones got to go. MSG me here and i can give you my phone for pictures and questions.
  3. This is a fun build to watch. Great way for some of us to learn as well. Keep up the good work!
  4. I second this motion, please sell me i do what this guy does lol
  5. Questions for Tech. Only thing we got approval for was the diff guts that goes into our oem housing.
  6. I can tell you i have a wavetrac diff installed and claimed at 25 points and it is in the car based off of the answer i got from the officials at Champcar and that answer was given within the correct lines of communication.
  7. Our next trailer will be 28’ or 30’ with 7500lb axles. Right now were at 24’ and 5k and its not enough room for our 4 door family sedan lol.
  8. We have a trailer we have used with 3500lb axles for random stuff occasionally. We scaled it with a prepped 350Z and some fuel jugs and it was near capacity already. If you are racing, 5000lb axles are a must in my opinion.
  9. Top Cabinets only for us in our next one. Bottom Ones end up filled with totes anyways.
  10. In the slow process of putting together another car and need to purchase a quick release. NRG makes a bolt on option for us, only one I’ve found. Car #1 has a generic weld on quick release that works fine but i dont like the idea of cutting off and welding on if a bolt on option is available and is good. Anyone used the 3.0 NRG and have good or bad reports from them. They kinda seem like an enthusiast product, but if someone has real world experience with how they hold up id like to know. Or what you guys have used would be good to see too. Thanks
  11. Team Name: Two Brothers Racing Number: 427 Class: Miata Drivers: Greg Kuhn Andy Sugden
  12. Yes i got this cleared up on my end Andrew, all good. Thank you for looking into it for us.
  13. But other series some teams work with don’t!
  14. I don’t know if your insinuating someone didn’t open a tech ticket or if we both did and got different answers. Either way it does no good to stir the pot on here so ill refrain from biting lol.
  15. Aren’t the mounts aluminum? We just mounted our system AGAIN, we used grade 8 bolts welded into 1” wide .125” thick steel straps welded onto the chassis.
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