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  1. We asked about wheel adapters, the rules state spacers are free but not adapters. They said they did not want us using the adapters for saftey reasons.
  2. Help me find the hubs i can use ive looked all over and couldnt find stuff. But then again im a moron.
  3. 400E brakes is all you need to stop one of these cars on the track, and they are super cheap bolt on and last forever. You can fit a 15" wheel over them too. Cheap rotor blanks are $28 a piece and last for a full weekend plus a track day. If you buy frozen rotors expect 3-4 race weekends out of them but they are $$ ST43 pads are available through porterfield and are fantastic. If you dont like that idea go with 500E brakes and the 300mm rotors but you now need 16" + wheels. Biggest problem with Running a Merc is the 5x112 bolt pattern on the wheels and the lack of options available.
  4. We did the math on ours, wed be adding about 1.5lbs to the car if we went to manual brakes given the additional mounting hardware we would have to fab in.
  5. We bought the 16v actually they just hauled it for us! Then i followed it up with another 16v i found locally. so now we have 3 full 16v's.....as i said I DONT NEED ANOTHER PARTS CAR lol
  6. The 350Z we tested Friday at road america had an identical issue around the carousel into the bend. took 2 pumps to get a solid pedal. Ill be following to figure out what you find, our initial review showed nothing alarming.
  7. I see a 190E stashed in the background.... i dont need another parts car i dont need another parts car i dont need another parts car i dont need another parts car
  8. We have found that the biggest improvement with adjustable perches is simply to get the car as low as possible reasonable in the front and adjust the rake angle the car has. We have corner weighed our car in the past, have not in over a year but probably will once we make a few modifications this winter just to see where it stacks up again. Plus its kind of fun to fart around with.
  9. Simplest way to enforce the rule. Add this to keep no free parts in place. Non-OEM spring perch, 5pts Adjustable spring perch/coilover 10pts. You want a 2.5 Race spring 5 pts because you need a non-oem perch obvious to spot (Fab it from repurposed whatever 0 pts.) Want spring height adjustment 10 points.
  10. i have flexible metal conduit that my fuel supply and return lines are in and 100% legal. It is natural gas conduit, and has the proper ends on it sealing to a fire wall. Air tight, liquid tight is what i was told. We are doing another build and will need to seal off our filler neck, we will probably be using flexible exhaust conduit to seal that off. I was being mildly sarcastic with my previous comment but technically you could use aluminum dryer hose per how the rule was explained to me from Jay, air/liquid tight conduit. FWIW i agree with you on this.
  11. It looks champ legal to me. encased in continuous steel conduit or aluminum tube. Looks like a flexible aluminum tube to me.
  12. At the end of the clip the driver notices a problem with the car. Pit in says no work on pit road, pit road is closed; driver reports back that his car is broke and cant drive it like that; pit in responds that you can go to your stall and park it until after the quiet hour. My understanding from our Gingerman Races was at 20min to quiet you get the 5 minute warning; at 15min to quiet pit road is closed; if you are on pit road you can finish your stop at that point and leave. If you come in after you will not be allowed to fuel but would be allowed to make a repair up to the quiet hour. Im not blaming pit in, im just saying i dont remember that from our quiet hour experience. I think if the green/yellow flag is out a team should be allowed to make repairs to the car, no fueling but repairs only. I may be way off too im as thick headed as @55mini!
  13. At the end I think the "Pit road is closed" deal when its quiet hour is enforced incorrectly. I get no fuel but if the green flag is out you should be able to FIX a problem, replace a tire, brake pad whatever you need short of fueling up until the race goes red for quiet hour.
  14. Why i say that is we had one driver who had never been to Gingerman and we were able to shave his lap times by over 8 sec a lap in very short order by looking at brake points, mid corner speeds and the lines he was taking. If he had not had feedback it would have taken much longer to get him into competitive times. Things us Mercedes guys have to do to keep up with the Ecotech miatas and BMW guys of the world. Oh and pray everyone else breaks that helps too!
  15. We use Aim w/ podium connect. It works well, but will overheat and lock up, we ran some air to it and havnt had a problem since. I give it 100% credit for our finishes at gingerman this year.
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