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  1. Unfortunate incident at the garage last night left us with a bunch of fried electrical components, ECU,dash few others. We will not be participating in the race. We will be volunteering and hanging out after. If anyone needs an extra hand with something (Or a driver) come find us. Were going to have a good time either way and try and learn from others so we quit making as many mistakes! Good luck guys!
  2. What i did with the holes 1/2" or better so at least i have someone as smart (Dumb) as i am! Thanks Bill
  3. Were using 3m Fire putty to seal smaller holes/seams around bars is this acceptable instead of foam for those flat surfaces. This stuff is used widely in construction it doesnt set up hard it stays pliable so it will not chip or crack out. We have got an extra stick of this some aluminum and rivets if there are any more problems Link to putty. https://www.homedepot.com/p/3M-Fire-Barrier-1-45-in-x-6-in-Moldable-Putty-Stix-MP-Flexible-MP-Stick/206873182?cm_mmc=Shopping|G|VF|D27E|27-11_TOOLS_%26_ACCESSORIES|NA|PLA|71700000033101173|58700003868916496|92700031090206616&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz-Oex9TS4QIV9f_jBx1OIg08EAQYAiABEgKeC_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  4. Were headed to Road America in 3 Days. Our first trip through "Super Tech" as ill now call it. Im not worried about points, our car is very straight forward. What i am worried about is safety tech. The car has passed tech 3 straight years with no issues, but it seems as though the recent weeks people have been turned away all together or sent back for adjustments on cars that had previously passed at an alarming rate. Thought i may be nice for some to explain some things that caught them off-guard or surprised them so other can look over their cars before tech to make this a little less painful at the track for everyone. Example : We thought we had XYZ straightened out but Jay checked this way and found it wasnt good enough he wanted ABC done. Dont take this the wrong way im all about thorough tech line just hate people being turned away or having to work all test day to get something simple worked out.
  5. Flashback to October event. I guess at least it wont be blowing 40 this time....maybe?
  6. Do you put anything flat on the bottom of the pipe or just use the pipe as the jack point? I am 100% stealing this.
  7. Just posted in the parts for sale forum. Well have 7 Hankook rs3’s 225 45 15 in pit 11 all used and from 2016. We don’t care what we get for them so come say hi.
  8. We’ve got 7 2016 RS3’s that are of varying wear 50%+ id say. We got them when we bought the car and have never ran them. They will be at Road America race, if anyone can use them. Don’t care what we get for them. Well be in garage 11.
  9. We taped a Stella case to a coat hanger? That seems to work lol
  10. We run a oddball lug pattern 5X112 so wheel selection is very limited on a 15" wheel. We ran 15x7 wheels on a 225 and it was ok, we did get some wierd tire wear out of them. We managed to find some 15X8 rims we can use and now are looking for opinions on running a 245 40 15 on an 8 vs a 225 45 15. I know a 225 will be a better fit but do you guys think having the extra inch of rubber outweighs the propper fitment. Mercedes 190E Car is approx 2600lb dry if that matters.
  11. Was this car at the Milwaukee Mile testing just before RA in the fall?
  12. 100% what I did great info here. We tested ours @ 100psi, long breaker bar is a must, i was able to wedge it to the ground so it wouldn't move. There is a lot of force there so be careful. I bought a stethoscope to hear air leaking, witch i did not need as you pulled the dipstick and it sounded like a hookah bar down there.
  13. We did a leak down early in the offseason after compression was slightly low. We showed 30% leakdown cold on all but one cylinder. I warmed it up and saw differences in the reading. I did notice that we had leakdown at top dead center on 2 of the 4 hot or cold, and one of the ones that leaked did not leak if the cylinder was not at TDC on compression stroke. If you can easily make it run and warm up id probably try that just to be sure, if not id think its time for a tear down or junkyard engine. I know guys drop some oil down the cylinders to help with a compression check i wonder if you could do the same with a leak down?
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