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  1. Gkuhn41

    Crankcase ventilation (the good kind)

    Please stay on topic.
  2. Gkuhn41

    Teach me about leak down tests

    100% what I did great info here. We tested ours @ 100psi, long breaker bar is a must, i was able to wedge it to the ground so it wouldn't move. There is a lot of force there so be careful. I bought a stethoscope to hear air leaking, witch i did not need as you pulled the dipstick and it sounded like a hookah bar down there.
  3. Gkuhn41

    Teach me about leak down tests

    We did a leak down early in the offseason after compression was slightly low. We showed 30% leakdown cold on all but one cylinder. I warmed it up and saw differences in the reading. I did notice that we had leakdown at top dead center on 2 of the 4 hot or cold, and one of the ones that leaked did not leak if the cylinder was not at TDC on compression stroke. If you can easily make it run and warm up id probably try that just to be sure, if not id think its time for a tear down or junkyard engine. I know guys drop some oil down the cylinders to help with a compression check i wonder if you could do the same with a leak down?
  4. I read through this quickly and may have missed this, was there an actual protest filed or was this tear down done on champcars suspicion?
  5. Yeah so i hope you dont need that soon! some of our cars are in bits and pieces while we deal with mountains of snow. And we are not planning on putting our wrap on until a few weeks before the Road America spring event!
  6. Gkuhn41

    Best bang for the buck

    I equate that “NO NO” to nascar a few years back that locking bumpers was a “NO NO”, everyone listened until 2 guys did it then the whole field had fun lol. It took penalties to get guys to pay attention again. I’d assume that this would fall in the same category, super fun and cool till a pentalty is laid down. BUUUUUUT DAD WE WERE JUST HAVING FUN!
  7. Gkuhn41

    Best bang for the buck

    I thought contact was not allowed. Sweet Picture!
  8. Gkuhn41

    Best bang for the buck

    We raced 2 weekends last year and had no DNF's some may have been dumb luck but either way well take it! We are not looking for some sneaky fast swap shocks out at a whim set up. For our car it happens to be the same price for our rear shocks either way, thats how this all came about. Trust me im not trying to stir up a bunch of controversy or piss people off. Of course that is what opinions do is piss people off most the time in a forum. Ill quietly walk away now.....
  9. Gkuhn41

    Best bang for the buck

    The shock rules need addressing in my opinion. One way or the other. I get the rabbit holes, and the dead horse, and all that jazz. I agree with most of the points made with adjustable shocks and not wanting to go down that slippery slope but sit back and look at the rules and what they are saying here. I emailed tech last year regarding this and was told it is within the rules to have shocks custom valved and even to have multiple sets of shocks valved differently, and the re-valve doesn't count against the 2x rule. Wait, You just said it was allowed to have the shock opened, valved and sealed....how is this ANY different than buying an adjustable shock under the 2x, setting it, and welding it in place so it is not readily adjusted during the race? I have customized my shock, it can not be readily adjusted, and it is under the 2x rule 100%. VPI increase of 25pts each shock Team B has customized their shock, it can not be readily adjusted and it is over the 2x rule with the adjustment costs. VPI increase 0pts. Makes 100% sense to me. You dont want adjustable shocks ran 100% ok with that, but then the shock can not be rebuilt, re-valved, or molested in any way.(how do you enforce that?) If that is not the case you need to allow teams to buy an adjustable shock that is under the 2X rule set them and seal them. You can kill me for my opinion now. 😃
  10. Gkuhn41

    Best bang for the buck

    We considered going to ITBS similar to that on our 190E, Tech confirmed 50pts for ITB's. Too bad our transmission needed to be rebuilt. Im sure that would have turned some heads!
  11. Gkuhn41

    Differentials Learn Me!

    Ill pass that along to the "camera guy" I dont do the tech stuff. I worry about nuts bolts, air fuel ratio, corner weights, stuff that makes the car better, faster, stronger. I prefer a wrench over a cord. I enjoy watching the car compete more than driving it actually...Driving is a seriously nice perk but watching a car finish an endurance race that you prepped yourself is pretty dang cool.
  12. Gkuhn41

    Differentials Learn Me!

    Im about 25 miles north of Green Bay. I woke up to -26 yesterday and it was blowing 30. My wife keeps asking why we live here, i dont have a very good answer right now. April road america is only 3 months away!
  13. Gkuhn41


    What beam are you using? I would assume driving but didnt know if you chose a wide for the 6" apex lights?
  14. Where are we at with the fuel? I know it was talked about getting a poll for types? Are we able to fill our drums upon arrival or will we need to fill between stops?