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  1. If anyone knows the copper penny guys id like to get into contact with them. PM me info if you have it. Need to apologize for having our heads up our asses. #nogreenfont.
  2. Someone can correct me if i am wrong but if you take a transverse mounted engine and convert it to longitudinal and it requires a custom intake or exhaust manifold they CAN be considered as part of the swap for no additional points outside of the points swap. I dont know how that would work with an oil pan. Id still assume it all has to be inculded in the $2500 tag to complete the swap though.
  3. Green font = sarcasm But thank you anyways for the comparison.
  4. Serious note, who has ran these and how do they compare to the RS4's performance wise.
  5. The reports i read stated they pulled the fire bottle and nothing happened because the lines were melted ill see if i can find the one i remember reading here. It may be i misread them too. Found it. "Travis did everything right - he pulled off the track - he attempted to release the fire suppression system twice (the flames were so hot the fittings and tubing disintegrated and did not function)"
  6. The unfortunate few that have had fires reported that the Aluminum ones melt as well. We put steel lines in after ready that in 3 separate reports.
  7. Man i wish we were able to go, Have fun gentlemen good luck!
  8. Correct, given our install the valve is too close to the cell, and that is why i gave a warning if they are going to follow our install. Jay and I discussed this subject. The correct thing is to run our overflow how we have it (or similar), and have the discriminator away from the tank and above the overflow. (and we may try and do this with what we have move it away from the tank some and fabricate a mount.) Problem with that is most the decent discriminators are 1" or larger and the rules state max 3/4" vent. So this limits the selection of discriminators. We chose the one we have because of how clean the install was going to be.
  9. This is what we have on ours, we have 2- 3/4"vents 1 with a dry break quick connect for overflow, one with a discriminator to vent. Radium makes a 3/4" in cell discriminator that is pictured, i would not install that we had problems with it still spitting out fuel while filling. They also have a external discriminator that works flawlessly it will burp about 2-3 ounces out on us once it is full. But seals after. If you are not diligent with the hunsaker you WILL overflow out the filler so on our last jug we just slow down a tic and it isnt a problem. Once the cell is full, it will overflow out the 3/4" overflow and into a fuel can we have on the ground. Once done you disconnect the overflow close the cap and move on. One Caution i would have is, DO NOT fill the cell full until just before the race. If it is full and the discriminator is closed it WILL pressurize the tank. We have monitored this very closely and have had no problems with fuel pressurization at a pit stop but if it sits for 30 minutes PACKED full it can pressurize.
  10. I’d like more elaboration on this lol. I’d say the “Spirit of the series” would be to find a motor in the junkyard and run it from what everyone else says.
  11. I like Road America, Gingerman, Mosport, Calabogie better....but that’s just me being a homer lol!
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