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  1. Actually it was mainly bees, and a few snakes......hence why its being demolished. I dont do snakes, if a snake made its way into our house i may demolish the house too. My 10 Year old daughter loves snakes, and thinks its funny to catch them and bring them in the house to show dad. Generally i scream like a 10 year old girl and she laughs hysterically. I DONT DO SNAKES.
  2. I dug out our offset smoker/grill. Apparently sitting under the cover for 4 years without checking on it means things find a home in it. we wont be bringing the smoker anymore its probably going to find its way to the recycle center lol. i will throw the butts on the my BGE on Wednesday and throw them in a nesco for Friday night, no biggie. I also got some buns for pulled pork sammiches, and 2 cases of spotted cow to share Friday night i added to the list of goodies.
  3. Road America over under on temp, we should start pool for that.
  4. We bought a Radium external unit. It was very reasonable price wise and i guess the good thing is, i can remove the ping pong ball so to speak and leave the steel one in. That way it just acts as a rollover valve and not a discriminator if we have problems. Serious question though, How do NASCAR teams and others get away with a discriminator and fuel expansion. @Black Magic Looking to learn something here.
  5. Great to know, i installed a safety feature to prevent fuel from spilling only to create another potential problem with a pressurized fuel cell. Jay is the one who suggested installing the discriminator to us to prevent any possible spill once we leave pit lane. Racing sure is fun.
  6. Guys like us who have a cell...question about expansion. We have a discriminator valve on the vent to prevent fuel from flowing out of the vent. Would there be a chance that once full and discriminator shuts, the expansion pressure could keep the ball up thereby not allowing the cell to vent properly? Id think wed burn fuel fast enough to drop the ball before expansion became a problem. Yes our exhaust does run past our cell, yes we have heat shielding on it, yes i am paranoid about a fuel fire
  7. Was going to make a poll but there are a lot of options. We run Castrol React SRF and bleed all 4 corners after every day in a 3 day track weekend if we have no problems (Never Happens) we will go through 1/2 a jug. I see a lot of teams using far less expensive fluids and just want to know what everyone runs and how often do you bleed all 4 corners. I know brakes isnt something to skimp on but i feel if we are bleeding every day we probably dont need to run SRF when Willwood 600+ is half the price and only a few degrees off boiling point.
  8. We have the same cell, we have modified our 6x10 filler plate to accommodate level sensor and different vent. Both installed using ATL parts with appropriate rollover valves/ bulkhead fittings. We did not move or alter our filler neck. IF it was me, id purchase a 6X10 pre drilled with an ATL filler neck then build what i needed off of that. That way you have a ATL filler neck with a flapper on it the way it should be. Vents and stuff are as simple as the proper fittings with rollover valves and punching the appropriate holes.
  9. While i see your point totally, Punting someone on a straight for any reason is 100% not acceptable. I can not stand wrecking stuff while going in a straight line, i get it happens, and it will probably happen to me at some point but its a pet peeve i guess lol. What i see through is him looking @ what he expects is a faster car, moving over off line to allow them to pass. Passing car made the move off line to initiate the pass at the same time, passing car wasnt left room and didnt lift. Made contact and sent him for a ride. I say this because i USED to do this myself and nearly had similar things happen. Also, you guys got really lucky this didnt happen 50' earlier, that would have been a bad deal hitting the face of that flag stand at that speed YIKES!
  10. We recently picked up some jugs, 2 have problems filling as well. Well see what hansaker says to do with them.
  11. I got really fancy and added some very small hollow plastic tubing, IE the stuff that comes with the brake clean can. Cut that and inserted it into there as well, obviously i cut it slightly shorter than the hole so it doesn't protrude into the ear. Make sure you drill the hole small so when you put the tube in it stays put. This improved the sound quality greatly as well.
  12. If it does there are A LOT of teams not claiming those materials lol ours included!
  13. I custom made my own ear buds using an at home custom ear plug kit, and some cheapo ear buds. I got a red and a blue to differentiate left to right.You can do 3 or 4 sets with one red one blue if you separate it out enough. Bonus is youll have enough left over to do a custom set of plugs too if needed. https://www.amazon.com/Radians-CEP001-R-Custom-Molded-Earplugs/dp/B002XULPSQ/ref=sr_1_3?gclid=CjwKCAjwnMTqBRAzEiwAEF3ndhhDlEofOX8AIGv7v5O6lv5sKAHQmN2qqOHMqa9f14wck55XoqHD6hoCaC4QAvD_BwE&hvadid=177776389129&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9019077&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t4&hvqmt=b&hvrand=6114407474405151990&hvtargid=aud-647846986441%3Akwd-89705361785&hydadcr=21030_9689396&keywords=radians+-+custom+molded+earplugs&qid=1565628254&s=gateway&sr=8-3 Make the plug like normal but at the end you insert your earbuds into it as well. Once dry cut a small hole in it where the ear bud sits using a small drill bit, glue in the earbud with some super glue and boom, custom ear bud for like 40 bucks. The guys on the team with speakers and plugs have the radio @ 100% i usually have it around 30-50%. never have a problem with exhaust except for a few select cars with side exhaust while passing/being passed but nothing you can do with that.
  14. We pulled off @ the 8 hour mark day one. I slid under the car and bumped our rear diff and burnt my arm. Ours has never gotten hot like that and it was very hot at Indy. Our exhaust is the same, we are adding heat wrap to that area to cut down on the transfer.
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