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  1. How about tire size based off weight. Weight to be determined by the OEM weight. Say up to 2500lbs 205, 2750 225, 3000 245, 3250 265 with a max of 285? Spitballing here. Id be ok with saying 8 tires per weekend. Come up with a way to mark them though...that’d be the crappy part. Maybe serial numbers you have to hand in @ tech? Do tires have serials?
  2. How much do we need to donate, we gotta have a proper broadcast!
  3. This has nothing to do with being scared. Were used to being outperformed and were ok with that. We are not ok with uneven rule enforcement.
  4. Problem solved like the dirt tracks. Certified crate motors. I say its an LS....everyone can run an LS crate motor or risk getting claimed....i like this idea.
  5. I hope you guys get it dialed in, no one wants to be chewing through engines.
  6. I honestly thought about calling Champcar and explaining if that car is what we are expected to compete against then we are not going to be participating in the race. But that takes away from what we said we wanted to do this year, and that’s put a car on the track and have a good time regardless. So, were going to show up with our hot garbage just looking to have some good competition, and praying for some good weather.
  7. Don’t your operating costs get too high going through an engine every weekend though? It’s a joke, ITS A JOKE....kinda....i mean at least it gives us a shot one of the days?
  8. I had Thomas drive to my house pre-season to tech our car. I can say our session was anything but what you described here. As a matter of fact he was very observant, and went through the car as it would in normal tech even added a few points for things I didn’t think would incur points. Then when we came to Nelson they went over the car one more time as they put it into digital form. We aren’t GBU on the other hand, although we are kinda a big deal (If you need a fix for spotted cow) Just wanted to share i thought from our perspective Thomas did a very fair
  9. Anyone else super excited to be lapped 5x by the leader in a month or so?!
  10. No kidding it wouldnt be. My point is the disparity in between the two. A K Car is 150 points. An astro van is 150 points. Oh and a V8 corvette with 24 gallons oem is also 150 points. You choose one to build. Anyone who looks at that car and the result of the race day 1 OR 2 after MOV laps and says "yep all good" is not looking at the best interest of the long term health of our series. We can be adults about it, address it and they may have to take a number of points for some grey area shenanigans a value increase whatever is needed to make a real
  11. Bottom line, 150pts for a corvette is laughable. It just took someone with enough money/time to build one out to show us how damn fast it was. Needs a base points adjustment at the very least IMO Pre 1980 Corvette 150pts Pre 1980 Porsche 928 425pts Seriously think about that lol.
  12. Heck id be happy if i could read what was added. I see steel something 8 pts and M. something for 10 points. Edit: copied the immage and zoomed in. M. Pullys for 10 points so they got charged for the pullys on the motor.
  13. Ok ill bite, From the pics i saw, i saw a few things id be questioning but I havnt set eyes on it personally. I do not know it but i do I want to see the tech sheet No it is not good, and it will get points or I’m betting a lot of people will walk from the series. Still impressive build
  14. @LuckyKid i was the one who talked to you. Gingerman was our first race trying our new setup. We installed a separate battery a Lithium one 12v and wired it to USP ports on the car. It weighs like 1lb and will power 2 go-pro's and a wifi hotspot for like 10hrs so if your doing a longer race youd need 2 of them. We as far as i know it did just fine the entire weekend other than during quiet hour our rear camera overheated from being in direct sun. We are going to run with this setup for a while and see how it does.
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