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  1. I gutted a car with the plasma, then next with a sawzall. I can say ill avoid using the plasma in the future..
  2. A jigsaw is what i should have called it. Hed use it for making radius cuts or tight spots. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/apt-936?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQiArvX_BRCyARIsAKsnTxN_frMKWWEtIvk5s82N7gsYzFjRtVaa6mcCslU_orBKRvAqLtmkCXwaAtREEALw_wcB
  3. I dont see why this wouldnt pass tech but that said Get 2 bars from sill to door bars installed.
  4. I watched the dude who put in our cage work with a sawzall when his plasma cutter was sitting there. He hates sparks and slagg. He was like a surgeon with that thing. Ive since realized how much can get done with a sawzall both eclectic and pneumatic.
  5. Ohhhhh no.....what have i started. Im failing tech 100% next year.
  6. I didnt ignore you at all in forum form. You used GBU as an example in the first post. Here are the the facts. @ Road America 2 seconds faster a lap across the day will make up 1 additional pitstop or 300 seconds (Technically is around 1.8 seconds), so 4 seconds per lap will allow an additional 2 stops and make up the time and so on. @ RA Sunday 8hr the top 5 fast lap average is a 2:48.xx calculated. (including the 2:37 GBU turned) and 2:50.5 without GBU. GBU is capable of out running the rest of the top 5 by over 13 seconds per lap. Meaning they could make
  7. LMAO classic forum talk. That was a lap they came off @ 5 and crossed the pit loop. Same with Tuttles car on the second day. Were you @ the track for the race?
  8. We tried that @ road america didnt work well. I went to @E. Tyler Pedersen I didnt think you were crazy actually. i did think it was crazy that it was working well for you guys while our purpose built rainX wasnt tho. RainX<Shaving Cream<Warm Dry Air
  9. Getting a hunk of aluminum draw it out and taking it to my band saw/drill press/belt sander/file.
  10. Mac Strut, we have ground control kit and boogered up one by being a moron. I want to change it slightly and still use the coil over just make our own plates for them.
  11. We are looking at fabricating some camber plates to replace the ones we have that are jacked up and no longer adjust without mild BFH assistance (Ill take what happens when you forget to tighten the bolts for 1000 alex) Current ones are made from aluminum of unknown type. 6063-T6 7075-T6 Steel? What material do people use to make these things. Thanks
  12. @ 19:00 classic champcar line, ill paraphrase here: "Something slung off the driveshaft but the car feels way better after" LOL love it.
  13. I personally rode in this car when it was in its early stages and watched it grow. It was funny the looks you would get in that thing, no one knew what was going on. He just drove that car to 234mph @ the test oval in Ohio. Carl was my old Boy Scout pack leader, one of my best friends worked for 928 motorsports for years. Good group of guys and just down the road from me.
  14. Good to know. It has become a pre-race check for us as well.
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