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  1. Anyone have a good recommendation for flaring tool that isn’t junk. Ive tried the wing nut ones and broken two and the third wont flare steel for crap. They all work fine on the soft Nickel Stuff not steel, it takes 3 tries to make it work it seems on steel Suggestions welcome thanks.
  2. We have a bilge fan mounted to the passengers foot well our cars exhaust runs past it and it does get very warm. We then connected some black drain tile that runs across the base of the windshield we drilled about 100 1/4” holes in. It moves a ton of air and has worked very well so far. What we though of doing is just running a 3/4” coolant line through a 2” pvc pipe mounted to the base of the windshield and a “Y” connector at one end to the bilge fan. That way you’d have the 190* coolant heating the air and the bilge fan would move enough warm air. Simple, it’d weigh like 4lbs total.
  3. Competitors crawling under cars when on jackstands @ impound is a liability that’s my guess. My car falls off the stand and lands on person B. Who’s liable for someone under my car when Champcar required me to lift it up? Not saying i agree I’m just stating what i see as the reason for me not to be under someone’s car.
  4. I lied its actually 500 and case of diet dew.....i may have to increase that to two cases!
  5. I pay my guy $500 to custom bend and weld it into our car but ive worked with him for 15 years so that may have something to do with the price.
  6. Aim MXL2, does everything we need plus some and discovery parts sells them. https://discoveryparts.com/racecar-dash-loggers-with-data-recording/409-aim-mxl2-high-performance-digital-dash-.html
  7. This is one of my biggest complaints when i am driving and its because you get so used to seeing brake lights when someone doesn't have them its distracting to not see them if that makes sense.. I wasn't at this race but watched a lot of live footage and saw several cars appeared to have poor tail lights. The insano fast camero was one of them but that could be misleading because they were at warp speed most of the time! At road america last fall there were several cars with very dim or no tail lights at all.
  8. Lets make sure it where it belongs this time, No more wild rides!
  9. Guess we may find out with 190E #2 if it gets off the ground. Remove K24 and insert any other 170-200hp motor that runs well, point still applies.
  10. Correct, i mean if i swapped a K24 into my 170hp car id get the mounts, race header, intake for 50 points total......wait why am i not doing that again?
  11. Glad i was told by tech no larger than 3/4" for vent when i did our conversion and gave you your information. Could have saved a lot of headaches.
  12. We asked about wheel adapters, the rules state spacers are free but not adapters. They said they did not want us using the adapters for saftey reasons.
  13. Help me find the hubs i can use ive looked all over and couldnt find stuff. But then again im a moron.
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