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  1. Just bring it so when someone pops 96.1 and gets black flagged we have something not $20 amazon special to compare it to.
  2. Hes right and id add you need to stay track right through the exit of turn one not just into it.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. We bought a set since we had the coupons and they are a sponsor. Figured we would give them a fair shake as they support the series. If we dont go an entire season on them im planning on using the remaining coupons on my tow vehicle, probably a better use from what i am reading.
  4. How much extra life do you see out of your frozen rotors? We swap rotors each weekend using 36 dollar blanks from Autozone do guys get multiple weekends out of frozen rotors?
  5. So per reports its appears to be another version of the RE71 were you need to double your tire budget to go faster than an RS4. Just this time its in a 245/40/15
  6. We run out the side. We failed at Nelson Last year by 2 DB we put a makeshift turndown on and it passed but we got fumes in the car so we altered it again and just made sound. After we put a spintech on and also put a real turndown on it. @E. Tyler Pedersen was the one who suggested the spintech. No fumes and I dont know what our DB levels are now but we ran 4 days after and @Bill Strongnever came with his earmuffs on and black flag after so I assume we were good....i hope lol. If youd like i can get the model # off ours.
  7. This is what i would envision myself, flashing yellow = waving yellow, solid yellow = standing flag. Problem is power could be a concern at a lot of tracks. Nelson Ledges didn't even have power on pit lane much less around the track.
  8. We havnt measured our splitter height but we can just fit our toes under it when we wear shoes.....yep thats how i measure it lol. probably around 3". If we run just a splitter and no rear wing its a handful to drive. Super fun if you like a loose car but its terrifying when going through the kink at Road America counter steering at 100+.
  9. Its been 300 for the last 3 events there hasnt it?
  10. Turn 6 Road America. Going up the hill flag is at the top. If you don't lift going up the hill you'll have no inputs other than your normal line to maneuver around what ever is lurking. We should never be racing to a yellow. If we start doing that the tracks will need to change how they display yellows and do it 1 station prior to where they normally do it. Incident in turn 6 need to display a yellow half way to turn 5 in reality.
  11. Duct Tape the upper air dam. Get crazy and buy blue stuff to look good.
  12. I'm a lineman, and can tell you if i am working an outage and hear a generator you can bet your rear ill be knocking on the door to verify the connection asking for it to be shut down while I'm making repairs in the area, and potentially pulling the electric meter. If we find backfeed we normally take the cord and return it when we are done lol. WAYYYY to many times weve found it back feeding. Its my life not your inconvenience I care about at that time sorry not sorry.
  13. Paint is drying in the rear now and im leaving for a tarpon fishing trip tomorrow. I will be happy to slap some up when i get home next week and have it installed.
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