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  1. I couldn't find the discount code for the online store and the ChampCar 15%. Do i need to call in for that? Thanks!
  2. I am really hoping for double full track days. That is such a special configuration with the long straight.
  3. mpact

    Utah 24 hours

    For those that haven't been there, the facility it one of the nicest in the country. I have been fortunate enough to be involved with UMC since it was going to be a $6Million club track to watch it grow into a $75M complex it is now. We are excited to welcome everyone to our home track.
  4. mpact

    Utah 24 hours

    Supplemental rules say that it is going to be full track configuration.
  5. Does anyone have any update to this? It seems like we are on our own now for number lights and we are getting ready for UT and need a solution. Thanks.
  6. I did a search and could not find anything but one thread where people were upset that the Cup2s were now legal. Does no one run them because of cost and series sponsors? We are converting a LeMons car over and need to select a tire for 2018. TIA.
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