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  1. We've been using various gopro mounts combined with about 100 zip ties to securely mount our camera to our roll cage. I figured there must be some proper mounts for a roll cage that would both be more secure and much easier. Anyone have some recommendations? Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks everyone! We ended up ordering enginerd's recommended net on eBay. Thanks for all the help!
  3. Good morning everyone! Wondering if anyone out there has an external GPS that they want to get rid of. Looking to mount a tablet of some sort and run either Harry's or RaceChrono on it. I've been told we will need an external GPS to improve the accuracy of the tablet! Thanks!
  4. Morning Everyone! We need a window net for our E30. Our current one has expired. Just wondering if anyone has one or has recommendations on where to get an affordable one that will be SFI rated. Thanks!
  5. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good roll cage mount for an iPad Mini or Android Tablet alike. Of course priority is quality for a very secure hold! THanks!
  6. Morning everyone. Looking to purchase a HANS device. I am a standard build and will be driving in an E30. Just wanted confirmation that 20 degrees is the correct angle of HANS to purchase for a car like the E30. Thanks!
  7. A friend and I would be interested in joining! We race have W2W racing experience at Road Atlanta and Barber.
  8. OMP One-S Shoes (Brand New in Box). These Retail for $269 USD on Amazon I am selling them for $215 shipped to lower 48 states (Or Anywhere in Canada) or $200 Cash if you are attending the Barber Lemons Race (February 2nd-4th). I have two pairs (both brand new) and both size 10.5 US. I am also selling a used FIA (excellent Condition) 2015 Sparco Lightweight Three-Layer FIA Professional Suit Size 54. Custom suit made for WEC Aston Martin Racing! Suit retailed for over $2,000. I am selling for $450 shipped to lower 48 states or $400 cash if you are attending the Barber Lemons Race (February 2nd-4th). If you search "2015 Sparco Professional FIA Race Suit" on youtube you will see two videos of a blue and yellow suit. This is my actual suit that I am selling. Finally selling a like new Stilo ST4F Composite Helmet. Helmet is Silver and was only used for 1 race weekend. Size is Medium. Snell SA2010. Retails for around $950 USD, I am selling mine for $580 shipped to lower 48 states or for $525 cash if you are attending Barber race. Helmet is just too small for me unfortunately. No damage and no signs of wear whatsoever. Also comes with Stilo Cloth bag, removable earmuffs. The shell is Kevlar/MSF (Multi Sandwich Fibre) for low-weight but with high safety standards. The helmet has a full-fitted clear visor suitable for open cars or saloon/ GT racing and is fitted with the optional factory HANS ports. Email me at alex.h.hunt@gmail.com if you would like any more info, or pictures etc. Feel free to also text me at 613-816-0586
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