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  1. I don't want to speak out of place is why. It was only a situation our team had that lead me to the information but as best I can tell it was internal team issue that caused others to not be able to run the race.
  2. I got mine in a few days. But I am also the one who started this thread.
  3. $50 shipped? PM me I am interested. Located in Florida
  4. Hey Guys, I figure some of you might find this useful. Hunsaker on their website has a deal on their 5 gallon jugs (4 pack) for $160. I found a discount code for free shipping (2019) on their facebook page. So for $160 shipped its a pretty good deal (40 each). This is cheaper than me trying to modify, some VP jugs. Just figured I would pass it on. I know some people had trouble stacking deals before but I have my jugs in hand so they seem ok with this amount of discount. Good luck everyone.
  5. Sorry I should have mentioned I read the BCR before, and yes it did read that way. If that is the case can we have it looked at to open it up to Balaclava, pit helmet and googles as an option for pit crews?
  6. I looked for the information but was unable to find it. For pitstops and being over the wall and fueling are we allowed to wear a FIA/SFI Balaclava with something like the G-force Pro Pit Helmet with googles? It would make it a lot easier and a much better field of view than our teams race helmets. https://www.discoveryparts.com/g-force-auto-racing-helmets-/1309-g-force-pro-pit-helmet-gf-3012-.html https://www.discoveryparts.com/auto-racing-helmet-shields-and-parts/4112-pit-crew-fueler-goggles-dis-80050.html I wanted to know before I put out the money and got told it isn't allowed for competition.
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