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  1. Soooo, back to the head swap.... IF I choose to put four Webers on my 289, I pay 25 points for my Webers, but because they require a specific manifold, I pay 25 points for a manifold, yet if I change from a single overhead cam to a dual overhead cam head on a Honda, I get the cams and induction for free.... That really does not make any sense. Same for the swap argument that in a couple of cases a header is free because there is no stock manifold that would fit... If that is fair game, I should be able to change to a custom oil pan for free if the stock pan interferes on my swap...... As much as I hate to say it, I think if you put a header on, you pay for it, if you change heads and that results in cams, you pay for the cams too.... but what ever it is, it is. Someone will eventually bring something very large to the fight and I am sure there will be some fallout when that happens whether it wins anything of not. Just a matter of time or interest.
  2. Oh yeah, I love MFI, razor sharp throttle response is wonderful on the old 911's. Standard 69-73 and the pump can be re-calibrated for higher outputs. Even used for turbo applications by replacing the barometric cell on top. Those darn pumps are a work of mechanical art too.... Maybe I should dig up an old MB 8 cyl pump and cobble up a V8 MFI setup for the Vette or the SBF... The space cam in these things can actually be improved as today there is at least one shop that uses a modified/adjustable pump so they can model the ideal metering needed for the engine all the way up the rpm band. They then use that data to produce the actual new space cam ideally suited to that specific engine.
  3. Well, for the particular individual the phrase was coined for it is not meant to be a positive lol. And of course while he is not technically an idiot, he tends to leave a wake of destruction as he passes. A few years ago, I spent six months fixing about 12-15 issues with one of his "completed" genset projects for the Asia Pacific market. I guess I should not complain as I gained a high review that year partially for handling and fixing everything, but it was a pain in the butt and honestly very frustrating because several of his mistakes were things several people including me warned or advised him against however he chose to ignore the advice and did things his way and made poor assumptions etc. If he was fixing a flat tire and there was a puddle behind him, I would make sure go through that puddle every day of the week...
  4. we have a term, “Engineer’s engineer”
  5. Nice, used to go to Hendry speedway in the late 70's although I think the actual track location has moved a couple of times since then. Used to be on the North side of 27 just short of 9 mile bend and then a few years later I remember it being a few miles further out after 27 turned North toward Moore Haven. Used to love going out there when I was 8-10 years old lol. Good Luck!!
  6. Put soch heads on your 429 torino
  7. Well crap, I’m putting 427 med riser heads on my 289, I guess I get to just throw the rest of the 427 in for the same 100 points! Great deal lol oh where is my green font???
  8. Maybe the positive is that potentially, the posting of that video everywhere has heightened awareness for the various race series and maybe that helped in the Lemons catch, If so, its a great thing. and hopefully, tech in general will stay highly diligent and catch similar cases because we all know unfortunately, it is possible that individual racers might honestly be unaware that they have purchased a fake piece of safety equipment no matter how obvious we all think the clues are.
  9. I kind of like the cam set up on the old aircooled Porsche flat six, they are a bit of fun to set up lol
  10. Yes on the Oil cooler and yes on the Al heads I believe, we triple check in a week or so a Will is out of town and we don't have a permanent home for it just yet. I mean, how common is it, we bought a car to build a race car without a trailer or a shop.... That said mostly the reason it has no home just yet is because I have three project cars indoors and Will has four I think also in doors plus he lives in an apartment lol. Typical car nutz I suppose....
  11. You know, we "built" the C3 on line in my C3 thread, maybe we can build this one for real lol
  12. Lota junk under the hood no wonder they are so heavy. We are all iching to get going on it. Engine will be stock, not playing games there. Even though the car is at 450 pts starting the swap calculator won’t let us dump anything in there. Even a same hp 454 swap point ad is a ton of points. We’ll build this car and learn and it goes how it goes. If we all fall for the racing maybe we will build C3 later who knows but this was a good starting point, at least we think so. I also wish to thank all of the people that have been very open and helpful in talking to us through this beginning phase. Even having not been to a race yet I can tell and see the great people populating this forum and series!
  13. We finally bought a C4 and brought it home so we can begin the build process.
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