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  1. If you have a milling machine or know anyone with one, you can cure that....
  2. As in another thread, a buddy nearly lost a 305 racing due to a failed chinese hoseclamp. Its no joke.
  3. Fora car like a C3 Corvette where at least some portion of the front firewall is fibrerglass, should or are we allowed to replace that with sheet metal? with no points...
  4. Bill, I thought you were going to Gingerman for the race last week! Sorry, could not resist!!!
  5. For Lemons I’d love a Triumph Spitfire with a 289 or 302 and 5 speed. I think is a combo that you could conceivably put together within their rules too.
  6. You guys may have seen this guys masterpiece before, but man I love it every time I see it. Low 10's and 220kph in the quarter is pretty good I would think. Assuming they are running the quarter lol. So it's too bad the radial isn;t on any VPI lists .....
  7. One of my favorite in car videos. Frank Stippler runs it pretty good and it sounds fantastic to my ears. Not many good in car vids of really old cars like this one out on the net. This one has great quality, the car is running perfectly, and Frank is driving pretty hard to a second place finish. Check out the several times his apex is very early and he has to adjust to keep from hitting something very solid at the apex. Just love it! Oh and the Champcar punt at the end https://www.goodwood.com/grr/race/historic/2016/7/video-goodwood-hero-stippler-glides-stunning-maserati-250f-round-monaco/
  8. So far 1/4 of the entrants are V8 cars, very interesting....
  9. Live feed cameras pointed back and sides on your car, spotter watches live feed in pits , might work or be helpful. He could drink beer at same time to make spotting more fun!! Just kidding on that last part.
  10. I hear South Haven is nice this time of year!
  11. Truer words not spoken lol and that’s just out on the street!!
  12. They are not using the same grade of material that was used for the OEM nutz. No heat treatment, none of it. silly as it sounds my SVRA buddy’s nearly lost an engine due to a failed Chinese hose clamp. I almost feel more secure using used but clearly USA made stuff like that on my cars. It’s rediculous! I’m afraid to actually measure the China bearings I ended up with verses the Timken USA ones..... I mean I used a micrometer on each and some dims were .003 + different. I am afraid to look the tolerance spec up foe fear of what I expect to find lol...
  13. We have dealers from that region and consequently customers that do not want Chinese built product. It is no joke, and I’m talking big yellow engines. And we seem to refuse at a high management level to recognize or pay attention to the many many requests. They will actually pay more out of a different facility pricelist just to get a US build yellow engine.
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