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  1. The expense may be a big factor, in the East, the one hugely expensive track is Indy, basically twice as much as most other tracks. That said, it's a bucket list track, but after a couple of years, if prices stay high, it's possible the entries may shrink. That happened with SVRA at Indy. 700 plus cars in 2014 and way down in later years. Still a great place, but it is what it is.
  2. Solid showing and a fun race to watch, even when Bill was in the 944. Also liked the in car from the S2000, man that thing was on rails. There were some sections with traffic that looked like they might become a problem, but for the most part the driver stayed smooth and made some good solid passes. If you can't be there, next best is watching it live lol. Now I just need to get that big screen hung up on the wall out int he garage so I actually accomplish something as well.
  3. I found something else that will fit in my 63 Falcon with points to spare....Not as easy as the 5.0 Exploder motor I already had, but hey the 4.8L LS fits in the chassis and under the VPI limits. I'll have to figure out the trans and maybe have points for Nascar truck arms to keep it straight. Could be a 1 hour stint beast LMAO
  4. I did, and the C4 is still in process. The Falcon is just something that's been sitting around my shop for years and just considering what I already have for it that would be legal etc.
  5. Falcon only has a 14 gallon tank, would hate to see how short the run would be on a turbo lol. From stuff I’ve seen the stock exploder intake is good for maybe 400 hp on a mild 347. Falcon is a brick too, cd well up above a fox or sn95, although it may be a tad lighter. Throw that 01 Cobra IRS under it and it might be fun. One thing is for sure, it has plenty of points to play with. My problem is I sold the original exploder intake a few years ago as I was planning a carbed setup on that engine. So, I’d either need to find another, or pay 25/25 points for something different.
  6. LOL, yes it was, I was wondering if you were funning me lol Perfect for the 2000 Exploder 5.0 I have for my old Falcon. Works out to a good swap for the old 260 You'd be surprised how few points that old car is to start with.
  7. Hmm I can see it on your post as well lol https://www.holley.com/products/intakes/efi_manifolds/parts/300-272 Perfect for the 5.0
  8. And for the question of over taking, in the situation where you are coming up to pass either in a corner or straight but at the point the yellow becomes visible, you cannot slow quickly enough to keep from passing said car. Is it ok to slow and let that car back past or is it just a does not matter, you pay the penalty situation? I ask because I have seen plenty of these situations from champ car in car cams where drivers were at the bumper in an overtake and speed differential seems to make it impossible to not complete the pass maybe partially because the car being passed also sees the yellow and slows at the same time. I know this has been digested before, but what is the current view of this situation?
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