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  1. Yeah, the 390 could be interesting. The Exploder motor is the one that makes the most sense, decent heads and intake and a solid bottom end to start with. Plus I have it bolted to the engine stand. Like Ron White used to say, "I don't know how many people it would take to throw me out the window, but I did know how many they were going to use! and that is a valuable piece if information!" I have the 5.0 and know its swap value and capability. Much worse starting points could be had. If I had the earlier Tbird 5.0 rated at 200 hp, would use that and take a lower swap hit... It is what is
  2. I could run an auto wouldn't that make it start out at 25 points?? Don't forget, it's a small tank. 14 gal... 65 had 16 gal.... 70 mustang I think had 20.... 67 Fairlane had 20.1 and my favorite, the 66 Galaxie had that 25.1 gal tank lol...
  3. Oh I know, but I don't think the Falcon would have any shot unless it was a small field on the right track and the planets aligned lol. It's been a while since anything that old got to a podium hasn't it? And the Vette has almost twice the fuel...
  4. Today it is 100 points, yes... Tomorrow??? Who knows.....
  5. Lot of people I think do something like this but it would cost a ton of points in our rule set, even if you could mod the stock UCA and LCA to work with the coil over...
  6. Yes, they would lower that UCA inner mount point 1" on the production cars and up to 1.75" on the race cars. Much more than one inch and the upper balljoint is put in a bind at upward travel. They have since offered wedge kits to tilt the ball joint to compensate, but you can also cut a vee notch in the UCA just inboard of the ball joint and bend it and reweld to get the same effect. I think the wedge kit would cost points here, the cut and weld should be a free mod. I get the impression that actually shortening the spindle is a more recent attempt to get the car a bit lower aft
  7. Most just do the Shelby or Arning drop and that helps the geometry a lot, even just the 1" std drop. It really doesn't drop the car that much, it just helps with the camber curve. The stock setup is actually positive, so the shelby drop moves it more neutral to negative. Another mod is to move the spring perch out an inch on the UCA, but that raises the car back up. Most people cut springs or use shorter springs to get it lower yet but you can run out of space there too. so if the spindle is 1.5" shorter for the same body height you can retain a more complete spring and damper range. So I
  8. CSRP makes 1.5" drop spindles already but don't want to get stuck with points for spindles if I buy them already shortened...
  9. Anyone willing to do this to there spindles? No these are not mine, these are a guy running a Pro Touring car with 285/35's up front but same spindles as mine. I'm guessing some would be a bit reluctant to go this far for potential safety reasons? That said, should be a free point mod...
  10. Hah, I put in an offer on a Canton road race oil pan for one of my cars, That's about as close as I'll get to doing anything constructive today. I get confused, seems as though there are a few variations. The 630 is stated a s9 qt and 13" wide and the 630S is 8 qts and 12 inches wide. This one is the non S version and of course front sump for my intended application. Will see.... I know the Fox guys probably have to use the rear sump versions so a little different. Will have to decide if I want to spend 20 more points on an oil cooler or just remote mount a couple of filters with this lar
  11. Contemplating the Falcon, the Exploder 5.0 swap puts it at 197 pts post swap so basically same as you. but way crappier suspension to start with lol. Could actually swap a truck 390 in for a few points less since they were only 201 hp... but the exploder is a direct bolt in for the original 260 and another 100 plus pounds lighter than the 390.. 390 would have a huge cool factor though. If only that got a point reduction for cool factor lol I can drastically improve the front suspension for about 50 points, but the leaf spring rear is a problem. Plus as I sit, It has an 8.8 under it whi
  12. That's what I was thinking too. I understand the thought process though.
  13. But the real question is are you going to kidnap David Hobbs to guest broadcast
  14. Just going to open arguments over whether the next flag station is asleep or not. You almost need to base passing under yellow on a transponder in both cars.
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