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  1. That is the way I would look at it and what I used in dreaming up my C3, 81 chassis to get the 24 gal tank, engine swap for points, and then 25 pts for the CR four speed even though it was still a ST-10, they did not offer CR gearsets in 80-82 so I took that to mean I needed to pay the 25 pts....
  2. Heck, we built one in my C3 thread under 500 points meeting the old rules, with a big block and the late C3 24 gal tank....... Now I get to put the 24 gal tank in an early C3 with high hp stock 327 or what ever.... and swap to a higher hp from there.... LS swap here I come...
  3. So with that the old LS swapped Spitfire must be a go now.
  4. Big and flat works Cobra Automotive.pdf
  5. I would never consider any of theChrysler 62TE related units. Mind you derivatives of that unit are used in dodge and vw as well lol. Ed is your man, go find his in car videos lol.
  6. I wonder if the 12 hour big boys would be ok with that stuff out on the track.
  7. Welcome Pablo, happy to see another Mustang out there. Short answer is yes you will likely get a points hit.adding any new or not original suspension link or arm, such as a Watts will cost you. Question is how many points. So you asking the tech staff is the right idea. I might suggest some forum searching if you haven’t already. Look for the other teams that run Mustangs and you may learn some good info from them that sill save you time in the long run.
  8. Started pulling the Nash ST10 apart for the C4. Note one arm was broken but the gears look good. Nice bit of sludge in the OD oil pan.
  9. I'll admit the 787 sounds better than the ear splitting Mazda Argo two rotors I remember from 80's IMSA but for sound, give me the Matra V12, and the early BRM V16 in no particular order. That BRM is sick, 1.5 L twin supercharged 450hp plus at 12,000 plus in 1950..... That doesn't get old. Note that when they did put Fangio in the BRM and it didn't break, it was head and shoulders faster than the rest, but they could never get it to stay together. One of the great might have beens.... One other I'll throw in that I absolutely love is the original Honda 250 and 350 SIX from Mike Hailwood days.... That is insane at nearly 20,000 rpm... Who needs a flywheel lol
  10. Just saying........ Soo.. how many points would this junk be???
  11. My 70's IMSA buddy still has his Monza that they built in the early 80's. Not sure if they ever actually raced it, but they keep talking about putting it back together to run with their 66 Vette....
  12. I have no idea on that, just more of me thinking about what made sense to me at the time. Certainly didn't mean to suggest the team owner wouldn't be responsible, but assuming the drivers are right there in the impound first I figured they would be the first line of contact. May not be the case I agree. Ideally the team captain or owner should be present as well.
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