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  1. And those cars (The winning CC cars) were all as fast or faster than the often maligned GBU Corvette. Is it slower than it was or has the field already caught up?
  2. Didn't watch it, what happened? I was at the track for the F1 race that all but three teams protested due to tire failures....
  3. I just can't believe Bill would try and hide this full tube chassis under that shiny wing on that Opel GT!!
  4. That there looks a little wide doesn’t Bill??
  5. Would the one time membership weekend deal get someone in on Friday as well or would that be different since the test day isn't champcar sponsored?
  6. Still can't make sense of these values. How is every pre 80 911 from 110 bhp to 204 bhp all set at 750 points, the 85 Carrera with 214 hp set at 1500 points and yet the 97 -99 boxter with 205 hp and 100 times better suspension only 475 points????????????? Someone please riddle me that crap and make sense while your doing it....
  7. With a small tank, you might need to go stupid fast.....
  8. I can appreciate your situation. I am heading hopefully toward the tail end of a major restoration on my 72 911E and it was a running driving car when I took it apart 20 years ago do freshen some things up and then it got stalled due to life until a few years ago when I finally caved and sent the shell off for some work. In the end, it got new floor, rear seat trays, front pan both rear quarters, hood one fender and a bunch of other patches probably 500 hours through the paint, but it is perfect. This was a car that had had some less than stellar repair done long ago and had been wrecked a few times. Anyway, what I am saying is that it is a slippery slope once you plunge into "Restore" land. Even on a nice solid car you are likely to find a good bit of cancer on old cars like these. I could have kept driving the 911, but eventually wanted a color change and wanted to fix the stuff I knew about. When we got into it, there is the stuff you find and hard to stop at that point. I'd say unless there are known issues that are bothering you on your car, I would probably keep driving it... And I do like the idea of going to a four speed. Mine, before, during and after paint.
  9. Try finding a decent early 911 shell for 10K LMAO Ford must have outsold GM 2:1 Mustangs to Camaros.
  10. It's a free world, and no different than someone running a boxster or something else that cost a few bucks to get into. You can still get early mustangs for less than 5k in crappy condition. I don't know that I would cut up a really nice fastback just to race champ car but I wouldn't be averse to doing it to my 67 that I paid $1400 for 5-6 years ago... It's a C code 289 auto but I have a toploader for it as well. It would be a little more involved than just putting a cage in a 20 year old BMW but still probably not to bad I'd think. Suspension and small tank are the drawbacks. The SVRA mustangs weigh 2700 lbs, but that is the min weight.
  11. Buddy of mine bought a new one last year and the 10 speed acted up immediately. He was pretty pissed but kept the truck.
  12. Your long pulls on the straights gave me flashbacks to Steve McQueen in Bullett dragging that 68 up the hills outside of San Fran. Sound is a dead ringger on my phone anyway lol.
  13. Cool, that clears it up. I was missing the or two part on the footwell bars as well. Thanks Mike!
  14. So in a car with the footwells so far ahead of the door pillar, is it better to have the A pillar bar go straight down at the door or keep the pillar angle and land at the footwell with a vertical down from the dash height to land the door bars on?
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