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  1. You are correct. What they would like to see now is metal covering every opening / gap in the factory package tray. Ours is completely covered with aluminum, then we used fire foam to fill the very small openings where the roll cage back stays go through it, as well as any other place we felt would be beneficial. Like enginerd said, it expands WAY beyond where you want it so in no way does our car have giant openings being filled like it looks. We ran a bead along all the seams where it meets the back stays and the chassis. We raced it like this at Daytona and none of us even noticed the orange while driving. If you want more pictures I can get some tomorrow with the roof off it it'll help you.
  2. I'm not a smart man by any stretch of the imagination so I have no clue what that is and Google was no help haha. Can you point me in the right direction so I can learn what's clearly way over my head? Haha thanks!!
  3. We did this yesterday and it gave us a reasonable guess as to what to expect, but it lacked the warm fuzzy feeling I require before making a decision haha
  4. That's what I was hoping to hear! The 3.9 is almost impossible to find and I figured there was no way everyone had a 3.9 but us haha. Thanks for the reply!!
  5. With our 4.3 Torsen at Daytona, we were geared terribly and topped out way to early. To all you other guys in Miatas, what ratios were you using, 4.1 or 3.9? We're trying to decide which one to switch to. Thanks!
  6. Yeah I just saw the new title sponsor was posted yesterday so we're going to order everything tomorrow....then back to the ocd process of making sure they're on straight!! Because as we all know, looking good is WAY more important than going fast
  7. Yep we already have a 4.1 Torsen in it. The 1.6 diff is sitting on my garage floor where it belongs!
  8. We tripped and fell into this series thanks to a friend, who introduced us to the John Allen Special guys. Thanks to Rich and those guys for getting us pointed in the right direction. This will be our first time racing, so the goal is just to finish (with the car in one piece ideally) and not hit anyone else's cars. This is a family project involving my dad, brother, and me. We picked up a 1990 Miata from Virginia that the guy posted for sale as an "ITA Miata", however, after seeing it, it was clear the SCCA would have made him put it back on the trailer and go home if he ever tried to race it. When we got it, it had a .040" over 1.6, a ton of missing parts (likely stripped for no other reason except because racecar), and a long list of hidden issues. We spent all of 2018 building a stock 1.6 for it, replacing all the missing parts, and getting it ready for Road Atlanta next month.
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