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  1. Hello racers! Team Hugh Jass will be streaming live onboard from our #337 Mazda Miata. The camera is updated from previous races, and we hope the view at night will be brighter and more crisp.
  2. Hey @Jamie, what's your end goal? This decal layer is NOT REQUIRED to race in ChampCar iRacing Series. It's mostly for the fun and immersion of teams like Hugh Jass which already have iRacing paint schemes. Are you trying to build a custom scheme from scratch? Or add the decal layer to an existing paint?
  3. @enginerd Stint 4, so approx from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday.
  4. Are we still posting full stints? Very excited to return in 2020.
  5. Hey Troy, I'm gonna do my best to answer a few of your questions and give some advice here. Almost all of your questions relate to iRacing generally, and not specific rules or operations of the ChampCar iRacing Series. Dan Sosulski has a video series he's doing right now which is an introduction to iRacing and it may give you some tips to improve. When you're in the car, the 'Tab' key cycles through the different timing options. Often you'll have the 'delta bar' enabled in Practice and Qualifying, but not in the race. You can enable it in the race if you want. I find the 2 most useful deltas are 'session best lap' and 'last lap'. Other options like 'all time best' might frustrate you as you try to keep up with a pace that's not possible in the current weather and track state. You'll know that F1, F2, F3 keys etc give you different 'black boxes' with information, of course the F3 black box with the relative information is usually most useful in a race, you can briefly look at the F1 box and it will tell you how much time remains in a session. During a race, it will tell you how much time is left on the race clock. Sounds like you know to have 'Fast Repair' checked in the F4 box of the pit options. I've looked at the replay and I'm not sure what happened with your repairs. What I did see that you used the tow truck after your spin. Even if you have a fast repair, towing the car back to pitlane in a race session will almost always be slower than driving back to pits unless you've blown the engine. The other thing to consider of course, driving a damaged car around the circuit may be difficult to control and keep safely out of the way of other racers. If you've raised your iRacing Safety Rating high enough to be eligible for the championship rounds, you're already aware of incident points and that you want to avoid them. You'll also know that a qualifying lap with an incident isn't counted. Almost all of the time, bump drafting gives both drivers a 'contact (0x)' or worse, which would invalidate their qualifying laps. Some drivers might choose to leave the pitlane together in hopes of picking up a draft though. Down the back stretch at Road Atlanta this is probably more noticeable and effective than Sonoma and VIR South, the next 2 races on the calendar. Trying to 'pick up a tow' in qualifying only really matters once you've already registered a lap time equal to the best you can do unassisted. If you're unsure, I'd say your best option in qualifying is trying to find some empty track you so can focus on your best, smoothest, cleanest lap, without having to worrying too much about other drivers around. In iRacing, different cars have different pitstop fueling settings, these replicate the kind of crew and refuelling rigs which would be used with that kind of racecar. How specific you can be with your fuel request is covered by this, and as such for the NC Mazda MX-5 it's only possible to select in increments of 1 gallon. Can you imagine a ChampCar driver radioing the team and asking for 5 and 3/4 gallons? So in conclusion, I hope my little thoughts here make sense and help you be more comfortable and competitive next round. You were scored as completing the race, so you're one round closer to your name going in the hat to win a very valuable free ChampCar entry. Hope to see you for the race at Sonoma on Feb 12! (Check back soon here on the forum for details of the practice sessions in the weeks ahead) David Haines
  6. In iRacing terms a 'cool track' is still around 20C ~ 70F, much grippier than a hot and greasy 110F+ track.
  7. Congratulations to DJ Alessandrini, off to the perfect start in ChampCar iRacing Series 2020! Pole, most laps lead, and the win puts him closer to a free entry in a ChampCar Endurance Series race. DJ Alessandrini John D Allen Alex Albert Additionally, 31 drivers completed atleast 50% race distance and are on their way to being in the draw for the 2nd free entry up for grabs! Remember, you need to complete at least 12 of the 16 rounds to go in the draw, so it's not too late to drag your teammates in and increase the chances of getting your team a free entry for next year. Replay HJBC's Broadcast coverage: https://youtu.be/hdNts2TvcuU Results sheet: https://members.iracing.com/membersi…/member/EventResult.do…
  8. Hello racers! As in previous seasons, Team Hugh Jass will be producing live coverage of championship races. These are great to share with friends, post to team social media, and also watch back after the race. Our coverage begins before the race at 9.50PM ET. Below you can find the YouTube link for the upcoming broadcast.
  9. Street Stock is a blast on road courses. Long braking distances, skittish on power, thirsty engine.
  10. Hey Lee At the moment my plan is to race with HJ at IMS, and it got me looking at some of the other races around that time of year, so Gingerman is definitely on my radar. I must confess I'm not particularly useful mechanically, but very talented at holding lights, fans, and fetching beverages from coolers. I've also done my share of 3am pitstops, and always willing and able to help there. A warning though, I do come equipped with a funny accent. As I nail down more of my travel schedule, I'll definitely be in touch. Cheers, David
  11. Hey everyone. What a year of competition it was on iRacing! I've compiled the top 5 finishes into this end of year video. A big thanks to everyone who raced or tuned in, and I'm already looking forward to hearing about 2020!
  12. @Jab31169 @Gordo If you're gonna race with us, you've got 1 car choice left and you'll have to move quick. https://members.iracing.com/jforum/posts/list/3686237.page
  13. An excellent point! The new iRacing build is available to download now, so make sure you get the update done when you can so you don't lose practice or quali time tomorrow.
  14. That connecting interior section is surprisingly difficult but rewarding when you work out the line. Rollercoaster also feels interesting when you're approaching it at a different speed and angle. I'm looking forward to this one, and it's our 3rd visit to VIR for the year so there's no excuses for not owning this track.
  15. This round always makes me think of SouthPawRacer's Super Serious Track Guide.
  16. Atlanic Division winner, John D Allen Pacific Division winner, and humble bragger, David Haines
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