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  1. Man, those junk yard parts add up quick. I got more in points than I have in cost between the head and exhaust. Think we paid 80 or 100 for the set. That looks like pretty much a mirror of our cage, so we should be good there.
  2. Header came with the head. Looks like we will have plenty of room for points. Is there any issues with the cage that you know of, that would be acceptable in lemons but not champ? We already did the full onboard fire system. Thanks for the replies.
  3. We have run the lemons series for several years, and trying to figure out where we sit in points for champ. The car had the factory mazda 1.8 engine but with the updated 99 NA head for bigger valves and an aftermarket intake. Header is stock mazda but base is opened up to an easy to replace 2 1/2 gasket. Not for sure how these mods will affect points, so is there some one at tech that I can go aver the car with to make sure we fit into the rules? I have seen that there is a bump in mazda points, so just wanting to avoid initial race surprises.
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