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  1. Dan Buckle - NASA/SCCA past racer, current ChampCar racer, Driving Instructor for track and new owners. I have raced RX7s, Miatas, 300Zs, Camaros, E30s, E36s, Mustangs, Hondas...rear wheel/front wheel and can drive any conditions: day, night, rain, sunset/sunrise, start, finish, in the middle. I've run at CMP, Roebling, RA, Charlotte, VIR, PBIR, Sonoma, Miller. Looking to drive. I can pit and am a Team guy. I like enduros with multiple stints. Let me know if you're looking for someone for one race or multiple events. Dan Buckle DBDI,LLC danbuckleiii@hotmail.com
  2. Looking to join a team for Atlanta. E36 owner. Racer in RX7s, Miatas, E30s, Camaros, Mustangs-NASA, SCCA, ChampCar Out of Charlotte. Let me know and I'll get back to you ASAP. danbuckleiii@hotmail.com
  3. E36 Owner, have raced RX7s, E30s,36s,Miatas, Camaros, Mustangs, and more. Would love to get in a seat depending on situation. SCCA/NASA past racer; Current ChampCar racer and Driving Instructor Drop me a note and I'll get right back to you. Dan
  4. I’m interested if you still have a seat. ive raced and instructed here before and am familiar with the course.
  5. Interested. Live in Charlotte and have Instructed at this track. If you still need a driver.
  6. Matt, limited possibility I could make this race. Half a dozen ChampCar races, SCCA Racing past in IT7, Driver Trainer. Can you send me specifics on stint and cost? Dan
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