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  1. Care to list those? At a swap weight ~300lbs heavier than stock the CRX is fairly egregious.
  2. We got 6+ hours out of R6's the last time we ran the SCCA 13 hour at VIR in our 944 S2. Grip was reduced in the end, but that may have had as much to do with the high level of dirt kicked up from folks running off at night). That said, VIR is particularly easy on tires in my experience.
  3. @enginerd has a petition on that one too (which I support)... hopefully if implemented it will apply to all cars and not just the E46.
  4. Regarding coolant reservoirs - I don't see why that part would be any more stressed on our cars than on the street - the coolant should be at very nearly the same temperature and pressure. The main cause of failure is most likely thermal cycling which will happen a lot more on a street car (and I bet 99.99% make it past the factory warrantee). If you want to talk about NLA parts, then that could be a different concern, but that was not mentioned in any of the related petitions. In my view, if it's not stock it should be points. As for oil coolers, free coolers = free speed parts. From what I can see, the most vocal folks on coolers already had plenty of points to spend. If your car isn't reliable enough it's your own fault. NO MORE FREE STUFF!!!!!
  5. Seems like everyone discussing actual racing in this topic either was abusing or would have abused this rule if the car immediately in front wasn't already complying. So no, it does not sound like most are doing it acceptably.
  6. I fully understand being steamed when another team gets away with not following the rules, and I expect many competitors will push the limits as far as they can until they're caught. That said, I have a huge problem when a BOD member is flippant about getting away with breaking the rules. I expect better. They should be setting the standard.
  7. Any chance you'll be at NCM in a few weeks?
  8. NM license 19412. Nearly every trunk mounted cell I see is in a metal box. Metal was cut away, and more was put back. Sounds exactly like the "containment zone" as you described it.
  9. Yeah, as with several of my tech desk items, I submitted it so I would have proof that you can't do it, and instead got a surprise.
  10. I don't believe it was ever made public, but I have a tech desk ruling that says the opposite. For those with access, see ticket 366. If I cut the floor pan out of the trunk to install a fuel cell, is it permissible to repurpose the removed material elsewhere for free? Reply byJay Mauney»6-May-2020 10:43pm Please submit your year make and model as required. Also sent pictures of the material. Photos of where it was removed from and what you intend to do with the material. NOTE: If you remove material and then replace it with new material of course then you can reuse the removed and replaced material I look forward to seeing you pictures and intended use.
  11. Uhh... A lower swap weight would make that less likely... check your own comment regarding the CRX.
  12. E46 Starts at 450 pts for the 323 (which I believe was the most competitive example). As for the exhaust, I expect most use the E36/E39 manifold as allowed in the Tech Desk. I'm watching things closely given Dana's Bravo Flag video. That allowance seems a lot like one of the "internet things" that won't fly much longer. The unpublished transmission swap allowance is also getting renewed scrutiny.
  13. I'm not a fan of vehicle specific allowances, but there is a tech desk ruling stating that the E46 can use any transmission from that chassis. As far as I know, the 5-speed ZF box in the 330 is the same as the 328. Other than the ratio, I think the 328 diff is the same as the 323, so you might be able to get by with just a 328 driveshaft. It's very much not clear to me if the driveshaft would be points (though I've seen posts elsewhere on the forum stating it's not).
  14. "for years" and GBU C3 do not jive. If you take the discussion at face value, there had to be (or still is) another car.
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