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  1. My background is SCCA Improved Touring, running what goes for endurance races in that club. Our team watched the cost requirements escalate from a relatively low level (for racing anyway) to $50k plus cars over the last few decades. At the same time, car counts and brand diversity have dwindled. I'm looking for real racing (so no Lemons) with high car counts, all for as low a cost as possible (while still allowing for a competitive finish). Sure, you can still enter a cheapish car in Chump, but can you run anywhere near the front with good prep and driving? It sounds a lot less likely than I originally thought. Maybe I should rethink my current build. From my vantage point, cost increases are killing what made Chump great in the first place. That said, I'm more of a potential customer and not someone you currently cater to anyway. I do see a good bit of chatter trying to figure out why more folks don't run out west though.
  2. If $400 wheels is where chump/champ is headed, count me out now.
  3. You are correct, I find the style 68 (17x8.5) for $224.99 at autorimshop, so $400 wheels do seem to fit the 2X rule. I do think that price is well beyond the spirit of chump however. Those wheels are more durable yes, but they're also expensive since they're substantially lighter than other (more affordable) offerings.
  4. I agree 100%. I can't see how a $400 wheel fits the 2X rule. I'm sure the stock wheels are durable enough. Maybe E46's should run them if the affordable aftermarket stuff breaks too easily.
  5. There's no such car (in US trim anyway). E36 328's are iron block M52's. The M52TUB in the E46 is an aluminum block.
  6. Unless you're a pit marshal?
  7. I'm new to chump, so please forgive if this has been beaten to death... anyway, I see a fair amount of chatter on swapping motors in the 944. Does it get a pass on using the highest valued model as the starting point? Or are the 944, 944S, and 944S2 (not to mention the turbo variants) all different models? Seems odd since the E30 318i and the 325is are clearly treated as the same model.
  8. For any still wanting a response form, here's the template I'll be using. Grafton 2020_petition_response.docx
  9. I'm relatively new to this series. With that in mind, there are quite a few of the petitions where I don't currently have an opinion, so I'd rather not vote either way. Since the google form requires a response to each item, is "needs further review" appropriate for "no opinion"? Edit - I should add that there is at least one that is generally a good idea, but needs to be cleaned up a lot, thus it "needs further review". I wish I could just leave some blank...
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