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  1. And those that do could completely defeat this rule.
  2. This rule is expected to change with the release of the 2021 BCCR, which will hopefully be any day now.
  3. Uh huh, count me as a skeptic. You certainly COULD fabricate something from repurposed parts, but at $130 from Bimmerworld, I bet there are quite a few running unclaimed. Those hinges would be particularly tricky.
  4. That's 25 pts right? Or is this another unpublished freebie?
  5. Back in my go-kart days, we had concoctions that would take a brick tire an turn it into butter. I would expect if we limit tire choice, something like that would creep in, and I doubt there would be any way to check for it (other than the obvious hint when RS4's mysteriously only last a few hours). As much as I hate it, a total quantity limit, or some form of pit stop penalty is likely the better answer.
  6. BCCR For races 9 to 16 hours, all penalties shall have a multiplier of 1.5. Since Indy was a 10 hour, 18 pts = 3 laps. If you want to get absurd (clearly not the intent) BCCR technically applies to BCCR 5.6.1, meaning they should have started 18 laps down on day 2.
  7. Seems like the "free pass" should have been when they were in "E" class at their previous race, but then no one cared much since they didn't make it to impound.
  8. The petition to fix that was voted down by the BOD...
  9. I've got a set of PFC's on my street E36 that might find a new purpose...
  10. There are plenty of teams running stock wheels, it's just less common at the front. From my experience OE (from former Axis powers anyway) is overbuilt enough that you can get by with used parts, while I'd be very wary of an affordable used race wheel. Just picked up a ~21lb 17x8.5 BMW wheel a few weeks ago at my UPAP for under $30.
  11. The presentation was very clear in that regard, so it's hard to believe they screwed that up. It wasn't specifically mentioned, but with what @Jer said, my take is multi-puck ultra light clutches are also free now as well. Sad for the speed creep, but glad I hadn't bought the OE size clutch / single mass steel flywheel I was looking at.
  12. Were DCT's nixed? I thought they just clarified that they're not automatic. I suppose we'll know better once we see Chris' rewrite.
  13. Since no one else said it yet... Take the restrictor off!
  14. Not even close. "Rules are open unless otherwise specified". You could put an entirely new body on the car (as long as it's not carbon fiber).
  15. Some of this could be caused by our less than consistent application of the rules - take the IRS swap value as the latest example. I know I've frustrated @National Tech asking questions through the tech desk that would seem to have obvious answers. Given what I've seen elsewhere I feel like I have to ask just to be sure. I can see why someone would throw their hands up and just ask for a build spec.
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