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  1. At least the second (and contradicting) ruling on the aero element width was deleted...
  2. I disagree, it would have been at best gray/fuzzy to use the USDM manifold since he's running the JDM engine.
  3. I'm in the same boat. My question was actually specific to the E46 Getrag/ZF, but I assume the logic should apply for everyone. It's somewhat less urgent for me since my current plan is to build a 328 with the ZF, but I'm weighing options to build as a 325 (and don't currently have a Getrag).
  4. The auto-reply email indicates we should have a response in 48-72 hours, which is clearly optimistic. I have two items that are getting quite stale, and might need to be resubmitted: How many points for a non-OE water pump? Submitted 1/11/20 with no response yet. Are transmission swaps within the same chassis generation, but not the same model charged 25 pts? Submitted 1/13/20 with no response yet. That said, I got a response to an inquiry on the miata "chop top" in about four hours.
  5. I've received multiple rulings that aren't yet posted. Perhaps @Bill Strong has been busy with actual racing and doesn't have the final wording sorted.
  6. This was the fastest response I've had through the tech desk yet: Q: Car: 1999 Mazda Mx-5 Miata Treasure Coast Miata & Jeeps offers a lightweight Miata hardtop. See: https://treasurecoastmiata.com/i-23790162-new-special-chop-top-for-race-miatas.html Is there a point value assigned for this? A: Zero points
  7. The BCCR doesn't cover this, but I agree that should be zero points.
  8. It's overstating to say teams would be disqualified, they would just have to use their points appropriately. Regardless, a lightweight top IS a performance advantage and should be charged as such. Not that cost is even relevant, but $1000 for a junk top is high in my opinion. Our team captain just sold a good top for $550. Granted it was absurd, but the OE top we ran at Atlanta was purchased for $50 (which made cutting the glass out less emotional). Regarding like-for-like material, I don't find any such rule in the BCCR. is close, but only applies to metal/chassis, and requires similar thickness.
  9. If a fiberglass hood is points, a lightweight non-OE top should also be points. From what was advertised, there are now no special rulings outside of the tech desk. Since this part isn't there, it should not be allowed for free.
  10. Actually, that particular section WAS a parking lot...
  11. Is that an OE hub? My eyes may be tricking me, but it looks like the center part is threaded into the outer, while I believe OE was one piece.
  12. I agree, the 2x rule is ineffective at controlling costs, particularly with newer cars and dealer pricing. I'm for a line item price limit for the typical 2x items with the same value for all cars. (and have already submitted a petition to that end). The price limit shouldn't apply to stock though, so if your car came with Brembos they should be good enough. Why should an S2000 get to spend $2300 on front brakes while a fox body gets a small fraction of that. Which one actually needs better brakes?
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