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  1. preface I was not there, but AER is abundantly transparent with all driver and car data. His team of two cars only had one off track violation logged during Saturdays race, and it resulted in no lost track time. (Improper gear when over the wall) too many of these violations can result in a black flag "stop and go" One of his cars only had 2 renters in it saturday, and did not compete on sunday.
  2. while this topic is fresh - who makes the largest socks on the market? Im talking xxl+ i have size 16 shoe and it sucks haha
  3. The cost of the break system comes down to where you buy them from. Theres a massive circle track swap meet near me every year and I just picked up two redhead/richardson male ends and a female for less than $100. Add a couple silicone boost couplings on the hunsaker and I now have a 3in break system for less than $50 a can. It was a no brainer for us for this very reason. Will it make us faster? I hope so! haha
  4. How is this enclosure constructed? Is the lid of this cell box, that we can see here in the photo, exposed (single layer)? Or is this a shoebox syle cell and you made your own secondary enclosure around the whole thing?
  5. You are correct. The driver in the video , car 245 @ Lightning, was only on lap 13 of his first ever AER race.
  6. Is it just me? Or is anyone else finding it difficult to track down that exact brand of 3M through an online retailer, even amazon/ebay?
  7. off the cuff idea - while the engine is running, unscrew the sensor to "bleed" off whatever may be inhibiting water from getting to the sensor?
  8. One thing that has helped me tremendously (that I wished I had done years ago) was the way my toolbox was attached to the trailer. I roll my full tool chest out of the trailer frequently so the concept of strapping it down with e track or whatever can get annoying and make the tool box unusable while in the trailer. bolted some L angle to the studs in the trailer and welded the receivers to it.
  9. I have had great luck with them. I also only ever tow with a torsion axle trailer. Its more like pulling a pillow behind the truck haha. Leaf springs can be violent
  10. I would say your first step would be sketching up a layout. What you have for floor space will fill up quickly with paddock essentials. Try to think vertically and make use of wall space. Establish the real estate your car needs and then work from that. Remember to always account for totes of spare parts and whatnot. Its no fun emptying a truck at the end of a long weekend. Tire racks - these are my go-to https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Cargo-Organizers/MaxxTow/MT70489.html
  11. So this is prob a no go in champcar tech eyes?
  12. Any info on the friday testing/practice? Test & Tune Information: None
  13. This is a bummer for the VAG community. The DSG is a game changer in speed of shifting, but it also has its disadvantages over a standard gearbox. Fluid heat creep is a killer for a tracked dual clutch. The -55 points (adding a trans cooler) definitely do not outweigh the benefits of having a rock solid manual transmission. No where in the 40+ pages of the BCCR does it state anything about the VPI deduction of an automatic transmission, only on the VPI chart... "Note #1 - Deduct 75 points from the value listed if the car is raced with an automatic transmission."
  14. Relative to Miata stuff.. the rears are by far the easiest to break down. Fronts are slightly more challenging but they both come apart no problem. The vw mk4 bearings are almost identical to the miata. (obviously just opposite orientation) One more important part, and many lubrication manufacturers will tell you, different greases DO NOT play well with others. When repacking with a superior grease [CV2/RFL2/HP800].. that it is very important to not contaminant the new, with the old. Try not to use parts washers as your final cleaning. A film free alcohol based cleaner is recommended.
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