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  1. Picture doesn't work for me. But good for you getting started learning how to weld. It seems not impossible, but much more difficult to build a racecar without having that resource. A good brand flux core welder can make some decent welds, but converting to MIG will feel like night and day. Welds should be cleaner and less spatter. I have a Hobart 125 MIG that I absolutely love, but I'd say if you have to weld any larger than .095" to go with a higher amperage welder.
  2. I'm struggling with this on my car as well. Not ready to fork over a grand+ for a quaife. I've always talked crap about drifters that weld their diffs, but I've read that they're always faster in an FR car than open diff. We struggled a lot with inside wheel spin in tight turns... dang near had to coast through the chicane. Are you going to try the open diff first?
  3. That is the race that got me into racing. Thank you for posting this!
  4. Do you still have/race the 280zx? Seems like it could be built to be a really good champcar considering the vpi and fuel. Thought you switched to an NC but it sounds like your still developing the 280? This requires pics.
  5. I believe it was a miata with no roof. Bare bones or something? 2nd was team Degobah in their star wars b13 SE-R. I could be wrong.
  6. Would be really cool to see an SRT4 in either series. We had our first (to my knowledge) SRT4 race in LDR @ PIR this last October, unfortunately they had heat issues and possible headgasket failure. Which brings up another point about turbo cars in endurance racing...
  7. Just seems like you're not getting the most out of the tires if they're hardly warn. I know it'll increase drag but you might be leaving grip on the table. You could certainly try other compounds though.
  8. Maybe I'm misunderstanding. You have 245/15 RS4's that are hardly worn after a race weekend, correct? Isn't the answer to this question more downforce?
  9. Very sorry to hear about your experience. Are all of the cage components from the kit scrap? That's definitely the worst case scenario. If you were closer I'd love to help out, far from a professional though. Hope you can push through and finish the car.
  10. Fair criticism, but I would say this: Not everyone's going to be changing one tire per pit. Only the teams that are not able to make tires last the whole race, whether they have fast wear issues (heavy powerful fwd), they're running super fast tires (re71's) that don't last, or they're broke and cycling through their take-offs (always have to consider these guys, don't want to make rules that hurt them). It could cause safety issues in the cold pits, but going to the cold pits is already a penalty so hopefully most teams will not use this option. If they're breaking r
  11. Nice progress. Did you give RCC custom measurements, and they just bent you a cage that would fit those measurements? Or do they make a kit for your car? In hindsight, I wish I could have bought a roll cage kit. They seem to be very cost effective and would have saved me many many days of work. RCC didn't advertise a kit for my car, probably should have called them!
  12. Personally I really like a rule that was in place when a friend of mine used to run the 25 hours of Thunderhill. Changing 1 tire per pit stop is allowed in the hot pits, if you need to change more than that you need to pull your car into the cold pits (time penalty by default). This accomplishes: Penalizes changing 2+ tires per pit stop Incentivizes using a tire durable enough to last the race (which should be more budget friendly) Allows for people to change up to 3 tires per race in a 7/8 hour with max stints Allows for heavy FWD (or similar) that burn throu
  13. Thanks! I probably need to do the same. Gas tank just seems wide open with a cup that the fuel pump assembly sits in. Here's the fuel pump assembly.
  14. Been thinking about this myself. My car went about an hour and twenty minutes before sputtering, sputtered for 5 more laps or so, and we still had 3 gallons left at the pit stop Would love to see pictures and more info on people's setups!
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