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  1. You order them from Hankook motorsports (but through the LD website), and they come branded with some kind of LD marking.
  2. Part of lucky dog's deal with Hankook is that they guarantee a certain number of sizes to always be in stock available for lucky dog teams. Not to say supply issues are impossible, but I haven't heard of any with LDR tires since they became the spec tire.
  3. Have you ruled out the maxima vq30de, with the Z or G 6 speed? Seems to be a good setup in a 240sx. That's an aluminum 190 hp engine.
  4. Like others have said it's going to vary based on state. My state (Oregon) allows "SP" plates for race cars or show cars. They're way cheaper than normal registration & plates ($25) and never expire. There's limitations like 90 mile radius from where the car is kept to the race track, and 30 mile radius for "testing". My work is 30 miles from home, so when the weather's good I "test" it to work a couple times a week. Drove it to a track day and back home last year. Liability insurance through progressive (cheapest available) was $92/6 months. I'd check with your state law and see if t
  5. If you're not on LDR marked RS4's they allow you to race, but you're bumped to SD (superdog).
  6. Sorry to hear that. We had an ice storm in Oregon and lost power for 5 days. I ran a generator and extension cords to power the fridge, a space heater, and a lamp. Never again. Wasn't brave enough to try wiring it into the panel. Luckily, I have an electrician coming to wire a plug and interlock switch so that I can power the furnace and other essentials next time. Good on you for helping your neighbors. I tried but the only thing they'd accept is a charge on a cell phone and kindle
  7. Making progress. Don't know if I've mentioned it here already but I'm attempting a quadruple whammy of safety precautions that hopefully will mean I don't ever have spun rod bearings again. 1. Rebuilt engine that doesn't burn oil [as fast] 2. Oil pressure warning light 3. Increase oil capacity 4. Trap door baffle sump 1, 3, and 4 are pretty much done. I figured a short video would be a way better to explain 3 & 4.
  8. Good for you. I went with the 10" and was happy because my jack had to be MAXED out to fit the cribs under the wheels. 12" would be nice if you have a tall enough jack. I'm amazed at how much space you have to work under these things. You're right, stable and better than any jack stand purchase I've made. Good job on the exhaust.
  9. Hah! They are so good. So much room under the car for activities. Way less stressful building exhausts under a car with that much room. What height did you get?
  10. Very cool, and the NX is awesome. We must have the same mindset because I race an '88 200sx SE V6. I'm a die-hard hopeless Nissan fan.
  11. I think you're making an excellent bad decision. Would do the same if I were you!
  12. Haha awesome, thanks man. Better late indeed. Totally forgot why this came up in this thread. Too long, won't read. Love the car though, and the basset's seem to suit the car well. When I was 18 I had a 79 280zx as a daily. This car is one of the lesser loved Nissan/Datsuns, but I sill like them.
  13. Picture doesn't work for me. But good for you getting started learning how to weld. It seems not impossible, but much more difficult to build a racecar without having that resource. A good brand flux core welder can make some decent welds, but converting to MIG will feel like night and day. Welds should be cleaner and less spatter. I have a Hobart 125 MIG that I absolutely love, but I'd say if you have to weld any larger than .095" to go with a higher amperage welder.
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