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  1. Russ, I was considering buying this system "Lifeline Zero 2000 2.25 ltr Club Fire Marshal Mechanical System". Is that one available? I can pick it up at your shop if that saves anything. Let me know, thanks!
  2. Sounds like its not the end of the world one way or another. At my cars first track day, it will be open diff. So we'll see how it goes. If it's a big problem I'll weld it. May even get a spare complete diff so that I can swap if I hate one or the other, since there's about a zero chance I spend a grand+ on an aftermarket diff. Encouraging to hear your car was successful even with an open diff. Thanks for the input guys!
  3. So you raced all those years (and won some) with an open diff? Can you tell me how that went? I'm still building my car, which I think is similar to yours (in weight, layout, suspension, hp/tq), and the internet's will have me believe that it's pure misery racing with an open diff... But there's not a lot of good options for LSD for my car. Can swap in the guts of an old 240sx vlsd, expensive aftermarket unit, or weld it. Thanks!
  4. Good luck @snafu2002, hope you make it. Makes it easier when you have some friends show up and take some of the workload off your shoulders. Let us know how you do at VIR! I'm shooting for July at PIR (LDRL) for my car's debut. Hopefully. Right now the car is being built in 30 minute increments after putting the kids to bed. I might need every bit of time between now and July 🤣. @TimS that looks excellent! Thanks for the tip! Also your rear lexan 1/4 glass looks good, I need to do that.
  5. Huge congrats! Feels really good to bring a new racecar home, even if it's going to take forever to get it to a race [like me]. As everyone says, volunteer, then rent a seat if you can. I did both. You'll learn a ton, and then REALLY be excited to work on your car.
  6. Thanks Mike. Those gussets look awesome, and I've thought about putting them in. I PM'd you a little while back when I was building the door bars after seeing the ones you built for another member here. I *believe* mine are legal as is, because I have a sill bar. However, I would like to add gussets in the future. Right now I'm in "just finish the car" mode, but I'll certainly reach out to you or Russ in the future, probably before the car's first race!
  7. This method was used on my cage and I'm very pleased with the results. Only reason it wasn't tighter fitting in the end was because I set up the templates myself. With more patience and experience on my end it could have turned out even better. Russ graciously advised me on how to set the template up properly, and bent the tubes for me based on the shape of the templates. They fit pretty darn good. Cheers Russ, I still owe you some whiskey!
  8. Literally just went through this problem last weekend. I went with the racequip strap kit shown above, and the racequip mount kit that you have. If I had to do it over again I would have gone with the longer lower bar that's hinged at its rear attachment point. I believe its longer anyway, which would help with the trapezoid shaped nets. I was hoping that this window net was going to be more... trapezoidy. Note that this car/setup hasn't passed tech yet, still slowly slowly slowly building.
  9. If I'm not mistaken chumpcar's first race was in Oregon at Portland International Raceway. Halloween 2009 and was a 24 hour race. My brother and I volunteered that race, still have the Crap Can T shirt and the chump wine. Took me 6 years to get my act together and finally have the opportunity to race. Chump PIR 2015 there was 12 cars. Coolest thing I've ever done, but the next year's event was cancelled. Been racing with LDRL ever since with 70+ car counts at the same track. Not necessarily complaining, just sharing my experience.
  10. Those look spectacular. I'm building my own roll cage in my first race car right now. I don't have a tube bender, so I'm making a bisecting X door bar. I went with a sill bar to meet the required 2 bars, but I'm considering adding gussets as well. Are you open to making more of these for other people? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the information guys. My car will probably be similar in weight to your s13, and I'm using 1.75" x .095". Didn't think to buy any smaller/thinner stuff for secondary bars. Will probably do that when I run out of the tube I have. Good luck on your next build, and glad you're okay!
  12. Long time lurker here. I'm in the process of building my roll cage (for a s12 200sx), figured now is as good a time as any to register. Can you tell me what kind of tube you built your cage out of? Was it 1.75" x .095" (I assume DOM). How much did your car weigh? It looks like your cage efforts paid off, but man that's a lot of force to squish that tube and wrinkle the trans tunnel. Adding anti-intrusion bars to my list for sure! Feel terrible for all these cars that have been wrecked lately, but know that it's helping the next wave of racers prepare adequately.
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