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  1. Thanks all for the PMs! The spot has been claimed. Good luck to everyone looking for seats. Hope to see you all there!
  2. I had a driver drop out last second and am now looking for a 4th driver. We have a 1988 BMW 535i with 10 Lemons races over the last 2 years (Road Atlanta, NJMP, CMP, Barber, and Houston TX) and 1 Champ race (Road America). We are class C with ~430 points. The total cost will be $850 per driver. This cost includes all the Champ race fees except your Champ license. I camp at all races and have plenty of room for another person (24 foot enclosed trailer). The car is a top 1/2 to 1/3 in Lemons. Not really sure where we will fall in Champ. We seized the engine at Road America on the first day, but did complete an engine swap to get back out for the final 4 hours. That's why we don't know how we'll do in Champ. The car doesn't have any real race'y parts. Just camber plates up front to help with the tire wear, stiffer springs, bilstein shocks, and a solid front suspension (no rubber joints). If you're looking to win, this isn't the team for you 😕 We all do it for the fun. If we happen to place well then all the better, but it's not the main goal! If you haven't been to Watkins before then I expect you to show up at the practice day. Too many cars for someone that's never been on track O.o We run ~ 1-1.5 hour stints (sometimes varies per driver). Thanks for your time!
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