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  1. Agreed, they got us tires back in Feb/March when they were sold out as well. You can order right on their site or call / email / what's app. https://hankookmotorsports.com/
  2. A bit of deja vu for Bogan Dunny Racing in terms of results. We took a couple steps forward this weekend, then a couple steps back. We put the team / car together at the beginning of the year, and did our first race at the March H2R. On the March Saturday we finished P5 overall and P2 in A-class. After (7x) agonizing fuel stops instead of the planned (3x) stops (long story) - which put us 2 laps off the class win, and 6 laps off the overall podium.....coulda-shoulda-woulda... This time around, we finished again P5 overall and P3 in A-class on the Saturday.
  3. Sorry, can't do it, ran 3/4 of Sunday with just 4th gear For what it's worth, you CAN race a Miata around H2R with just 4th, and 108hp And the delta is 4 seconds lol
  4. Had a similar issue but I've sorted it out. The original file (without waivers, and with outdated information) was called 417.pdf or similar. A new file, with the same name, was uploaded to replace it - it has the waivers and updates. Just had to make sure that the phone / computer was downloading the file again, rather than opening the file stored on your computer. Ex. It might be called 417(1).pdf now.
  5. The basic steps are: - Get crank and camshaft pulley timing marks aligned and install belt - Rotate 2 turns to re-check marks - Rotate 1-5/6 turns to a different mark on the oil pump (I believe) which is where you position things to tension the belt - Torque the tensioner to spec - Rotate the remaining 2-1/6 turns to check timing marks a final time Is it possible that you're torqing the tensioner at the "wrong location" which us holding it too tight against the belt? There is some info about 3/4 of the way down this page which calls out s
  6. @QuaTTro any intel on when the curbing is planned to be installed? I saw some TNIA video from yesterday and they weren't done yet. Cheers.
  7. I think I saw a team basically attach a “garden hose” with a nipple into the filler overflow, which then laid in the pan. Another system that we actually tried, then deleted, was routing the overflow hose from the tank out the rear (and placing pan in rear) to keep overflow off of hot rear brake area. We had an issue with a full tank sloshing / leaking through that setup, so deleted it and went back to stock.
  8. I think that directly after that rollover valve there is a 3psi valve (or similar). I seem to recall a recommendation to keep that in the system (VTA after that valve) for some reason.
  9. Following - similar questions. Are you guys getting any tank pressure, or is it evacuating through the emissions lines and not resulting in obvious pressure when you go to fuel?
  10. Bogan Dunny Racing - Blue Miata - Car #256 - Race Report First race weekend together as a team / with the car. And probably the best race weekend we’ve all had in terms of fun factor / competition. The team took the “buy a SM roller” route in December - with a short term plan to stuff one teammate's matching Miata drivetrain in the car to sort out electronics, suspension, fueling, etc - while sourcing a team drivetrain, fire system, and other associated bits. A series of used engine purchases, 5 total pulls / plants over the run-up to the race, and a last m
  11. Rule 5.6.1 Is that applied to P1 overall only, or is it class specific? I’m assuming it’s P1 overall only?
  12. Thanks Jay - I take that as “no prior interpretation documents” and “no other formal / informal places where other such rulings have been posted”. Noted your email for specific questions we have, just wanted to be aware of any “rulings, interpretations, precedent, etc.”, that are out there already to help paint the lines.
  13. Hey, so beat me up over bumping a 4 month old thread or whatever, but I think it’s relevant to the topic: New team, building for 2020 - are there any prior “interpretation documents”, besides the 2019 document? Or any other formal / informal places where “other such rulings” have been posted? As an example, I PM’d a helpful member on here to clarify something they had posted about the (2x) rule specifics (what sources are acceptable) - he gave me some good info, then noted “this has been clarified by tech”. Besides continuing to comb through forum posts, is there a ce
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