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  1. Only thing I could find on tires is Hoosier R compound tires that were the series spec tire. No part # or further details. My google-fu is a bit weak though.
  2. Not much progress on the build since we got the car back together. Been busy at work and finally taking a break from the heat. Decided that I am going to prep the car enough to do at least 1 auto-x and possible a HPDE with the car this year, and hopefully enter a "break in" race late next year. We did put together a little video for fun as a quick team intro video with our current progress. Mostly it was a test of our new GoPro, but, gotta have some fun right?
  3. Since it is too hot to work in my garage (I don't particularly desire heat stroke), I was going through some old pictures and stumbled upon some pictures of a Koni Challenage ST class race from 2007 at Laguna Seca. And I thought, ya know, the comparison of this field to a ChampCar field would be interesting, I mean there isn't a Make/Model in this picture that would be out of place in ChampCar (though maybe some are more likely to be EC or at least starting with some laps on them) Lap times from 2007 were not super easy to find, but I did find a couple qualifying lap times. The fastest lap set at the last ChampCar race would have landed Sweet Spot Racing's BMW on the second row of the 07 Koni ST field, though the ChampCar field overall is a bit slower. Thought it was interesting anyhow.
  4. Made a plan to take it to an auto-x or track day before the end of the year. Have a ton of work to be ready for it. Went to the garage and touched the car. The metal, plastic, and glass was all hot to the touch. Coolant temp read 102 degrees, and the car hasn't been turned on in a week. Went back inside. Two days in a row of 118 degree highs and 90 degree lows. I really need to insulate and cool that garage.
  5. Car is back together, did testing with and without the clutch driven fan. I think for races I will take out the clutch fan, but use a lower temp fan switch and also have a manual switch. Even in 110 degree weather it is staying cool now. Around town I can pop the clutch and fan on as extra insurance. Heater core and throttle body bypass in place, and heater core removed. Replaced the entire cooling system, powersteering, and fixed a vacuum leak in the IACV, replaced busted tensioner, and a bad idler pulley while I was at it. New bumper cover is on too. Did some massive clean up while everything was easy to get to, decades of dirt and grime and oil cleaned up. The car is running perfectly now. Finally have the car doing the "car" thing right. As much as I want to paint it, I think that wont be until after the cage is in, so next up will probably be the suspension and switch panel (and removing extra wiring). Get it so I can at least go auto-x it. Been spending a lot of time on the admin side of things and writing contracts for team members and "arrive and drive" seat rentals. Every receipt for a part or tool, or widget is in an organized binder. When I finally get this thing done, at least it will be super well documented for tech.
  6. Maybe a premature as the car isn't finished yet, but during the build and testing I'll be putting some content on here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClD3fSJpPCJ-hez9H_-eP_A
  7. Finished complete cooling system replacement, powersteering replacement, replaced cracked plastic pulleys, put new bumper cover on. All of the basic mechanicals are now done and the car does all of the basic car stuff correctly. Now onto the racey bits, and paint.
  8. Progress has been a bit slow. It is hot, plus I am still recovering from surgery so I have to make sure to not overdo it. Car is getting a new cooling system and heater core bypass and power steering pump and reservoir, with everything more accessible there is some good clean up opportunities. So many wires to get rid of. Met up with another local team and looked at their car for a bit. Really gave me some great perspective on how much I have done, but also just exactly what more I will need to get, and few other helpful bits. Going to try and plan a trip to Fontana this year, if it works out to go I'll probably volunteer to help out.
  9. I think for those of us doing new build it can be a challenge to remember that we don't need all of the fun gadgets right off the bat. I keep thinking "I want..." and then go back to my planning docs and remind myself of "I will need..."
  10. Wheel hub adapter, quick release and steering wheel installed. Gutted the factory airbox. More planning on the wiring. Removed cabin air filters and housings, made template for blocking the two 4" holes in the firewall from removing them.
  11. Interesting. On my E39 build I had been thinking of cutting out the support bars to shave weight (it is a bit of a portly car), and using an aerocatch latch/pin system mounted to about where the factor hood lock springs go into the support beam. It seems like maybe certain makes and models are more prone to failure, but perhaps I will retain at least some of hood structure and use what I cut out to strengthen base of the latch.
  12. I considered a C4, but never could find one at the right price. Look forward to following your progress!
  13. I have been couch bound recovering from surgery, but not quite unwilling to stop work. This has given me a chance to work on some team administrative stuff and creating a bit of social media and web presence for the team. The team is officially named "Fetterhund Motorsports" and you can find some build progress writeups on our social media (much more to come!) Website: https://fetterhundmotorsports.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fetterhundmotorsports/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/fetterhundaz Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fetterhundmotorsports/
  14. First time since May in touching the car. Just havn't had the time, plus its hot. Removed the parking brakes. They were shot anyhow, and cheaper to get rid of instead of fixing. Removed a bunch of fuses from circuits I don't need or use. Gave me a clearer picture of just how much wiring I will be removing once it cools off. Started playing with RomRaider plus a few BMW specific tools. I think I might stick with modifying the stock DME for now with a PI based homebrew logger system. Just get the car on the track and semi sorted before going for non-required toys. Summer is going to be a lull. Planning on just doing an AeroCatch install, tow straps, tuning, and quick release steering wheel.Maybe doing the roof panel and replace glass windows with lexan.
  15. Looks nice! Hard to tell in the picture, but do you have some sort of coating or covering on the switch box? Looks kinda like felt?
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