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Yes I know, we are only supposed to used the forum to complain about other drivers or Johns secret fetish for rule creation, but I wanted to take a second to extend a little praise/thank you.  For myself, I think the single best change that Chump has made this year was to initiate the annual gear and car inspections.  It is so nice to not have to roll the cars out and wait for hours each and every race.  Now all one has to do is show up with their log book and get their wristbands.


Also, I think it was a great idea to email out the information that Chump had for each team to the team captain.  I signed us up for all of the races on jan 1, not knowing who on the team could do what race.  So getting that straight before hand via email made registration an absolute breeze, which left me plenty of time to go and check out the best event t-shirts that have ever been made.


Nice work improving the customer experience, something that I think Mike & crew have done a pretty darn good job of.  



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Thank you for your thoughts on our Registration process.  Both the Central Region and the Eastern Region have worked closely to present the best value for our Members/Drivers.  A big shout out to Chris Alvaredo, the Central Region Registration guru.  We are pleased to roll out the new process for all the regions of ChumpCar. We are excited to streamline the process even further as we move along the rest of the year.

It is so nice to hear about what works for you, we very much look forward to making your racing experience that much better!!

Hope to see you at Sebring and Homestead!!



 Please make sure the cookies stay part of the process!   :D





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