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2014 Homestead 24 Hour NYE race!


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Almost 4 hours into the Homestead event, the fast lap leaders are:

Competitor:  #730 MCM  Holdings   1.45.932  On lap 22  1st Place
EC Class: #101 Apex  Racing   1.46.628   On lap 19

However, many teams are just now achieving their best laps times as the track conditions improve (and in some cases, 3rd driver stints are beginning).  We're currently on Lap 121.



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Yep it is a good chassis, but it should also be known that that car was terrible at Sebring. In the post race impound, they had 8 crew guys under/over/inside of our winning SC300 looking for things to copy. They had calipers, tape measures, cameras and were pretty rude in their demand to be able to touch/grab/pull on different parts of the car. I guess if you cant be fast by your own effort, copy someone else who has their act together. 

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After 22 hours of survival, teams are preparing for the final two hours of RACIN'...it's on!   And unfortunately another catastrophic team failure...#57 Sour Apple Bunch blew their engine after 498 laps.

1st  #730 MCM Holdings on Lap 602
2nd #56 Glazed and Confused on Lap 599
3rd #95 Once Piece at a Time on Lap 597



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