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Pomona Speed Shop Barber and Golf trip

Pee Wee

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Had a blast! Drive out was uneventful and we even found time for a round of golf in Memphis Thursday. Friday tech was a breeze, then a flood but we survived, got to see the museum and tour the park a bit, what a place.. Saturday and I am in for the start, doing just ok and not setting the world on fire but stay clean, get to watch cousin Rodger (Benjamin 500 racer) pass me twice. Mother of all thundershowers roll in ,race stopped, rain stops, Skyler and Brian have good stints and we have flawless pits and manage an 8th place finish for the day, eh whatever.


Sunday Brian starts and on the wet track the Neon is on rails and he gets from near dead last at green flag to 18th ish or so. Then I'm in and can't put a lap together to save my life, after an hour I'm calling to get me out of the car before I dig a hole to last place. Skyler gets in, starts cutting good laps and pop went the motor. I guess we know how long the fuse is on these things now. First DNF since we started doing this 8 races ago and we drove over 4000 miles round trip to do it.


Still had a blast and it was cool to race against Rodger despite getting beat by him and Burningham Racing. Everyone raced clean and we had a great time meeting some of you, I only hope we represented the West Coast as well as you folks represented the Midwest and South.


Spent the following week Fishing at the farm in Columbus Mississippi where I shamed Brain with my Bassmaster talent, then another 5 rounds of golf in Alabama and Mississippi sweating like a pig the whole way.



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