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Meeker Motorsports Team Ankeny,IA


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Have no idea what our team name will be. We have purchased a race car from A team in Ohio. My son and I are former SCCA and Comma racers. We have been out for about 9 years and are very excited to get connected with the Chump Series to get back to affordable road racing. I'm Located out of Ankeny, IA and My son lives in Wichita, KS. My wife Drives a FWD dirt car and is going to race with us along with my Daughter-in-Law. All of our racing to date has been sprint racing so going to endurance racing will be fun and exciting at the same time. If there is any Chumpers in the Des Moines area give me a holler. Looking for advise and guidance on endurance racing. 



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We are a Des Moines based team that has been running the budget endurance racing series since 2011 with our own car, and several years before that as arrive and drives for other teams. Lemons, Chump, WRL, we've run all of them.

I think we've got the reliability formula down pretty well and have raced well over 100 race hours with our current car with minimal down time.

I also live in Ankeny with other teammates in Des Moines and Adel. We get together regularly at our "shop" in WDSM to work on the car, tell lies, and drink adult beverages.

Always nice to talk with other local teams. Drop me a line sometime and we can talk.

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JD we have been looking for a donor Cabrio but haven't found one to our liking yet. Always on the hunt.



Chester I'm working in Gainesville Fl until mid November. When I leave here I will be going back through Cincinnati to pick up the car and bring it home. I will definitely come over and tell lies with your team when I get back.

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2016 Team Update:

We have entered our first race. We will be running the 14hr race at the Iowa speedway. May run more after July. Mamma say I have a wedding to pay for and pay attention to before we do anymore racing. We will race one more for sure but would like to run two. Car is up on jack stand in the garage getting some maintenance work right now. New tires are ready to be mounted so we can have spares. All we need now is a set of brake pads and rotors and we should be ready to race. Look forward to our first chump outing.

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