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Axis - Allies Challenge Results from Roebling


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Sorry about the wait on the results...my Lucas computer was slow! :blink:

The first (annual? ever?) Axis - Allies Challenge was almost a tie!

Results and methodology:


Axis: 20 cars (out of 31, the Saab was neutral)

Allies: 10 cars

Total points: (30 points for 1st, on down to 1 for 31st, skipping the Saab):

Axis total points: 324 Saturday, 300 Sunday

Allies total points: 141 Saturday, 165 Sunday

Average points per car entered:

Axis: 16.2 Saturday, 15.0 Sunday, for a total of 31.2 points

Allies: 14.1 Saturday, 16.5 Sunday, for a total of 30.6 points

So...congratulations to the Axis :P and I'm looking forward to a rematch!

Sebring? Roebling in January?

Anyone interested in the excel file, shoot me an email and I'll send it your way.

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I am ready for Sebring, lets do it there.

Then we can do it again at Roebling.

Axis will rule.

rusty of the Blitzen trio

This gives me all the more motivation as we slog again tonight trying to implement the vapor lock fixes (we're throwing everything, including parts of the kitchen sink, at the problem...) ;)

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