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Fellow Chump in crash


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Not really about a recent race but relevant none-the-less.

One of our "Chumps" has been involved in a horrible crash and we are all pulling for him. Mark Kedrowski is one of the Near Orbital Space Monkeys (NOSM) drivers. He raced with us at VIR pulling our fastest lap times. He flew in from Minnesota with one of our other drivers in his private plane. Last week his plane crashed for still unknown reasons. He was critically injured.

He has had his left leg amputated and his right leg is still severely damaged. He has multiple facial fractures and just had a craniotomy to relieve pressure on his brain. He may be paralyzed on the left but he is just being allowed out of a drug induced coma. He is, of-course, on a ventilator.

Our team is greatly saddened and are all sending as much "positive energy" as we can his way.

If anyone is interested in his story, the link is here.


NOSM Chumps by Sailrad, on Flickr

Mark is on the left.

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Mark had his left lower leg amputated. The right leg underwent extensive reconstruction. Yesterday he was under anesthesia for a six hour session to reconstruct his facial injuries. The are planning to begin letting him wake up from his drug-induced coma to see what his neurologic status is.

We are all still pulling for Mark, he has a long road ahead of him. I'll keep everyone informed as I hear.

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