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Lost Alpine Gloves from Daytona

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We are finally unloading and sorting through parts, and I discovered a pair of blue Alpine Star gloves that dont belong to anybody on our team.  I attached some photos, if they are yours let us know! I am super sorry for taking the gloves, had I seen them I would have known, but I think one of the crew guys must have thrown it in while we were loading up.  There is a name written in sharpie on the inside, and since this happened, I think I am putting my name on my gear too!  A simple mistake I hope to render and get back to the rightful owner!  We were pit stall 20, Falkenstien and Team Spencer Motorsports..  If anybody knows them please forward this to them!  BTW Crash Management had the time of our lives, Thanks to Chumpcar, the volunteers, and Safety crew who all make it possible.  THANK YOU!








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It was actually kind of lucky we found the gloves. Somebody stuffed my helmet with my pair of gloves, and these blue pair.  I normally would not have even checked the inside of the helmet, but there was sand in Everything!  I tipped it upside down and some gloves popped out.  I could try again see what else falls outa there? haha.  

Best of luck with the bike tho.  I like to think Chumps are the best racers and groups of people.  Honest mistake on our part, I cant even put somebody elses "like new" gloves on, let alone ride around somebody elses bike! 

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