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Chuckwalla Race Reports


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There should be one or two live streams of the race on Racecast:



If there's time we will try to put up some information about the race here.


Test day tomorrow, possibly in the rain (!)



Here are the Speedhive results for this race:



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Sunday's fight for P3 was pretty awesome, mostly I guess because we were the ones fighting for it :)


Three lead changes on the last 5 laps, with Bucket List taking us on the penultimate right at S/F. Final margin 2.8s.


We lost our transaxle on Stint 3 on the first day, but still had time to fix it and get the last 2 hours in.


Here are the Racemonitor results:




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 Had a great time despite the breakage (RX7 diff split in half), and wrenching on a modern VW. We did manage to swap the Jetta engine without a hoist. Thanks to the other Chumps who helped us lift in/out of the pickup bed. Had a couple little glitches on Sun, but ran well the rest of the day.


 Thanks again Bob for the seat time. Need to get some drinking water in that car so I can stay out longer next time.

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Had a great time with the Time Bandit. The track is nice. Saturday(CW,except turn 9!)direction was better then Sunday(CCW). The 10 deg banked Nascar type turn was fun both directions. Only downside is it is in the middle of nowhere!  Big shout out to Bill,Sandi,and the rest of the gang for a great event. Looking forward to Sonoma!


The Degenerate.


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Club Fred Racing had a great weekend.  Driving went great on Saturday until a wadded up (literally) clutch throwout bearing resulted in the clutch disk melting into the pressure plate.  Somehow the car drove great until I came into change drivers.  In hindsight it was smelling for about 1/2 hour.  I just thought it was some of the chumpier cars toasting their brakes.  So much for that and apologies to negative thoughts to other chump cars.  Thanks to Roto-Plooker who loaned us a disk and pressure plate we were back for a fun filled racing day on Sunday.  Loved the track and are ready to come back.  


Did it seem like the track was pretty hard on tires?  Ours were pretty old, but we seemed to go through them waaay faster than at Laguna in November.  They wore evenly, but we have a pile of slicks now.  

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During the test day on Friday my plan was to get accustomed to the track and do a brake and tire change at the end of the day. Instead, after running for about an hour, my differential exploded. Made a lovely racket.



We have a spare differential. For an automatic. With the wrong ratio. Back in the shop. 5 hours away. Some of my teammates hadn't left yet, so I got them to pick it up and started tearing the back of the car apart. Then the sun went down and it was cold and windy and I started thinking I really didn't want to swap this thing in the paddock at 2am. Then, inspiration! One of my teammates has a 1.6 Miata he uses as a track car which he brought out for the test day. We scrambled it over to tech and got it to pass once we removed the ignition interlock and changed the location of the kill switch. Unfortunately, one of my teammates is too tall to fit in the thing, so we arranged for him to drive with the Das Idiots. Problem solved?


The Das Idiots blew up their motor during the first stint Saturday morning. Fortunately, they had just picked up a spare engine on the way to the track Friday, so those nuts started tearing their car apart for an engine swap in the paddock (which made me feel like a wimp for not wanting to do a diff swap in my car). No engine hoist was to be found, so with the help of a wagon, some lumber, a few car jacks, and several strong backs they got the old engine into the truck bed and the new one into the car. Success! There were still two hours of racing left on Saturday!

Jetta engine.jpg

And then the clutch line started leaking at the master. Refused to seal no matter what, so Saturday was lost, but some JB Weld on it overnight had it leak-free for Sunday.


The little Miata was a blast to drive, but horribly under powered. During the last few laps on Saturday I came up behind the Flyin' Hawaiians who were cruising around trying to conserve fuel. Kevin pointed me by, but even though he was only at half throttle the tired little 1.6 Miata motor didn't have enough oomph to get me past him on the straights. Still, the car is stupid fast in the corners and I had a great time driving it. I had some delightful battles with some cars that could spank us down the straights but couldn't match the Miata's corner speed. I have a whole new appreciation for you guys who drive momentum cars on a regular basis. Setting up passes, and making them stick, with an under powered car is hard work and absurdly fun.


Tire wear: we burned up a set of front tires in the Miata, but it took us both days of racing to do it, and they already had a few hours of track time on them.


All in all, a fun weekend even though we didn't get to run our own car in the race.


Once again, THANK YOU to Bill, Sandi, and the rest of the western region crew for putting on another fun event! We'll see you at Sonoma next month!

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