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RWD spool vs. auburn posi

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2 hours ago, sonofamitch said:

Trying a posi at Road Atlanta. We've always run spools in our Chumpcar and circle track cars. Wondering what the difference will be handling wise. Taking gear out too so we can leave it to the floor all the way down the looooooong straight. Yee haw!


I've got one in my daily driver.  Good unit.  Downside is you can't re-build it, but mine's got 150K and still going strong (as far as I know, I don't test it very often).  For what it's worth, the guys at 4 Wheel Parts where I bought it said the key with those is to never use synthetic lube with it.  The friction elements don't like it.

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Well the way to find out ?   You put that handsome guest driver in it for a stint or so ..  I have always been told a spool will make a car push into the corner but your car had none for me .  The posi may give it more bite off but that fat motor is probably still gona break loose and spin ..what gear did ya go to .. Oh yeah PM me on that...  

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