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Experienced chump looking for seat at Mid Ohio - SEAT FOUND

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I am looking for a seat at Mid Ohio in April. I have created a website that has references, videos, past teams, a map of the tracks I've been to, and more. Check it out jameswolak.wordpress.com


It has been brought to my attention some of you don't want to go to my website here is a summary. I have done 25+ Chumpcar races at 18 different tracks since 2011. I have rented seats from @jhoog's Funhurtz Miata, @Miata PI's Aero'ed out Miata, HelloKitty's Rabbit, Pistola Alto's 300ZX, Mediocre Motoring's Jetta, @Mopar 4 Life's PT Cruiser and Neon, @JLee's Thing3 Miata V6, @Hi_Im_Will's super winged E30, and @coolcars44 's roofless RX8. I used to own and run the cheaty WRC Dropouts (Turbo Legacy) out of Michigan before moving to California. I have experience racing RWD, FWD, and AWD both low and high powered. I am an automotive engineer and have worked for multiple OEMs where I have been lucky enough to work with engine and chassis controls which alloes me to frequently do limit handling testing. To do so I have gone through multiple driving test and training at multiple companies. I have dabbled in autocross but nothing serious. In addition, I use iracing regularly. I am B licensed on road courses, feel free to add me under username: James Wolak. If there is a scan of the track (which there is for Mid Ohio) I will put in ~150 laps before the race (i am so into this I bought an Oculus Rift).  I have my SCCA comp licenses (but don't use it). I participate in arrive and drive karting often (Calspeed, Sonoma, Kart2kart etc). I usually pay $250 per hour of seat time.





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