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2017 Tires


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Anyone have experience with any of these newer tires?


Dunlop ZIII*


Federal RS-RR



So far we ran the Maxxis VR-1 and the Dunlop ZII* and preferred the Dunlops (the Maxxis were not bad, but the Dunlops felt slightly grippier, and seemed to last longer). Have not run the RE-71R as don't want to buy multiple sets for a weekend, on previous cars tried Kumho XS, 615K, NT05s, Rival - preferred Maxxis and Dunlop to all these.


Hoping this crowd can share their experience... very interested in feedback on:

1) Grip / heat tolerance

2) Longevity



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ZIII only shows up on Dunlop's Japanese site, not announced yet for the US.


R-S4 isn't available until mid-March, but is really exciting because it comes in 245/40R15.  Not much indication on longevity because nobody can buy it yet, but expect it to be very grippy. 


Federal and NFERA I know little about, but considering their not really used by the OEMs, I wouldn't expect much.  Probably similar to the Maxxis - not bad, but a few years behind.


Rival-S V1.5 is coming out in April, also exciting because 245/50R15.  Same grip/life story as the R-S4, but I expect life similar to the current Rival-S.


RE71-R is awesome if your car is very very lightweight.  I would buy a 245/40R15 version of this in a heartbeat.  rBank civic has been getting ~8 hours out of a set of 205/50R15 on a >1900lb car and going extremely fast.  The 205 RE71R is significantly faster on our car than the 245 maxxis, until it overheats on the 3rd lap then wears out after 2 hours. 


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