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1988 Uhaul Toter Home / car or Jeep hauler for sale

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1988 Uhaul Toter Home / car or Jeep hauler for sale

It's time to move on to the next project. I have a 1988 International S1654 former U-haul truck for sale. It has the 26' long box, air bags that dump and make the loading height around 13-15" off the ground. The inside of the box was modified with diamond-plate steel-framed ramps and stops at the end, and I have 10' aluminum exterior loading ramps. Located in Acworth, 30101 and asking $8499.

Here is the build-thread:

There are tie-down points inside, and lots of modifications:
• 2' wide interior steel frame ramps attached to box with diamond plate top
• Attachment points on floor to secure vehicles
• 12k lb winch with synthetic rope mounted to floor, with remote
• Winch battery mounted in hot rod style battery holder, bolted to floor
• RV door and fold out stairs
• Stick-on LED lighting on both sides
• 40" flatscreen with Roku box
• Workbench with shelves
• Sink, water tank and pump, grey water tank (not installed yet)
• RV windows (not installed yet)
• Futon mattress and cover in overhead bunk
• Heater / ac unit (household) installed under bench with exterior intake / exhaust
• Exterior awning (not installed, may need work, bought used and never opened)
• Back up camera
• Cd player
• 7.3L idi diesel with 5-speed manual
• LED brake lights
• Installed new injectors, glow plugs, return lines and o-rings about 2 years back (or 400 miles ago)
• Two new batteries
• New seat cover (not installed)
• New heater core
• New headlight switch
• Air bags inflate and hold air when compressor running and over night
• Air tank has valve and connection to run air tools

This truck is a beast. Has a few minor leaks, and won't win any races, but chugs along consistently every time I use it. It needs one new hose at the back passenger injector return line, which I should have fixed before it sells. I kept the truck looking dirty as I was hauling an expensive race car, and didn't want anyone thinking it had anything nice inside. It still has the (peeling) white vinyl wrap that uhaul installed when they sold it (to cover up their logos). This truck has the aluminum box, and NOT the fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP) style that was known to leak / swell. You could easily strip the decals and have an aluminum exterior that you could polish to a mirror finish. I kept it as ugly as possible, as I was hauling a very expensive car inside and didn't want anyone to know something of value was inside.

The battery gauge always reads low (even replaced the gauge with no change), but when measured at the alt and the batteries, it's fully charging. Speedometer doesn't register, but I have a new end that I think is the issue (if not, you can get a new speedo cable for about $35-40). The air intake housing was modified to remove the fish bowl for better air flow / throttle response. Brakes are hydroboost, and no special license is required to drive it. I have it titled as a motorhome, so registration was around $40 a year and insurance was around $300/yr (can check if you want exact numbers here in Georgia).

It has AC, and the day I bought it, it blew slightly cool. 2 days later it blew warm, so I think the previous owner added some Freon so I'd think it was working, but guessing he knew there was a leak and just filled it before I arrived. Tires are the same ones that were on it when I bought it, and have worked fine even when fully loaded and pulling a separate car on a trailer. Top speed when fully loaded downhill with a tailwind is around 78mph (fastest I ever got it to go), so again, it won't win any races. But, it is a very reliable platform that will last darn near forever. The running lights aren't currently working, but I think that has to do with the headlight switch, which I'll be replacing in the next week or so when it arrives.

I used it to haul a 1971 Cutlass, 1979 Ford F100 pickup, 64 Fairlane, 1967 Camaro, 71 Commando, and a few other 4wd's from time to time. I will get a measurement of the maximum opening width on the rear lift door so you can know what vehicles it will accommodate. It was designed to be a vehicle I could haul a toy in, and have a place to sleep comfortably at the end of the day.

No trades, cash only. Sold used, as-is, no warranties. No tire kickers, don't need help selling, etc. Contact me with any questions, and let me know if there are specific pictures you'd like to see (would be glad to take more). 


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