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Rookie looking for seats anywhere in TX

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Howdy everyone!


My name is Bill and I'm an addict. I live in Austin and I'm an HPDE champion looking to make the transition into real racing. I've run with The Driver's Edge at TWS, MSR Cresson, and MSR Houston in my more-or-less stock LS2 GTO (and maybe once in a rental A4, but shh). Would love to add Harris Hill Road and Eagles Canyon to that list. As for some kind of concrete credentials, with the Driver's Edge I'm solo-qualified in the yellow run group at all of the tracks previously listed. Additionally I was promoted from blue to yellow at both of the MSRs during my first trips there. And not that it really counts, but it kinda sorta does, I've gotten a fair amount of practice with iRacing. Worked my way from Rookie to B road license in about a month and change-- Very safe, currently just below 3.0 SR. And before that I used to auto-x my Miata in college. And outside of actually driving, I'm a huge race fan all around. Have season tickets for the major events at COTA for the second time this year and couldn't be happier about it!


Long story short-- I'm looking for an opportunity to rent a seat for any race coming up in TX, which for Chump I believe would be H2R, MSR Houston, and COTA. I have a full set of safety gear (minus a HANS), and perfectly willing to turn a wrench (was on the FSAE team at UT Arlington for a year, many moons ago). I've never owned a FWD drive car or driven one hard, so I'd prefer FR/RWD or AWD, though honestly at this point who am I to quibble. I have realistic expectations about my performance, but of course would love to be competitive with some practice. 


Please contact me in this thread, PM me, or email me directly at jdmbolix@gmail.com.


And finally for your viewing/judging pleasure, my last outing at TWS in December:


Lap times:

TWS - 2:05.13 - I believe this to be pretty darn close to the limit of the stock suspension and street tires

MSR Houston CW - 1:57.41 - This was in the rental A4, first time there

MSR Cresson 1.7 CW - 1:32.49 - Also first time, but in my regular car, still stock suspension/street tires


Thanks for reading!

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