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Gopro studio side-by-side

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Have managed to do a side-by-side of myself and another of my drivers but can't seem to get things lined up so we're at the same point on the track.


The original clip length is 32:43.55 for both and I've trimmed 40 seconds from the beginning of one clip to get us at about the same point on-track (Start/finish line) and 40 seconds off the end of the other so that the time matches up.  The edited and renamed clips are 32:03.31 and 32:03.38 in length, not exact but pretty close! Problem is that when I click on the new clips, "find pair" doesn't come up for either of them.


Really want to get them synced so I can directly compare in real time and  maybe find a bit of lap time! Any tips/help?

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I use Adobe - I am sure there is a fancy way to do it automatically, but I just find a matching frame on the track - a light pole, the SF stand, etc and line them up.


If I am doing multiple cameras, I use the audio track and line up the audio, and the video is magically synced.

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13 hours ago, ABR-Glen said:

3 minutes of output, but if you just wanted to use RR as your viewer/player you can do as long you want (at least in RR2, not sure what's changed in RR3)

Just finished running through a couple of clips side-by-side, pretty interesting! I made time where I thought I was losing it and vice versa! Could also see when and where I was slowing down near the end of the stint. 


It was very easy to sync and re-sync the clips as I was viewing, just stopped and trimmed one video as needed. I like it!


Thanks, ABR-Glen, much appreciated!

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