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Adjustable Seat Mounting

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Hey all, 

As I continue installing the roll cage in my Mustang, I find my mind wandering to other things I need to do. Today is seat mounting. I am trying to prepare for multiple drivers of differing stature and would love to hear what you guys have used for adjustable seat mounting. 

I'm liking the heavy Sparco type sliders with a clamp on back brace like in the photo I have attached. The photo says it's a Sparco piece, but I can't find it anywhere. 

I'd love to see photos of how you mounted the sliders to the cage frame. Also, I am using a Kirkey containment seat, likely a 71 series. 

I was thinking of using the Kirkey side mounts bolted onto the sliders, mounted onto tabs welded to the tubing framework. 

Enlighten me!




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first this is a horrible design. its a small surface area distributing a large level of force in very thin aluminum. Plate should be at least as wide as the area. If you back in to a wall at speed that may punch through to your spine. That part of the seat is the weakest. 


On composite seats it is frowned upon to drill and bolt a plate to it. i could cause a stress fracture. seat back brace don't have to be attached to work just resting against is fine.

New seats have molded areas for bolting to or you can get a kit from Racetech Seats to epoxy on. If you are worried about side load impact use a center net to support the seat. Make sure it has the quick release in case you have to exit from the passenger side. 


Also all he dual locking sliders (Momo, Sparco, OMP and ect) all come from the land of china but still meet the strict standards as along as it is mounted correctly. 

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Roy, you can make that kit pretty cheaply and easy. Go to a local tractor or bearing supply. I do not know what the size of your harness bar but you can get a piece shaft collar for around 10 US dollars in steel. You will need the appropriate  size for the harness bar (1.5, 1.625 or 1.75) and on in the size of the tube you want to use for the seat back tube. As you can see in the picture you posted that they are stacked and turned 90 degrees from each other and welded. 


Here is a hint. The style of above does not warrant easy adjust-ability for quick seat adjust. It can be over come by welding a t handle Allan tool to one of the cap screws supplied with the two piece shaft collar. Leave one cap screw slightly tight and the one with the T handle can be cranked tight. The hole in the Shaft Collar is slightly undersized so it does't take much to get it lock up the tube. 


Second point is the seat back brace must be level and perpendicular to the slides so when you release the cap screw the seat back brace bar can be moved easily with the use of the seat sliders. If not it will bind and you can't adjust the seat. 




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Remember if you can make do with 3 inches of seat travel you don't need a movable seat back brace. You don't even need a seat back brace as long as the seat is within 3 inches of the cross bar in its most forward position. 

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