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Better Seat Slider

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I wish there was, I'm guessing the industry didn't really care to market seat sliders much in the past.  And up till now I would think only racing schools and a few private builds would have sliders in their cars.  The endurance racing has changed things just a bit I guess, look at what happened with the choices of tires for us over the years.


Personally I would pay good money for something better than what is out there now too.   Lighter wght, lower profile, ease of use, reliable.  

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If you think you have excess movement then swap them for new. All the sliders come from the Chinesium factories. They are made to FIA standards unless it is a copy. There is some movement with the sliders. Once you are in the seat and belted the movement should go away. 


I have had the same set in my car for 5 seasons. Finally swapped then for a new set of Pyrotect sliders. Movement is a bit less but they are new. Sliders are a serviceable item and need to be inspected a couple of times of the season. Keep them greased also. 


If you want a new set her a hold of me. I have two sets in stock. 

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12 minutes ago, turbogrill said:

We custom made ours for $300, might be an option.

Starting to think about that. I have some sliders from a Toyota recall, they are considerably thicker material than the Sparcos and are close to the same mount dimensions.


Did you adapt something or build completely from scratch?


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I built a set based on an old thread from a couple of years ago.  Started with the RCC weld in seat mount.  Put square tubing over the round bars.  McMaster weld on pull pins.  Not ball bearing smooth but easily adjustable in a 5 minute pit window.  Used valve grinding compound to smooth out the action.   Zero play when locked.

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