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Roll cage back stay question


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Not legal yet...


So, the actual text doesn't say it, but the picture does. Unless things have changed, the cage needs to include parallel backstays, pointing back. So if you add those then your cage will be fine, except you would have 1 too many bars aft of the main hoop (+10 points).

2 parallel + 2 'X' in between is fine and quite common.

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Due to the recent conversation on door bars

Two back stays are required and since there is an intersection, if they are consistent, I would say no.

While the X may even be stronger, I would go with conventional parallel bars and they really should land on a plate, not a cross bar.
It is hard to tell from that pic.


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16 minutes ago, okkustom said:

The bar going across in between the rear strut towers is points .. Correct ? 


If it can reasonably be claimed to simply be part of the roll cage and the tech inspector agrees, it's 0 pts.

If it is considered to be part of the roll cage, but is the 5th bar aft of the main hoop, it's +10pts. (max. is 4 bars)

If it can't be claimed as part of the roll cage (like, if it attaches to the strut towers and your backstays attach to a different side of the strut tower and the bars don't actually touch each other), it will be a "strut reinforcing bar", valued at +10 pts.

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