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X Bar Location Question

J Mills

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This is a bit of a different question than the other recent X-bar thread; I want to understand how high the bottom of the X can be from the sill bar. We are running the continuous bar from about 18" up the main hoop to near the sill bar on the A-pillar bar. My question is are you allowed to have a gap between the sill bar and X-bar on the A-pillar bar, or must these points intersect?


I've attached a few pics to show what I mean. I'm also trying to understand if there is any required minimum gap from top of door to top of x-bars. I don't see anything in the rules, but want to know if there is a rule of thumb here.


Thanks for all the info so far, really appreciate everyone helping the new guys!



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 If there is some space between them you can weld them nicer and  the section may be a little stronger  by having more

  " square inches of involvement".  More is better for cages.  You should still have another driver door bar  whether or not the sill bar counts. IMHO .   Cant tell about the door bars and the rule RE separation of the tubes.  If you use only the 2 shown I am pretty sure they are supposed to be 6 in between them . 


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We're running the X bar setup, so we'll have the "brace" sides of the x above that in the front. From my understanding of the rules it sounds like it should be a 6" gap OR they should meet at the same point. It sounds like the "braces" just don't really count as bars per the other thread.




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