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1989 BMW E30 coupe (some assembly required)

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Long story short, E Squared Racing is out of the ChumpCar game,..... for now. Changes in the personal lives of staff is prompting this sale. This was the going to be the car to replace our first car that was destroyed at VIR in March 2015. We never got past buying a rolling shell. All salvageable parts were removed from the original car and stored.  There are plenty of spares and even some new parts to go with this. 8 wheels, fire system, seat, ,.... pretty much everything but a cage. Extra M20B25 engine to use as a rebuild. Belts will have to be updated due to age but they are included for mock-up if needed. Please follow the link to the google photo album for pics. You may also request pics which can be uploaded to the album. 

Head was rebuilt with new guides, Ireland Engineering HD rockers, Stainless valves and 3 angle grind on the seats. Many other details but I'd rather discuss over email.

Please email me, Aaron Lester, at aaronlester16@gmail.com with any/all questions/offers for quickest response. I will not be checking this forum but once a week. FYI, All parts totes will need to stay with me, so bring some with the moving truck you will need to take it all away.  

UPDATE: Added photos of chassis and head to album 4/10

PRICE: $2500 OBO
LOCATION: Roanoke, Va

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added photos to album
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43 minutes ago, Crank Yankers Racing said:

Get in on the E30 spec series :D.  I hope you take this as a joke......


:P  Lol, don't think that hasn't crossed my mind :D My first car was an 84 318i and I've daily'd 3-series cars most of my life (I'm in my 40s now).  Still have a lot of love for the E30, but the Z is WAY cheaper to race now that E30s are second only to the 240sx for racer/drifter premiums.

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Been in a Z31 since '96. Love 'em. Can be competitive when done correctly. You might see me in a Z31 Chumpcar someday, as the team Captain of GodZirra Racing (431) and I are good friends and we built their car.
The one you see in the photo album was my daily for many years, then it took me to my first HPDS. It's getting much needed love as soon as I can get rid of this E30.

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