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Rebuild Earls Swivel Fitting?


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Alright, so I have a leaking 90 degree AN-12 swivel fitting from Earls. Having a hard time finding anyone local for it and determined to fix rather than replace. (In part because I need this hose back together this weekend)


Someone reports doing this successfully before but without the images I don't know what kind of punch he used to get this thing apart. https://www.rx7club.com/2nd-generation-specific-1986-1992-17/how-fix-leaking-earls-swivel-seal-hose-end-675505/


This is what it looks like inside. How do I get the retention "pin" out. It's more like a wire going around. There is only one small hole where it goes in.


Any ideas?



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What size is it?   1/2" AN12?


It is easier to search amazon by going through google and adding amazon to the beginning of what you want to search for.


Also, I order AN fittings last night from Summit at 5:30 pm.  They are at my house right now.



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Summit should be able to get it to you if you're in the U.S. I, for one, will never try to rebuild AN swivels. Anything important enough to warrant using AN fittings (oil, gas) is worth spending the money on to buy a new one. I know a guy who had a leaking AN swivel on his oil cooler on his SCCA P2 car with a $6K race motor. While he didn't rebuild it, he did run the weekend thinking it would be fine and that he could top off the oil. One of the O-rings blew out completely and drained the sump in less than 15 seconds. Granted he should have shut it down when we got the black flag, or been paying attention to the gauges, but needless to say, it cost him a motor and nearly burned the car to the ground.

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