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Race Ready 1992 Volkswagen Golf Chumpcar $5000 (Erie, PA)

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Race ready and 1st race paid for! Buy this car and be able to run the Watkins Glenn race May 26th !!!! Pictures and test drives available upon request. 

We purchased this MKII Volkswagen 5 years ago and prepared it for Chump racing in the Northeast. It has seen many track days, a few autocrosses, and two official chump races over the last few years. We stripped the car, added the necessary race prep, and replace any and all items that we thought might fail during a race. 

After completing the first race we had a competent reliable car, but it was woefully underpowered with the original 1.8L four pot. We rectified that lack of power with a VR6 swap and made it out for a second race but the monsoon weather wasn't in our favor for the day and we wrapped up early.
At this point the car is assembled, runs, and drives but needs a new team to drive the wheels off it. We have moved onto other racing venues, life got busier and the time to run the Golf has diminished.

We paid for one chumpcar race that we were unable to attend. We confirmed with Chumpcar that we can transfer the ($1000+) registration fee to whomever purchases the car.

Power ~180hp
Weight 2150 wet without driver

Autopower weld in cage with custom mounts and modifications for more room and taller drivers
Chump approved fire system
Window and center nets
Planted seat brackets and sliders
Cam lock harness
7-Panel wink mirror

OBDII VR6, ARP head studs, MLS head gasket, Plugs and Wires, Schrick Cams, Header, New starter and alternator, under drive crank pulley, VR6 radiator with silicone hoses, fresh water pump and thermostat

O2A Tranny w/ new OEM hydraulic clutch rebuilt with LSD and 3.94 final drive, Shift box mounted high for driver comfort, New axles and wheel bearings

Chassis & Suspension:
MKIII 2.0 Rear Beam and Disk Brakes
MKIII 2.0 Front Caliper Hubs and Disk
Adjustable proportioning valve
MKII VR6 Subframe and Control arms
New ball joints
Hawk Blue Pads w/spare set
ST Coil overs by KW
Power steering delete
Full set of energy suspension poly bushings

Other fun bits:
Spare MKIII parts car (no engine)
4 225/45R15 V2 Star Specs 2 new 2 scrubed in on 8" wide diamond racing wheels
4 205/50R14 V2 Star Specs 2 new 2 scrubs on oem alloy wheels
Wideband O2
Walbro 255 fuel pump
MKIII fuel tank with gutted filler (Added capacity)
Aftermarket dash tach/water temp/oil pressure
New brake lines with Motul 600 fluid
Corrado steering wheel
Plastic windshield
Auxiliary heater core mounted in headlight bucket


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