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Hawk DTC 70 brake pads

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Questions about these pads.


I have spoken to a few other teams from other racing series but nobody from chumpcar.


1. Has any teams used the mentioned pads? ( preferably a V8 domestic team but any team is ok)

2. The break in and seating for the pads are quite involved. How has any other teams executed the break in differently or skip it all together?

3. The tech at Hawk was adamant about following the break in to the letter. Any advice is appreciated. 


We used Hawks track day pads last year at the COTA race and the worked well but when we pitted there was so much heat nobody was home in the break pedal untill we got air movement back into the brake ducts. We have flushed the brake system and added some expensive high temp fluid and are going to the Hawk DTC 70's to reduce fad and improve braking. It was Texas hot last year witch did not help.


Thanks in advance for any experience you can share.

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Pretty cool if you break DTC-70's in after dark. The new pads shoot sparks like you can't believe. We use them on our 3200lb V8 Oldsmobile, been happy with the brakes if only the rest of the car would stay together....

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