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800.00 mazda rx8 track car

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well I was going to turbo the rx8 but after looking over the rules in the class I want to run looks like I will be doing a rx7 turbo car afterall.im going to keep the one rx8 I have and run it as a non turbo but I'm going to sell the 133 car as a rolling car.best to email me usedcarpartss@aol.com

  1. it has no motor and trans is busted but otherwise complete ready to race with a motor and trans I'm selling cheap because I want someone to race this car and I don't want it to just sit here.car did 3 races already this year and finished 2 of 3 events.i have a full rolling rx8 that has a good trans and a few other parts I will include for a extra 300 bucks I'm selling the car 800.00 without the extra rolling rx85913b045f2d87_1333.jpg.907285e793c4d1fc8d194d9d8a7ed034.jpg

133 sale.jpg

133 1.jpg

133 2.jpg

rx8 spare.jpg

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